Heartless 2-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

PART 2 - 3

                The roaring sound of a high powered motorbike grabbed Ikhwan's attention. He opened his eyes, pulling himself out of his meditation and got to his feet, intrigued with the somewhat familiar sound. He exits the prayer room and cross the living room before finally arrived at the verandah to see Ikram on his knees in the yard, his face badly bruised and his hand holding onto some sort of a goblet. Quickly, he went back inside, to the kitchen, and grabbed a first aid kid before heading out again.

                "What happened?" asked the old Ustaz.

                "Shadow attacked me" said Ikram. He rubbed his chest and flinched when his teacher dabbed his iodine soaked cotton bud to his bruised face. "Couldn't counter" he said, looking away. He clenched his teeth.

                Ustaz Ikhwan gave a long sighed and dabbed another bud to his apprentice's face. He  watched the young man flinched and sat back. "You haven't done as I told you again" he said. He scratched his forehead and shook his head. "You know you can't win against them without your power" he said.

                Ikram closed his eyes. Yes, he knew. Yet. Somehow, he finds it annoying that he had to do good to be able to counter them. Why can't he just be himself and have the power to send those shadows back to their world? why must he do good. He wasn't made for goodness. He was made for fighting, not carrying an old woman across the street.

                "Ustaz" said Ikram. "Why good? Why can't I be myself and still be able to do this?"

                The question once again made the old Ustaz sighed. "Ikram. Remember what I taught you during our first lesson?" he said and hold out both his hands. From them came out two orbs made of pure energy. One pulsating with bright, golden light, the other gloom, dark, ominous light. He pulled the the two orbs together and saw it clash, pushing and destroying each other.

                "Yeah, you said that light and darkness are opposing elements, hence they clash when they meet one another" said the young apprentice.

                "That is correct. And when darkness meets darkness, it will only leads to a bigger darkness" the old Ustaz replied. "This basic principle is the foundation of our world. You cannot fight darkness with more darkness. Sure, you can harness powers from both elements, but to fight darkness, you need to oppose it, not be with it".

                "But why can't I just be myself? Why must I do all those good things?" said Ikram.

                His master sighed. The third time in a mere ten minutes. "Ikram, you are a great apprentice, but you must know that goodness is not something natural to you. You must cultivate it, nurture it and feel it grow inside you. The more you leave it behind, the more you will fall into darkness and the weaker you will become" he said.