Random Flash Fiction #01

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Irmi sat on the sofa watching the movie playing on tv. It was about a warrior seeking redemption and the scene was the warrior looking at the vast ocean of enemies carpeting the plains below. The warrior frowned, unsure  of what to do with his mere soldiers of 800 strong men. He turned to his men and gave the inspirational speech. It was the signal that the movie had reached its peak and something big was about to happen next.

                Irmi shifted his position to his side when his mother came from behind and tapped his back. "Is that a movie?" she asked. Irmi nodded without saying a word. Silence fell for awhile.

                The movie then switched to the scene where the warrior led his men to a narrow passage through two high rise ledges. They stopped at the mouth of the passage and watched as the enemies marched towards them like giant black ants carrying spears and shields and swords.

                "Who are they warring with?" his mother said again.

                "The bad guy" Irmi said without looking.

                "Who's the bad guy? Is it that guy?" his mother said pointing towards the hero as he shouts to his men with vulgar words.

                Irmi sighed. "No, that's the good guy" he said. He clutched the cushion on the sofa tight to his chest. The scene then turned to a battle scene.

                "Are they the bad guy?" his mother said, this time pointing towards the giant as it tries to squash the hero beneath his feet.

                And yet again, Irmi sighed. "Yes mom" he said.

                His mother nodded her head and continued with her work, moving away from Irmi, leaving him to continue with the movie. At last, Irmi said in his heart. He turned his focus back to the movie.

                The battle scene ended and the movie switched to the scene where the hero was busy fighting the elite guard of his enemy when his mother came to him and tapped his shoulder.

                "Who's the bad guy?"

                Irmi smacked his face with his hand.