The Royal Sword part 5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Edric clenched his fists so hard it trembled. "But I could clear his name. Why won't you let me do it?"

                Jii pushed his spectacles closer to his face. "Because doing so will only incite more incident. You must understand, your Highness, your father did what he did because he knew that the Altherans will attack us once again if they knew the sword exists. War will come back to us, to our nation, our people. We cannot let that happen." said Jii.

                Edric slammed his fist to the table.

                Jii looked to him without a word.

                For a while, the room was once again silence.

                Edric stood up and left the chair heading towards the railing between the two staircase overlooking the large falcon emblem down below.


                Jii closed the red book and left the chair, making his way towards Edric. "Your Highness, if I may say something..." he said and paused.

                Edric glanced over his shoulder. "What is it, Jii?" he said. His voice weak and sad.

                "Your Highness, you, are now the rightful ruler of this kingdom. You control its lands and its people. If I may advice you on one thing, then I would advise you to rule over them with honor and be humble to them. You may not be able to clear your father's name but in time, people will soon learn to forgive your family and accept you." said Jii. He stepped back and gave the prince a bow.

                Edric's head slumped. He sighed.

                "I will take my leave, your Highness" said Jii and the master Care Taker turned away from the prince. He make his way back to the entrance to the archive exits the room as the door closed back behind him.


                Edric wiped his face with the sleeve of his robe.

                Varin stood at the ledge of the tower looking at the tiny speck of people underneath him moving around like ants. Chilling winter breeze pushed his long dark hair back, dancing to the wind's tune. He closed his eyes and let the tranquility wrapped him like a bubble.

                "This will be your first mission" a voice came out from behind him, yet he chose to ignore it. The tranquility is far more important to him right now. He held a finger up, and the voice stopped. He could not remember much of what had happened in the past year, but he knows that now, he had the mean to track his father's killer. He opened his eyes again and took a deep breath before turning to face the voice behind him.

                "Like I said, this will be your first mission. The master has asked me to oversee your progress and help you should anything arises"

                It was a man, older than him. His clean shaven face did not hide the deep scar that ran across his face like the deep gorge of a chasm. His green and blue eyes glittered when hit by the sun. "Can you do it?" he said.

                Varin approached the man. He pulled his hood up, covering his face from the man's view, leaving only his glittering eyes. "Leave it to me" he said simple. He ran back towards the ledge and jumped.