Random Flash Fiction #05

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Filippa stretched her body far to her side and exhaled with joy at the sight of the empty beach in front of her. It was her first time seeing an actual beach in her twenty six years of living and she could not help but being girlish about it.

                "Where do you want me to put this?" a voice came from behind her, dragging its feet as it came closer.

                Filippa, with hands on her hips, turned a glance at the voice. She grinned like a mad evil scientist and points at the center of the beach itself. "THERE!" she said with her arm full stretched. The sound of the waves breaking and slamming at the golden sand erupted in front of her like a dramatic drum at the peak of a song.

                The voice sighed and lazily makes its way past her and down the staircase to the beach.

                "Cheer up Jack, it's the beach! It's the freaking beach!" said Filippa. She slapped Jack's slender back almost sending the young man stumbling with all the tubes and parasols he was carrying.

                Jack carried himself forward and kicked the metal railing just before he hits it. He twists his ankle and spun his body around so that it looked like he had miraculously spins himself out of harms way. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

                "You should get out more, Jack. You're getting sweaty rather easy for someone as slender as you are" said Filippa. She skipped past him and jumped down to the shaded part of the beach.


                Filippa stepped farther out the beach, towards the inviting sea. "What?"

                "The sign here says do not step on the part of the beach shone by the sun" said Jack.

                "What?" said Filippa. She could feel the heat from the sand yet it only made her even more adventurous. "Can you feel this, Jack? It's hot!" she said giggling. She raised and foot and carefully placed her toe on the golden sand where the shade and sun ray meet.

                Filippa shouted in pain and pulled her feet away. Jack rushed to her and quickly grabbed her away from the hot part of the beach. "I told you just now, didn't I?"

                Filippa sticks out her tongue and smiled. "Yeah, sorry" she said.

                With their territories marked by the huge flaming star above, they set up their parasols a few meters away from the boundaries of the sun and the shade. Filippa, with her blue jeans and parker laid herself onto the mat Jack placed underneath her parasol and covered her eyes with her arm. She lay there in silence, savoring the sound of the waves as it explodes on the beach and suck back into the ocean. It was melodious to her ears. Like the sound of Jack's piano. She likes it.

                Jack on the other hand had bought himself an foldable chair. He placed it underneath his parasol and pulled out his favorite book to read. He puts on his shade and skipped to the page where he had bookmarked with a piece of paper.

                "Say, Jack" said Filippa.

                Jack replied with an emotionless 'hmm'.

                "Do you think this'd be our last time at the beach?"

                "No" he  said.


                "We can always escape" he replied and flipped another page.

                Filippa carved a grin on her face.

                Out on the distance, the sound of sirens howled at the sky like whispers carried by the wind.

                "They're coming" said Filippa. She took a deep breath and stretched again. "That's it. Our twenty minutes alarm" she said and flipped up, hitting her parasol with her head. She groaned and complained and gave her head a rub. "I hate them" she said as she rolled up her mat and closed her parasol.

                Jack flashed her a grin and replaced the bookmark on the book. He kicked the folded chair and closed his parasol. His red short clean without even a trace of sand.

                "Hey, not fair!" said Filippa. She looked to her backside and saw sands all over her jeans. "I got sands all over me and you not even a speck of dust!"

                Jack sighed. He grabbed a handful of sands and threw it to his short, dirtying it. "Happy?" he said with a smile.

                "Yeah. Come on. We better hurry" said Filippa. The clouds above had gathered around and the wind was picking up speed. She grabbed her parasol and mat and jumped back up the stairs. Even though the trip to the beach was short, it was worth it to her. She laughed and stuffed the mini car with the parasol and mat. "Jack! Come on!" she shouted back.

                Jack walked up the stairs and back to the car. He looked up to the sky. The siren was still far but it was getting nearer. "They won't be here for another half an hour" he said turning to Filippa who was already on the passenger seat side of the car looking at him.

                "I know. I don't want to hand over to them our lead" she said and beamed Jack her brightest smile.

                Jack grinned. He stuffed the back of the car with his parasol and his folded chair and book and stepped inside the driver's seat. "Where to next?" he said looking at Filippa who was eager to leave the place.

                "Let's go somewhere high" she said.

                "The city of Alampuri then?" said Jack.

                "Yes! There!"

                The car roared to life and made a quick circle. The smell of burnt rubber erupted all over the place.

                "I hate the smell" said Filippa covering her nose.

                Jack looked to her. "Get used to it" and stepped on the acceleration.