The Illusion Sword part 3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                "You did a good job there delaying the man long enough for us to take him down" said Kaleem. A whisper that made Varin smiled.

                "Drive your emotion, don't let it drive you... right?" said Varin tired.

                Kaleem smirked. "True, kid. True" he said.  

                Varin stood at the ledge of the tower looking at the tiny speck of people underneath him moving around like ants. Chilling winter breeze pushed his long dark hair back, dancing to the wind's tune. He closed his eyes and let the tranquility wrapped him like a bubble.

                "This will be your first mission" a voice came out from behind him, yet he chose to ignore it. The tranquility is far more important to him right now. He held a finger up, and the voice stopped. He could not remember much of what had happened in the past year, but he knows that now, he had the mean to track his father's killer. He opened his eyes again and took a deep breath before turning to face the voice behind him.

                "Like I said, this will be your first mission. The master has asked me to oversee your progress and help you should anything arises" said the man with the usual smile on his face. His green and blue eyes reflected brilliantly by the sun. "Can you do it?" he said. The cracks and crevices on his face stretched. In his hand sat a black envelope with the seal of the Master on it.

                Varin approached the man. He pulled his hood up, covering his face from the man's view, leaving only his glittering eyes. "Leave it to me" he said simple. "It's good to see you again, Kaleem" he said. His eyes glared at the flailing sleeve by Kaleem's side before grabbing the envelope from Kaleem's hand.

                Kaleem snorted. "Hah! Don't get cocky kid. If you feel you can't handle it, just give me the signal."

                Varin smiled underneath his hood. Just like the old Kaleem he knew.

                "Don't worry. Drive your emotion, don't let them drive you, remember?" he said.

                Kaleem laughed. "True, kid. Very true." he pats Varin's shoulder. "Go, kid. It's your time to fly"

                Varin made his way towards the door in front of him before turning back towards the ledge. He crouched and with an explosive lunge, ran towards the ledge and jumped down.

                "Live free, kid" said Kaleem as Varin disappears from his view.

                 Varin stayed close to the crowds, avoiding the police on the street as much as he can. It was easier to navigate by moving with the crowd than taking the shortest route. The rooftops were no more safer. After the guild's last mission, more police has been set up on the rooftops in case another attempt to break into the royal chambers were to occur. He stayed close to the merchant tents and stalls sets on both sides of the road until he reached the building where his target resides. He slipped to the nearest dark alley and pressed his back to the walls, hiding himself in the building shadows, away from the eyes of the public.

                He slides down to a sit and produced the envelope given to him by Kaleem.

                It was sealed in black wax with the emblem of a dagger stabbing a falcon. The emblem of the  Master, the leader of the Guild of Assassins.

                He ran his finger underneath the slip and pried it open. He pulled the letter inside and read its content.

                "A sword, huh. So it's not a person. That's a relief." said Varin after skimming through the content of the letter. "Third floor, left wing room with door guarded by two armored guards. No occupants for the night. Great, that'll make things easier." He folds the letter and replaced it back into its black envelope.
                Night fell quickly in the city. Merchants and their worker had mostly fled the streets leaving it empty and taken over by homeless and the chilling breeze from the sea. Varin leaned on the alley wall and wait for the first patrol to past him before slipping out. His black robe masked him well, especially with the streets lacking any source of light except for the several places like bars and inns.

                Varin stopped in another dark alley looking directly at a large house surrounded by tall fences and guards. "That must be the house" he said and pulls out the envelope again. After assuring himself it was the target house, he slips into the shadows on the night and crept his way towards the west end of the house where the light were scarce.

                He looked up at the tall fence in front of him and then at the guards just beyond it.

                Varin recalled the map of the building again. "There should be a sewage hole somewhere nearby." he said as his eyes, already adjusted to the darkness of the night, searched for the sewage cover around the area. He crept towards the farther end where the road meets the river and came to the sewage cover he was looking for. Taking one more look at the patrol in the compound of the house and the open area behind him, Varin held his breath and pulled the heavy cover open. He placed it next to the hole and wiped the sweat from his face.

                Varin looked down the dark hole and cringed at the smell coming from it. "I hate doing this" he said and jumped down.
                The dank smell of feces and every thinkable waste felt like a spear to Varin's nose. He held his breath, breathing only through his mouth that he covered with a parchment of his robe. He made his way around the corners and bend, moving towards the underside of the house he was supposed to break into.