Heartless 1-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                The old man placed his prayer beads into his pocket and proceed to open the bag. He reached inside and pulled the black cloth pendant into the light. He closed the bag and slid it back to Ikram while his eyes still stuck to the pendant.

                "Interesting" said the old man.

                Ikram cleared his throat as he grabbed the back and slid it behind him. Though he could guess what it was, he figured it would be better to simply wait for the old man to tell him. Letting the expert do what they were trained to do was one thing Ikram learned long ago. Before he became what he was now.

                The old man closed his eyes and clenched the pendant in his hand. He gave it a gentle rub as his eyes moved from one end of its sockets to the other, as if he was looking at something.

                Ikram wiped the sweat from his brow. The house suddenly felt warm and toasty all of a sudden. He unbuttoned the top most button of his shirt and used his shirt as a fan to cool him down. He looked to the old man in front of him as he began to sway to his sides.

                The house rocked and the sound of ethereal shrieking and howling blasts into Ikram's ears, forcing him to cover them with his hands. A torrent of winds blasts into the house, throwing windows and doors open. Tidbits around the house flew with the wind into the night.

                Ikram bend forward and kept himself as low as possible, hoping to deflect the wind with his back. His eyes locked to the old man in front of who had somehow between the shrieking and the wind, stopped moving altogether.

                "Ustaz..." said Ikram when the wind and the howling finally stopped.

                The old man replied nothing.

                Ikram gulped. He looked back and saw the opened windows and doors around him. Somehow this whole place had just turned even eerie than before. He gathered his courage and slides himself forward while his hand reached for the old man in front of him.


                Ikram jumped when the old man opened his eyes.