The Illusion Sword part 5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                "I know you, Varin. I know your revenge, I know your pain. I am here to help you. Please, let me help you" said the voice.

                Varin stopped struggling. "How did you know?" he said, still unable to believe what he had just heard.

                "I know many things, Varin. I know all about you and your past. I know what happened to your father, Varin. You want revenge? So do I. Together, we will be invincible, Varin" said the voice.

                Varin gulped. Slowly, he began to calm down. "What can you do for me?" he said to the voice.

                The voice laughed. "Power, Varin. I can give you that. Don't you want it? You want power to take revenge on your father's killer, am I right? I can give you that power and more" said the voice.

                Varin stopped. Power. The thought of it floods his mind. Empowered by the thought of taking his revenge on the crippled man,  his father's killer, Varin began to wish for it. Power. Yes, he needs it.

                "Fine. Give this power to me" said Varin.

                The voice laughed. "As you wish" it said and instantaneously the black mist surrounding Varin contracts and entered every hole on his body.

                Varin trembled as the mist forced its way into his body. Unable to contain it, he screamed, to the top of his lungs. Alerting everyone inside and outside the house. Lights came alive and the once dark house erupted with lights both inside and outside. Clanking sound of the guards footsteps echoed into the hallways and the study room.

                Varin held his arms. His eyes burns. His sight changed from darkness to blood red. His emotion swelled. His mind blanked. He clenched his arm tight. His chest expands as does his muscles.

                He screamed.

                And the dark mist blanketed the whole house.

                The guards stuck to their spot, unmoved. The boy stopped midway from falling to the floor, floating in the air as if he was a paint on a canvas. The fires lighting the hallway and the other rooms in the house froze. Everything came to a halt.

                The only one moving was Varin.

                And his eyes burns bright red.

                Breathing as if he had been on a long run, he pulled the sword from its sheath, releasing another blast of the dark mist into the house. "I've been waiting for this moment to come!" said Varin. His maniacal laugh filled the house. Varin dragged the sword towards the boy and looked down to him. "You shouldn't have snuck into this room, boy. Too bad for you" he said and slashed down at the boy's throat. He watched the boy's head moved only slightly away from his neck, bloodless and emotionless. He clicked his tongue and turned his focus towards the guards bursting through the door. "And you all are in the way, get lost" he said and slashed across the chest of the first guard, slicing him in half before proceeding towards the other guards, slicing them off one by one.

                Varin held his hand out towards the sword's sheath and watched it flew towards his hand. Carefully, he slides the sword back into the sheath and gave the room a final look. His eyes burns bright red. He carved a smile and left the building through the front door, unaware by everyone.

                The hot ray from the sun startled Varin from his sleep. He woke up and quickly looked at himself. He placed his hands on his chest and felt his heart beating. Nothing. He looked around at the trees around him, worried about the dream he had before when his sight fell upon the sword in the shiny black sheath lying on the grass next to him.

                Varin's eyes widened.

                He shot up and backed away from the sword, almost stumbling on the root of a tree. His heart race. The images from his dream flashed in his mind. The boy and the guards. He stomach quenched. He cupped his mouth, but the thought was uncontainable.

                So he vomit.

                Varin wiped his mouth and tries to find his way out of the forest when he came upon a ledge. He made his way towards it and was shocked at what lies in front of his eyes.

                It was the city of Jarmir.

                Only it had been destroyed.


                Black smokes rose into the air from the debris of the once proud port city. Its high buildings flattened, its port sunken, its road painted red and black.

                Varin slumped to the grass, unable to believe what was in front of him.


                His sight blurred. Emotions swelled inside him. He tried to contain them, but the trail of warm tears broke his wall and he wept. He looked to the destroyed city again and the image of Kaleem's smile and his brothers laughter played in his mind. He looked to his hands.

                "What have I done!" he screamed.