Random Flash Fiction #08

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Abdul willed a shield into the air and was pressed to his knees when the auric sword of his enemy clashed against his auric shield. The war had raged past beyond the border and with each passing day, it marched closer towards the capital. Abdul tightened his fingers and clenched as if he was holding his enemy's hands. A pair of auric hands sprang from his shield and grabbed hold of his enemy's hands. He felt the pressure on his fingers as he digs deeper. He yelled and twists his body to the side, throwing his enemy from the air and into the raging fire from the nearby fire mage. Abdul fell on all four and gasped. He had used too much of his power and the fatigue was beginning to claw on his body.

                Another scream crashed through his ears. He looked to his side and saw Samsun, the Elite Knight being forced back by a group of the enemy's knight. Green veins popped out of his skin, stretching him to the point of breaking. They glowed in accordance to his magic color. His sword glowed gold, the magical sword known only as the Golden Tiamat, as it screams out a large gold auric arc slashing through its adversaries like water. They plopped to the ground halved followed by Samsun. He was clearly exhausted and was prepared to die but not without a fight. Abdul watched as Samsun raised the Golden Tiamat into the air and called upon the beast itself. He screamed as golden fire burns his body instantly into ashes and the Tiamat, the abomination itself, appeared in his place. Abdul clicked his tongue and pushed himself back to his feet. He needs to leash the beast as soon as possible. Without a master, the beast would destroy everything in its path.

                Abdul grits his teeth, the smell of sweat and blood, both salty and stink prod into him but he pushed them aside. He dirty plain beneath his feet felt like cement and stones. Hard and unforgiving to his feet. His thigh burns with each steps he takes. He coughed and spat blood and ignored it as well.

                Abdul jumped into the air and called upon the verse of the holy book. He watch the Tiamat roared into the air, wild when hit by the words from the holy scriptures. He landed on the beast's back and slapped both hands on the sides of the beast while screaming the name of the creator. The beast roared hard, its head looking at the dark sky above. The Tiamat rose to stand on its hind legs but Abdul was faster. He grabbed the Tiamat's mare and slammed his hand on the creature's forehead, citing more of the verse from the holy scriptures, this time a sealing verse. The forehead he slapped glowed and the symbol of the creator appeared with the light.

                The Tiamat convulsed violently. It jumped into the air and slammed itself into the regiment of the enemies, killing hundreds with a blow. Abdul jumped away, avoiding both enemies and beast as he rolled to safety. He went back to his side of the war and fell just outside the gate of his camp. The last thing that came to his eyes was a medic towing a stretcher towards him.

                "Quickly! We need to take care of the Sealer!"

                And his world turned dark around him.