The Illusion Sword part 4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                A column of light from  another hole told Varin where he was. He stopped underneath it and peeked out through the hole. A light shone directly above the hole, while the sound of armors clanking told him that it's the outside compound of the house. So he is on the right track. He smiled and make his way deeper into the sewer.
                The sewage cover jerked and slides to one side on the grass. Varin pulled himself up and quickly replaced the lid back to its place. The lack of lighting on the eastern end of the compound gave him the perfect cover for his intrusion. That and the fact that it is the closest to the river canals means that the patrol had to walk the entire length of the small dock behind the house before they return, which gives Varin ample time to cover his tracks.

                He jumped into the bushes by the side of the house and lay flat on his back looking directly up to the roof of the house and the dark night sky.

                "That's going to be one hell of a climb" Varin thought. He peeked through the bushes in case the patrol came back but saw no one. With only a few hours left before dawn breaks, Varin quickly raced towards the house wall and began his climb towards its roof.

                Varin rolled himself onto the roof and let out a long sigh of relief. His fingers stiffened from the sheer climb and his lungs were burning from the fatigue. He coughed as light as he could, trying not to make as much sound as he possible could. Slowly, he pushed himself up and moved his fingers to lighten the stiffness.

                He made his way towards the window on the roof that leads to the attic of the house and peeked inside. No one, he thought and smiled. He pulled out a small metal and pried the lock from the window. It gave way and the window swings open. Varin slips inside, landing on the wooden floor with a light thump. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, giving it time to adjust to the darkness and reopened them again to have a better view of the room.

                After wading through the boxes and chests, Varin crept towards the door and pushed it open. With the occupants out, most of the lights in the house had been turned off. Varin used this to his advantage and quickly make his way towards the room at the end of the hallway, the study room.

                He eyed the stairs as his hands grabbed the door knob and began picking the lock at lightning speed. A clicking sound from the knob gave Varin the signal that he had succeed. He turned the door knob and swings the door open, only to came face to face with a young boy, twice younger than he is sitting at the table at the center of the room holding a book in his hands.


                But before the boy could finish, Varin had already leaped towards him and covered his mouth. The boy struggled, trying to free himself, but Varin being older and stronger, overpowered the boy. He pulled the parchment of his robe he used to cover his mouth before and tied it around the boy's mouth, shutting him up. Varin then turned the boy lying face down and tied his hands behind his back with another parchment of his robe. Deep in his heart, Varin is already regretting his action.

                "Damn it! No one told me about this!" he said to himself. He turned the boy around and slapped him across the face. "Shut up kid! Or I can't guarantee your life" he said.

                The boy glared at him with eyes filled with anger. Varin looked away. He is not here to argue or harm the kid. He is here for one thing.  He looked up and the sight of the sword in the shiny black sheath fell to his sight.

                Varin wanted to gasped but all he could do was stare at the sword in awe.

                Something inside him stirred. Varin stood, as if called upon, and made his way towards the sword. He gulped. Hesitated at first, he laid his fingers on the shiny sheath, feeling the coldness seeping into the tip of his fingers as it travels up his arm.

                "You must be Varin" A voice spoke in his mind.

                Varin spun around, but there was no one in the room except for him and the boy he tied up earlier.

                "I have been waiting for you, Varin" said the voice again. This time, Varin pulled his hand away from the sword and looked everywhere in the room. Still nothing.

              "Is this some kind of a trick?" said Varin. His voice slightly louder. He turned to the boy and grabbed him by his collar. "What is the meaning of this?" he said to the boy.

                But the boy said nothing. Only shaking his head.

                Irritated, Varin slammed the boy to the table. He snatched one of the letter opener from the edge of the table and slammed its sharp edge next to the boy's head, barely missing his ear. The boy looked to the letter opener and then back to Varin, without flinching.

                Varin clenched his teeth. He took a deep breath and pushed away the anger swelling in him. Kaleem's words came back to his mind and calmed his thoughts. After having his thoughts calmed down, Varin turned back towards the sword. "I just need to grab this and go" he said and laid his fingers on the sword's sheath.

                But soon enough, dark mist rose from the sword and grab hold of Varin's arm. It traveled up towards his body before engulfing it full. Varin tried to scream, only to realized that he could not. So he tried to pull his hand away from the sword, but it was stuck, as if held down by the dark mist.


                "Do not panic, Varin"

                Varin's eyes widened.

                "I am the sword you are holding and I mean you no harm" said the voice.

                Varin gulped. He wanted to run, but how could he when he could not even pull his hands away from the sword.