Heartless 1-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 1 - 4

                Ikram dug a hole in the ground and dropped into it the dried twigs and branches he had gathered under the order of the old man. Winds howled, slapping at his body as if it was annoyed at what Ikram was about to do. Ikram clicked his tongue. He kept on mumbling why it had to be him to do all the job. He watched the old man, the Ustaz whom he was attached to, who was standing near a large tree behind him with the cloth pendant in his hand. Ikram clicked his tongue again as he dug deeper into the earth.

                Once he had enough depth, Ikram shoved another batch of dried twigs and branches and pulled out a box of matches that was given to him by the old man. Carefully, he placed the lit match into the hole and waited for the fire to caught on. The winds around him became even violent, pushing leaves into spiral shaped vortexes and blowing them all over the place.

                The old man stood next to Ikram and watched at the growing flame. "We need to hurry" he said as he eyed his surroundings. Even though his house was only a hundred paces away from where they were standing, Ikram could see the anxiety that lies inside the old man's eyes. He was aware of something. Something Ikram could not see. He clicked his tongue and kept watch of the fire.

                Once the tongue of the fire began to lick the edges of the hole, the old man, murmuring the True Words in his mouth, dropped the cloth pendant into the fire and watched it burn with blue flames that towers high into the dark sky.

                The power of the flame surprised Ikram, made him jumped away from the hole. He rubbed his chest and stared at the flame until it died into a weak orange glow.

                "It is done"