The Cursed Sword part 3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                "Don't worry about it. See this yellow cloth here?" Gus points to the yellow cloth wrapped around the hand guard and the black shiny sheath of the sword. "I heard my dad said that as long as the cloth is intact, it won't harm anyone." He placed his hand on the black sheath of the sword and turned to Kif with a broad smile on his face. "See?" he said with a snigger.

                Kif frowned. Somehow he couldn't find it in his heart to mess with something everyone called a legend. "So" he paused and look over his shoulder to the entrance of the chamber. "What are we going to do with it?" he said.

                Gus rubbed his scarred chin. "haven't thought about that yet..." he said.

                Kif sighed. He should have guessed it. Gus was never the one who'd think far into the future, he should have known it. "Come on, let's just leave it there, it's getting late"

                Gus frowned but then quickly agrees with Kif. "Yeah, let's go back. Maybe we can come here again later." He pats Kif's broad back and they made their way back towards the entrance of the chamber.

                "Did you see that?"

                Gus' words stopped Kif on his track. He turned and saw his friend frowning at the sword behind them. He jerked his head forward to take a look but saw nothing but the sword sleeping under the calm lights on the wall. He frowned . "See what?" said Kif.

                Gus closed his eyes and opened them again before shaking his head. "Nothing, must've been my imagination" he said. "Let's go"

                Kif rubbed his eyes. He frowned and tried to peer again into the darkness around him. Nothing...maybe it was only my imagination.

                Without any direction to follow, Kif stopped and sat down on the ground. He placed his hands on the ground and groped it, feeling the blades of grasses between his fingers and the damped earth beneath his palm. "Where am I?" he said.

                "You sure about this?" said Kif. His arm grabbed hold of the hilt, stopping Gus from pulling the sword from the dais. No longer the chubby boy he used to be, Kif looked at his best friend with firm eyes.

                "Don't worry about it, we've come here how many times already, did you forget?" said Gus. He pushed Kif's hand away and pulled the sword from its dais. "See, nothing. It's just a legend. Not every legend is true" he said. He spins the sword around and caught it with his hand. "It's light. Here, try it" he said and hands the sword to Kif.

                Apprehensive at first, Kif wrapped his hand around the shiny black sheath of the sword and pulls it away from Gus' hand. It was indeed light, lighter in fact than it looks. Surprised, Kif gave the sword a spin and true to what Gus said, the blade felt like it was floating in his hand.

                "Wow..." said Kif.

                "Amazing, isn't it. All these metals and yet it's like a feather" said Gus with the same broad smile he had years before. "Come, let me try something" he said.

                Kif gave the sword back to Gus, carefully not to touch the yellow cloth.

                Gus grabbed the sheath from Kif and wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the sword. "You think the legend is true?" he turned to Kif.

                Kif shrugged. "I don't know, I mean, they don't just put the stories about the sword there for fun" he said.

                Gus grinned. "So, let's try it out" he said.

                "What?!" said Kif. He took a step back and shook his head. "Are you crazy?" he grabbed hold of Gus' hand, preventing him from pulling the sword free. "What if something bad happened to us?" he said.

                Gus clicked his tongue. "Fine. I won't pull it." he placed the sword back on the dais and
                Kif bend down and placed his ear to the ground. He closed his eyes and focused all of his senses to his ear, trying to listen for any movement.


                Kif's face contract as he tries harder to listen to even the slightest movement but still he could not hear anything, only the sound of the breeze touching the hidden trees and grasses. Something in him stirred. An uneasiness. He gulped and pulled himself back up. "Fire..." he said only to realized that it is impossible to even see his own hands let alone to start a fire in the darkness.

                Kif clicked his tongue and mumbled in anger.


                Kif vaulted over the low barrier and jumped to the roof of the next house. He looked up every time he can, never wanting to let Gus disappear from his sight.

                Gus and the red mists covering him floats towards the Central Building where the city's leaders were gathering for their annual meeting.