Random Flash Fiction #04

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                "A good night sleep. I need a good night sleep" the young professor whined as the moving chair spins his body around at a lazy speed.

                "Shut up, prof. You had like 10 hours of sleep yesterday" said his assistant who sat not far from where he was spinning.

                "I need it" said the lazy professor again like a young kid begging to have his toys back.

                His assistant shook his head and turned back to the work he was doing on the computer in front of him.

                A fire alarm broke out and the whole room turned into chaos. Someone or something had tripped the alarm. The professor's assistant quickly make his way outside where the occupants of all the other labs were peeking out to see what the occasion was.

                "What's up?" said one of the girl from the edge of the hallway. Everyone else shook their head.

                "This is a stick up! Everyone hands up and on the floor, NOW!!" a man ran up from the stairs behind the girl with a shotgun in his hand and shot the ceiling. The explosion rocked the hallway, pushing everyone down on the floor like a powerful blast of air. The professor's assistant did as he was told but managed to stole a glance inside the room.


                He was already sleeping on his chair.

                "Shit" said the professor's assistant.

                A group of tough looking man in ski masks entered the hallway and began ransacking the laboratories one after the other. They were looking for something, thought the assistant. After much searching, they came to the professor's lab and crash their way inside, kicking chairs and tables all over the place.

                "Boss, this is the lab" said one of the smaller man in the group. His ski mask was partially raised, revealing the stubble around his mouth.

                The man he called Boss turned to him and pulled his mask back down. "NEVER! let your mask partially revealed. UNDERSTAND ME?!" said the Boss. The smaller man nodded his head, pulling it away like a small kid in front of an adult.

                The assistant said nothing. He closed his eyes and prayed for the professor to be safe.

                "What is this?" a voice caught his ears. It was the professor's. Oh shit, thought the assistant.

                "It's a stick up, WHAT! DO YOU THINK! THIS IS?!" said the Boss. He towered over the professor who was standing with his hands inside the pocket of his lab coat.

                The professor looked at the man, top to bottom, bottom to top. Scanning him, analyzing him. He shifts his sight to the men behind him, taking great care to see their weapons and where the stood before turning back to the Boss. "Hmm, crazy bunch. You're here for the strength formula, I assume" he said.

                The Boss sniggered. "We have captain obvious in the house here guys!" he said and laughed. The other followed though they were hesitant at first.

                The professor sighed. "Well too bad for you, it's not here" said the professor.


                The Boss grabbed the professor's shirt and pulled him off his feet.

                "Say that again?"

                The professor grinned. He reseat his glasses and pulled his head back. "I said" He took a deep breath and slammed his head at the Boss, sending the big man flying across the room, hitting the others like a bowling ball hitting bowling pins. "It's not here anymore" he landed on his feet and make his way towards the unconscious group. "Stupid monkeys" The professor turned to his assistant. "Hey, Fred"

                The assistant scrambled to his feet towards the professor and the unconscious group. "Ah. You did it again" he said, ruffling his orange hair looking at the broken computers behind the group. "That's gonna make the boss upset, you know" he added.

                "Like I care. Clean the place out. I'm going back" said the professor.

                "Again?" said Fred discouraged.

                "Shut up and just do it. I need a sleep" said the professor and left the room.