The Cursed Sword part 5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                 For a moment everything came to a stop. The dogs stopped barking as they glide in the air while the horse the commander rode stopped neighing all together.

                The commander pulled the rein to his horse only to have it snapped. He turned to his horse and saw its head sliding down from its neck. Blood flew into the air like fountains before the horse slumped to the ground, taking the commander with it.

                Kif watched the dogs explodes into chunks of tiny pieces. Blood spattered his face and clothes, but it only made him hunger for more. With one hand, he sat his sword on his shoulder and make his way towards the guards who were helping their commander back to his feet.

                "You won't get away with this! Men! Attack!" the commander unsheathed his sword from its sheath and dashed towards Kif. Roar and shouts accompanied him as he sliced down at Kif.

                Kif spins his body to one side and raised his sword to meet with the commander's blade. The clash explodes the air, sending the commander flying towards the incoming guards, toppling them like bended grasses.

                Kif lunged towards the  downed guards and slashed at them with his sword before vaulting over them towards a fleeing guard. He spins and slashed the air in front of him, sending the same red aura that killed the horse and the dogs towards the guard. The aura went through the guard and forest was once covered by the sound of the roaring waterfall.

                Kif closed his eyes.     
                "Go away" he said in his head.

                The red mists swirls around him and retract back towards the sword's blade edge where it disappeared.

                Kif replaced the sword back into the black cloth behind him and sighed. He looked to the darkening sky above and then to his blood stained hands. What am I becoming?  His mind retraced back to the fateful day where his life changed forever.
                "DO IT KIF!"

                "DO IT! KILL HIM!" said the voice in his head.

                Kif closed his eyes and screamed. He slashed the sword across Gus' neck and watched with blurry eyes his friend's head flopped to the ground, followed by his body. His limbs limped and he to fell on his knees. The sword in his hand hums, as if laughing. The red mists gathers around his body, swirling and dancing to the hum of the sword. Kif felt another surge of power rushing into his body. It propelled the voice in his head so loud, he could barely hear the explosion coming from the entrance door.

                Guards in white armors rushed into the room each with spears in their hands. The clunking sound of their feet and armors reverberate inside the room. A large man, face hidden behind his golden helm approached Kif with a sword in his hand.

                "You! You're the son of Magistrate Calgaster! Explain what happened here!" said the man.

                Kif looked up to the man. His fingers tapped the hilt of the sword. "Shut up" he said.

                "What did you say?" said the man ready to bend down and grabbed Kif.

                But Kif had already made his move.

                With one hand, he swings the sword and sat it on his shoulder and looked to the guards in front of him. Behind him, the man froze, halfway bending forward with his eyes bulging.

                "You bore me" said Kif. He took a step forward and the man behind him explodes. He turned his eyes to the guards in front of him, all pointing their spears to him. "Who's next?" he said.

                "NO!!" Kif's voice explodes, pushing everything else into the realm of whispers and winds. Immediately the red mists around his body erupted to every direction. Kif to the ground, unmoved.  The sword clank as it hits the red marble floor and silence fell into the room.

                The guards quickly took the opportunity to seize Kif and slammed him to the cold marble floor. "Kif Calgaster, you are under arrest for the killing of Guard Commander Harith, Gus Helfield and the House of Leaders. Everything you said, be it magical or non-magical will be used against you in the Court of Justice" said one of the guard as he pulled Kif's hands to his back and cuffed him with a pair of metal cuff.

                Kif cringed at the pressure by the guard on top of him. His eyes froze, unfazed by the rough treatment of the guards as he looks directly at the eyes of his dead friend.


                Kif closed his eyes again and took a deep breath.

                "I can't go back anymore..."

                He made his way towards the waterfall and dipped his bloodied hands into the cold pool.

                "Looks like we've found the third"

                A voice caught Kif by surprise. He shot up and turned towards it. In front of him stood two hooded men, one with a cane the other with a golden sword behind his back. He frowned and slowly groped for the sword behind his back.

                "You won't be able to do anything to us, kid" said the man with the cane. He points to the large black broadsword behind him. "We're brothers" he said and one of his eyes glowed red. The man with the golden sword behind him looked up revealing a red glow underneath his hood as well.