Random Short Fiction #01

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Hashim slammed his back to the wall and waited for the last school bell to scream. He looked around at the empty corridor. Each room packed with students, all looking down, glancing only briefly at the black board and the teacher in front of it before putting their sights back to the book on their table and scribbling whatever it was they think worth scribbling. He sighed. The top of the palm tree at the center of the school compound swayed to one side as if it was struck by it. The orange walls of the school reflected the evening light from the west, bouncing it all over the place and creating an even livelier atmosphere.

                He looked to his watch and tapped the heel of his school shoe to the floor. Its white no longer visible underneath the layers of black and brown that had invaded even the brand on the shoes. He stole a glance into his own classroom and saw his friends, Salim, Karim and Andrew sneering at him from the far end whilst the teacher had her back at them. He clicked his tongue and cursed them in his heart. He should have known they'd gave him away. His fingers tapped the wall behind him to a melody in his head.

                He slipped his hands into his trouser's pocket and let his eyes wander at the constricted sight of the school inner compound. Nothing to watch except the teachers moving about in their own classrooms and nothing to listen to except the sound of chalks tapping and scrapping at blackboards. Hashim tapped the back of his head to the wall lightly, each of the small bumps on the concrete wall poking at his scalp. He let his eyes to the blue sky and wondered about flying human fighting giant aliens.

                It was then that he spotted a girl going into a bathroom with her face buried in her white handkerchief. He frowned. Something was amiss about the girl. He knew it, yet something else in him told him to stay away from her. So he leaned his head back to the wall but kept his sight to the bathroom.

                Half an hour later, the last school bell screamed and with it came the thundering screech of chairs being pushed back and voices screaming as if it had been bottled up for a hundred years. Students all over the school gave their respect to their teachers before packing their bags and talking to their friends as if they had not met them for ages. Hashim looked away from the toilet when he heard the bell screamed. He smiled and kicked himself, who was already slugging on the wall, straight up and went back into his class. He apologized to his teacher, only to mock her when she was gone. He went straight to his group of friends and hit each one of them on their heads.

                "I should've known you'd sell me out" he said to Karim, the one who masterminded his punishment by the teacher.

                Karim laughed with a tinge of pain on his face, rubbing his head. "Chill out man, it's not every day we get to see YOU stand outside the class" he said and laughter followed. The others nodded in agreement, much to Hashim's chagrin.

                "Fine" he said and went to his chair. He scooped up his books and packed his bag. His worn out football boots hung by the side of his bag, the shoelaces tied together. He walked out of the class, leaving his merry friend to themselves and looked back to the bathroom where he saw the girl before. He frowned, but quickly looked away when he realized a few of the girls around him were looking at him with weird faces. He coughed and ran towards the football field where the school team were holding their daily practice.

                Outside, the soft breeze touched his face. Hashim stood at the main staircase of the school and let the stretch of view in front of him mesmerized him. Sat on top of the highest hill, the city stretched like carpet with mismatched designs in front of Hashim. Out in front of the school gate, busses and cars greeted each other with horns, some louder than the other, both equally busy. Hashim stretched himself free of the stiff joints all over his body and trotted down the staircase towards the football field directly in front of the school.

                "Hey, is the practice still on?" Hashim said when he arrived at the field. The sun was already half-way down, splashing the sky with purple and blue with orange and red. Hashim dropped his bag and cracked his knuckles. Far away, leftover school kids shouted and played with one another while waiting for their parents or school buses to arrive to pick them up.

                The fresh air from the field greeted his nose, opening his compressed mind and freeing it from the headache of school.

                The two guys, both unfamiliar faces to him greeted him with a raised hand and a smile. "Yeah, it's on" one of them said. Hashim replied with a raised hand and a smile and threw his bag to the ground.

                Hashim sat on the green blades of the well kept field next to his bag and began to untie his shoes. He pulled them out and slipped into his boots before removing his trouser, revealing a black sports short. He dug into his bag and pulled a black and red themed jersey with the emblem of a hawk above its right chest, the emblem of his school's football team. On the back it wrote: HASHIM, his name and the number 12. Hashim undressed his school uniform and slipped into his jersey just to see the others started walking out of the field and towards the school. He frowned and asked them what about the practice.

                "We'll practice after this. This won't take long" said one of the two.

                Hashim watched them as they went past him and felt a weird coldness seeping into his body. He rubbed his arms with his hands and looked to the orange sky above. It was getting late, yet other than the two seniors just now, he had not seen anyone else. He turned his head towards the direction the two seniors went and saw that they were already gone.


                Hashim tied the last knot on his boots and pulled himself back up. He brushed the back of his black short and straightened his jersey. The screaming and the playing had all but gone from the school compound. Hashim waited. He let his gaze fell to the now closed front gate and then turned to the empty school. Where was everyone?

                Unsatisfied with just standing and doing nothing, Hashim jogged back to the school building, hoping to find his teammates wherever they went. He jumped two at a time up the main staircase and went into the school's center courtyard. No one. He looked around, up and down, everywhere, yet there was not a sound, not even a whisper. Nor was there even a breeze. Knowing that something was wrong, Hashim turned around, and saw his two teammates chattering, looking at the field in front of the staircase and completely ignoring him.

                "Hey" he walked to them with a smile.

                The two teammates stopped chattering and slowly turned to face Hashim with sneering sound.

                "Oh fuck!" Hashim stopped and his legs kicked backwards, pushing him away from the two faceless creature in front of him. He stumbled and fell hard on the tiled floor, robbing him of his breath and a momentary control of his body. His legs kicked the floor without his command as did his hands. His mouth trembled for words though it could barely squeeze out any sound. The creatures came forward, hands stretched for him. Like zombies, they limped, a step at a time.

                Hashim crawled back and hit the drain. His focus shifted and saw the same girl he saw before, standing on the corridor looking down at him with her finger pointing at him. She too carried no face. He screamed and his body erupted with power. Hashim pushed himself up and out ran the two creatures towards the outside compound of the school. He looked up, the stars were up as was the moon. The last light was fading. He made a dash towards the gate and slammed his body to it. He gave it a shook, yet only the sound of the lock banging at the metal frame of the gate resounded in his ears. Desperate to escape, Hashim climbed the gate and fell on the other side.

                Hashim's body slammed on the black tarmac pushing the last piece of air he had stored inside his lungs. He coughed and rolled to his side, crouching on all four.

                "What happened to you, boy?" a voice caught his ears. Hashim turned around and saw the guard.

                He was faceless.

                Hashim screamed.