The Cursed Sword part 4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                "Gus!" Kif called out again. He jumped down a story and did a side roll before launching himself back to chasing after his friend. "Don't do it! Fight the sword!" he said.

                It was then that Gus stopped mid air. People on the streets began to gather, all looking at the him as he floats in the sky. Shrieks and whispers all converge towards him. Gus turned around and looked towards Kif, no longer the once chubby boy he knew. His blood red eyes glowed as he tightened his grip around the sword's hilt. An evil grin broke on his face as he suddenly lowered himself to a squat and wrapped his hand and sword around his neck.

                Kif eyes widened. He turned to the people gathering on the streets below and shout. "Everyone! move away!" Yet his calling only made them even more curious. Some were pointing fingers while others looked with awe in their face.

                The grin on Gus' face disappeared and he slashed down his sword towards Kif and the people on the street.

                "Shit!" Kif launched himself into the air and landed on the roof of the house across him as the red aura coming from Gus' slash penetrates the building behind him and the people on the street.  Kif looked up to Gus as he turns towards the Central Building again. "Gus! No!"         

                Kif pushed himself up and stomped hard on the building's ledge. Rumbles of the destroyed building behind him drummed as chaos and panicked broke on the streets. He pushed himself up into the air as hard as he could and grabbed hold on to Gus' waist, pulling him down.

                Gus glared at Kif with his ruby red eyes. He clicked his tongue but carved an evil grin. The red mists around his body spreads down and began to surround Kif.  

                A strange feeling enveloped Kif as the red mists engulfs half of his body. The veins on his arms turned black  while in his mind, a voice spoke. It called to him, tempting him with the thought of power. Kif held his breath and screamed to the top of his lung.

                As if shocked by Kif's reaction, the red mists backed away but not breaking Kif's hold on Gus' waist.

                "Oh, shit!" said Kif as the image of Gus floating above him shrunk.

                Kif startled and realized he had fallen asleep. He shut his eyes and forced them open again before slapping his face hard with both of his hands.  He stretched his neck and body and got up. Somehow the darkness had lifted into shades of gray but still, he could see no more than the profile of trees. "At least now I have something to look at" he said and starts groping the profiles.

                As his path turns and twists, Kif began to hear the sound of birds chirping and water bashing on rocks. He smiled. Hope buds in his heart. He focused his senses to his ears and nose and began to follow the sound of the stream.

                Kif's smile broadens as the sound of the water gets louder. He pushed on, trudging through blades of tall sharp grasses and hidden muds before a ray of light bursts through the leaves a few yards in front of him. His heart jumped. The sound of the water grew like heavy rain. Colors began to came back to his sight as he pushed the leaves and revealed a waterfall.

                "Oh, shit..." he said when he saw what was waiting underneath the fall.

                "Kif Calgaster, son of Magistrate Calgaster, murderer of the House of Leaders and Gus Helfield, son of the Leader Helfield. You have the right to remain silence. Any words, be it magical or non-magical will be used against you!" said a man in shining white armor with a the emblem of a lion etched on its chest. Powerful was his voice that it cuts through the roar of the waterfall and clear caught by Kif's ears.

                Kif clicked his tongue. "I cannot be caught..." his eyes firmed. He grits his teeth and let his hand touched the black cloth behind him.

                 A voice spoke in his mind.

                "Use me and you can be free again" the voice spoke like the breeze coming from the waterfall.

                Kif pulls his hand away from the cloth. His hands trembles. He glared at the gray darkness behind him. Moving back into the darkness seems to be a tempting prospect. He eyed the dogs held on its leash barking at him from the group of guards. Maybe going back is not such a good idea after all, he thought. He sighed.

                "Fine..." he said and grabbed hold of the cloth behind him.

              "That's it. If we work together, we can do anything" said the voice in his head. It gave out a laugh only Kif could hear.

                Kif clicked his tongue and freed the sword from the confines of the cloth.

                Red mists swirls from the blade edge of the sword down to the hilt and up Kif's arms. His veins turned black, his hands trembling from the power coursing through his veins. His teeth clenched together as if they were glued. Kif took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

                "Help me" he said to the voice in his head.

                "As you wish" said the voice back.

                Kif opened his eyes and saw everything turned red. His surroundings blurred except for the dogs and the group of guards in front of him. He grinned as the red mists covers his body. The intense energy flares inside him like a tornado, turning his body lighter and boosting his senses.

                The guards looked to each other and to their commander. The man on the horse gulped. He looked to the others and began to order them to step forward. The dogs, barking even louder than before were the first to launch themselves towards Kif.

                Kif smiled and slashed at the dogs before they could even reach him. The red aura from the sword spreads out, penetrating the dog and the commander's horse.