Random Flash Fiction #03

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Rein watched as the beam saber of his mech pierced through the cockpit of his enemy, cleaving the 90 ton monster half and taking its pilot with it. He stomped the right foot pedal and felt his body pulled forward and pinned to the seat as the g-force exerted by his mech turning pounced his body.  He grits his teeth and bend forward, not even wanting to watch the remnants of his enemy flying across his panoramic display after being roundhouse kicked by his mech. He closed his eyes and sighed. I'm tired.

                Wires whirred and gears turned as the door to the cockpit opened. The ray from the sun blinded Rein for awhile. He placed his hand in front of his face and make his way carefully towards the mouth of his opened cockpit. Down below a group of trucks stopped by the kneeling body of his mech. A young engineer looked up to him and smiled. "Hey, Rein!!" he shouted.

                Rein smiled back, but said nothing.

                "So, how was it the mech?" said the young engineer.

                Rein gave him a glance and a quick grin. "It was okay. The feet servo and the cockpit balancer needs a little more work though. The g tug is horrible" he said.

                The young engineer tapped his temple with his fingers with his eyes closed as if thinking of something. "Done. I've told the others what you just said, it'll be better tomorrow" he said with his usual smile.

                Rein sighed. Tomorrow. He hated the word. Something about it and the war makes him sick. Must be the killing and the tossing and turning. The gs. He hated the g-forces. Rein rests his head on the rock behind him and let his eyes fell to the blue carpet in front of him. Seagulls danced in the air, looking for anything to eat, shouting in words no human can ever understand. The wind kissed his face, gentle yet cold. He closed his eyes and hoped tomorrow will never come.