Random Flash Fiction #06

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Lamar launched his mug into the air and focused his will into the jumping water. He imagined needles with hair thickness and forced it towards his enemies out front. The floated as the mug fell and crashed onto the destroyed cement floor, molding and changing its shaped until it turned into a thousand almost invisible needles the thickness of hairs. The needles then pointed itself towards the moving orcs and launched itself like a cloaked dagger.

                Lamar planted his back to the cemet barricade and grinned when he heard the thumping sound of orcs screaming and falling dead behind him. For a moment, he felt glad. He had been given time.

                "You holding on fine?" a voice appeared in his head.

                "Fine? Shit no. I need more water. Or coffee!" said Lamar.

                "I'll go get some, please hold them off for awhile" said the voice and it disappeared.

                Lamar clicked his tongue. "Hold them off with what? Cements?" He took a peek from behind the barricade and saw another group of orcs, larger this time marching towards him. He clicked his tongue and rested himself back on the cement barricade. Adrenaline pushed his mind to spin faster than it usually does, making him feel a second as if it was a minute. He took short quick breathes and bursts towards the wall in front of him, destroying it with a kick. "This won't work well" he said and focused his will into the slabs of concrete around him. He then pushed them just like he did with the water and watched the concretes flew towards the incoming group of orcs.

                The slabs of concrete pushed the orcs back but it was not enough to keep them down for long. Soon they were on their feet again and with anger clearly filling their faces, began a rush towards Lamar.

                "Shit! Where's my coffee!" said Lamar as he watched the first of the orcs jumped over the barricade.