Random Flash Fiction #09

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Dares and Agni squatted in front of the giant white egg. Dares eyed the bleak sky above, saw
nothing flying above head so he turned to Agni. "What do you think?" said Dares. The creases on his
face deepened. The old scars disappeared beneath deep wrinkles. "Doesn't look like no one wants it"

                Agni scratched  his young chin and nodded to Dares' suggestion. He placed his hand on the
egg and closed his eyes, taking slower breath as he did. "It's new. 700 years" said Agni. His voice high
pitched suitable to his delicate body. He rubbed his hand around the egg and turned to Dares. "Still
warm. The embryo should still be inside" 

                  Dares looked to the sky again. "We take it?"

                 Agni arced his lips and shrugged. "Don't see why not"

                  Dares shrugged back and pulled out an old cloth patched with black stains. He wrapped the
cloth around the egg and pulled it free from the barren outcrop of the cliff. "Sell it?"

                  Agni shook his head. "Nah, keep it" he said as he pushed himself up. He dusts the red sands
away and coughed when some of it caught his throat. "It's hard enough to find a dragon nowadays,
let alone an egg" he said and dug his hands into his pocket. 

                  Dares nodded and placed the egg inside the backpack he carried. "Let's go then"

                  Agni nodded. "Yeah, let's go. We still haven't sold that cartilage we found 3 days ago" he said and walked away from the sight of the barren land in front of him. 

                Dares grinned. "How about Harmor next. I heard they use bones all the time" he said and saw
Agni laughing away towards their large cart. The ox pulling the cart mooed as lightning strikes the sky.