Heartless 1-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

PART 1 - 2

                The small house founded of concrete and stood with the support from eight diamond hard wood with rumbias roof looked abandoned inside the compound of the jungle behind it. Ikram stopped his bike a few paces away and kicked the stand down before resting the metal vehicle tilted slight to one side. He killed the engine and slid out of his SHOEI helmet. He placed the helmet onto the bike's tank and gave it a wipe before making his way towards the house.

                The hard wood floor creaked under Ikram's weight, immediately alerting everything around it. Glows of green and blue eyes filled the darkness behind the house, but they only stared, afraid to act. Most of them disappeared when a voice called for Ikram from inside the house.

                Ikram closed his eyes and sighed, as if he regretted making the sound even though it was not his fault. He slipped out of his biker's jacket and gloves and knocked on the front door. The voice called for him to enter. Ikram pushed the door open and disappeared behind it.

                "Ustaz" Ikram said, toning his voice down as humble as he could. He felt a slight pang in his heart, as if it was not his will to say those words. He gulped and pushed those feelings away.

                The old man sitting at the center of the simple interior of the house opened his eyes. He looked to his hand, to his prayer beads and to the prayer mat beneath him and after what Ikram assumed to be a full minute, he finally raised his head back again and stared to him. The old man gave Ikram a warm, calming smile. "Ikram. I have not seen you for awhile" said the old man. His voice cracked and coarse, but clear enough for Ikram to easily understood him.

                Ikram returned the old man's smile and sat across him, out of the touch of his prayer mat. He gave his salaam and produced the bag with the pendant he found from the inside of the Shadow he killed.

                "Ustaz, I found this inside one of the Shadow I killed today" he said and slid the bag to the old man in front of him.