Heartless 1-8

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

PART 1 - 8

                Ikram woke up to a dark room and saw a parade of reflection of himself, each varying in size. They all wore different poses, different attires and different attitudes, but they were all him. Or at least that's what he thought.

                "Where am I?"

                One of the reflection looked sideways at him. "I see someone is lost" he said. His voice was high, like a little kid, contrary to his tough muscular body. He grinned or was it a smile, Ikram could not tell. He skipped around in circles but kept his eyes to him and his smile to his face. "Someone is lo~st, someone is lo~st" he said like a little kid.

                "Where am I?" he asked again, watching every reflection of himself around him. His heart raced. He tried to shout but the only thing he could say was "where am I?".

                The shook beneath Ikram's feet when he was about to said something to his reflection. He turned around, balancing himself between as hard as he could. Another reflection looked to him, this time it was a giant. It bend down, brows crumpled together and placed a finger on Ikram's forehead. He gave Ikram a nudge and grinned when he saw Ikram stumbled and fell on his back. "You are puny" he said. "I am powerful" he crossed his arm and turned away, unamused.

                Ikram pulled himself back up and saw that the reflections was gone, replaced by a book, bounded in leather. Dusty and eaten by time. He walked up to it and placed his hand on it. The book exploded, sending Ikram flying back to the ground. Words flew into the air around him, surrounding him. Ikram gulped. He backed away using his feet and elbows, but the words followed him. They turned gold and in  flash, they attacked him.

                Ikram screamed. And everything was dark again.