Heartless 1-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

PART 1 - 1


                Ikram jumped through the window, wrapping his shirt and pants in broken glasses as he ram himself through it. The world felt gravity-less for a few seconds and Ikram used the opportunitiy to spun his body around and threw a lasso made from golden energy towards the shadow exiting the same window behind him. The golden lasso latched itself to the shadow and electrocuted it in sparks of brilliant gold.

                The shadow screamed. Its hail rang on Ikram's ears as if someone had rung a bell next to it even with the torrent of winds muffling the world around him. He grits his teeth and pulled the lasso towards his body. He watched as the shadow grew in his eyes and just before they collided, Ikram gave his body another spin and dodged the shadow, reversing their positions.

                Ikram quickly focused his energy to his back and spoke of the True Words. His back glowed golden and in a blink of an eye, two brilliant wings made of gold appeared and stopped Ikram's descent. He watched the shadow fell to the ground and spreads out like black ink on the pavement below. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he took a slow descent to the spot where the shadow fell.

                The pavement area of the building was empty of life. Darkness had long since wrapped its arms around this part of the world, leaving only the lifeless bulbs of yellow and occasional whites to fight off the heartless darkness. Winds warmed by the neons, polluted gasses and the life from the next town blew down the empty stretch of road and groped Ikram's face. It tasted of sin, of night life, of the stupid. Ikram felt annoyed but washed the feelings away. There was no need for anger. Ikram knelt down by the side of the creature and brushed away the ashes it left behind, revealing a small black pendant made of cloth. He pulled it free and blew the remaining ashes away before storing it inside a zip-lock bag he produced from his pocket. His teacher might want to see this.