Random Short Fiction #02

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Billy stood in front of his boss office playing with the ends of his sleeves and the seams of his shirt. He had been told to meet his boss today, three days ago. Something about his work, said his boss' secretary, Sermina, the hot Asian in her early thirties. He recalled back to the time when Sermina came into his room with a soft knock and peeked inside with her stunning smile. That was when his heart melted.

                And so it is right now. Only this time, his heart was melting out of fear, and not love. If only he could have avoided meeting the old man at the office. He had heard rumors saying if someone heard the old man screamed from the inside of his translucent office walls, then whoever he was meeting was immediately fired. So he gulped. And wiped his glistening hands to his trousers.

                Sermina came through the door and greeted Billy. She invited Billy to follow her inside and stopped just outside the door she came out of. "From here you go on alone" she said and gave Billy's back a push.

                It was like a jolt of lightning bolt had slammed itself through his back. Billy snapped around and saw Sermina's beautiful smile just before the translucent door shuts them apart. He took a deep breath and returned his view to the door in front of him marked "THE BOSS". This is it. He took a step forward, stopped in front of the door and gave it a knock. The door slides open with a loud hiss and there he was, standing with his back facing Billy and his hands clasped tight like an army Major ready to drill the hell out of his failed marine. Billy gulped and waited.

                "Come in" said the man in front of him.

                Billy nodded and gave his yes before stepping into the rectangular shaped office. Its parquet flooring reflected the light coming from the world outside. Hordes of flying cars marched through the large P-Sec sign printed on the window.

                The Boss turned around, his snappy old face munched at the cigar in his mouth. "You know why I call you in here, son?" The Boss said. His eyes looking down at Billy from an angle.

                Billy shook his head. He wanted to say know, but something caught his throat, so he simply...shook his head.

                "YOU DON'T KNOW?!"

                And there it was, the roar of the alpha-lion, the head of the pack, the numero uno of the sector. Billy wanted to pee in his pants. He knew what was coming for but still he could not help but to feel wanting to pee. This is it. This is my final hours.

                "HAVE YOU EVER KNOW ANYTHING?!"

                Billy closed his eyes. He could no longer stand to watch the devil barked at him. He wanted everything to just come to an end so he could go home and start searching for a new job.

                But then a hand landed on his shoulder.

                "Congratulations, son. You've been promoted to T-Sec as its Boss"

                Billy fell on his knees and clasped his hands together in front of his boss. "Please! Don't Promo-" but then his face changed. "Wait, what?"