Heartless 1-10

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

PART 1 - 10

                The old man glared back. His eyes seemed older than what Ikram could remember. He stopped his work and turned his gigantic self to Ikram. "I gave you part of my knowledge, what I know of that cloth you brought me. It won't last long though. Just a week at most. So I suggest you go now instead of wasting your time here with an old cook. It's for your own good" he said. He turned away and back to his cooking. The clanking sound of ladles banging woks and the shouting sound of cooks reverberated back into Ikram's ears.

                Ikram shook his head and growled at the man. He turned away, slammed the door to the kitchen behind him and exited the restaurant towards his bike. He slid into his helmet and turned the engine on before disappearing into the growing swell of traffic.

                The girl waited for Ikram to disappear before entering the kitchen. She saw her father, sitting on his favorite stool looking grim and weak. "What happened, father?" she said as she placed her hand on his father's forehead.

                "Looks like Ikhwan had finally found someone who could replace every one of us" said the old man with a grin. Cold sweat jogged down his temple to his chin and dripped to the cold concrete floor below. "That boy...I've never seen someone like him before" he continued. He took a deep breath and points to the counter that connects the kitchen to the front of the restaurant. "Get me a paper and a pen, Iliana" he said and his daughter nodded. He watched her rushed to the counter and grabbed a paper and pen as he requested.

                "I want you" he said and gulped, talking as if something heavy was constricting his chest. He took another breath. "To take this paper to Zaman, he will know what to do when the boy comes to him" he said. The old man jotted down a list of words on the piece of paper and gave it to his daughter who looked to him with worried eyes. He grinned. "Don't worry, my daughter. I am far from my death bed today" he said. "Now go. Zaman needs to know about this before he meets with the boy"

                Illiana nodded. She called for one of the cook to look after her father and kissed her father on his cheek before leaving him behind. She gave him one last look and closed the door behind her.

                "The world is about to get very interesting" said the old man once he saw his daughter exits the kitchen. He grinned and coughed and pushed himself straight up. He turned to the other chefs in the kitchen who had some time ago stopped working and barked. "Why the hell are you all stopping for! We got work to do! Bellies to fill! Come on!!"