Random Flash Fiction #02

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Rain draped the sky in shades of black and white. Neons blurred in the distance, bloated by the walls that runs from the sky. The sound of horns and of tires rubbing the street echoed back and forth. Lenny pulled his head up and watched into the darkness. His eyes bright blue. He smiled and looked at Smiley, the big brown cat in front of him sleeping underneath the tiny umbrella he found dumped in an alley before. The cat purred as it tossed and turned, scratching its head in occasion.

                People walked past him without eyes. All to busy looking forward with their cellphones stuck to their ears. Such is life. They never looked at those who stopped.

                Lenny pulled his hood forward. The trickles of rain touched the edge of his chin. He kept his smile. He always did. It was part of him. He shifted his legs when he felt them cramped. Drenched in the coldness of midnight rain meant nothing to him. He was insignificant to the whole movement of the universe.

                Lenny took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. As he did, his eyes began to glow blue and the world around him began to crawl to a halt. He looked up to the tear shaped water surrounding him and closed his umbrella. "Come on Smiley, it's time to go"

                The big brown cat in front of him looked to him, partly annoyed. "Now?" it said.

                Lenny smiled. "Yes, now. The council is gathering. We need to be there"

                Smiley got on its four legs and stretched up like a surprised cat one see in cartoons. "Ah, that's better" it stretched and crack its neck before sticking itself to Lenny's legs as he got up. "Let's go then"

                Lenny looked around him and make his way towards the center of the road. Cars around him stopped, blurred like a video paused at a weird moment. He pulled out his hand from the pocket of his winter coat and points it to the empty space in front of him. The air wobbled. It twists and turned, getting more violent until finally it cracked, revealing a vortex behind it. Lenny inhaled and replaced his hand back into the pocket of his winter coat. "Let's go"

                "It must be hard being a Seeker" said Smiley as he jumped into the vortex.

              Lenny smiled. "When you can see the past of everyone you touch,  then yes. It is hard" he said and followed Smiley.

                The vortex shattered and the paused world resumed leaving no trace of the man with his big brown cat sitting by the wall in the rain.