The Cursed Sword part 2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                "So, kid..." Old man Chuck paused and turned his gaze to Kif who was busy with the food. "How did you end up a fugitive anyway?" he said and took a bite from the meat they had cooked.

                Kif hands stopped. He gulped yet his sight stuck to the red fiery coals in front of him.


                The red mist seeped into Kif's arm as he grabbed hold of the hilt of the sword. He could feel the power rushing into his veins, pumping strength into his muscles, but he could also feel something else, a voice. It was like a whisper inside his mind, telling him to pull harder, that the sword belongs to him not Gus, that Gus is possessed and needs to be cut down. As he struggles with Gus, Kif caught sight of the bodies Gus had killed and spot his own father amongst the bodies. "No..." his heart sank and his anger grew. The voice grew louder in his head, like the command from a puppet master, Kif yanked the sword from Gus' hands and watched his best friend dropped to his knees.

                "Do it..." the voice in his head grew. Loud like the presence of a man behind him.

                Yet Kif hesitated. He looked to his hands as he holds tight at the sword's hilt. The power felt magnificent. It frees all his worries. He wanted it. He longs for it. It's his.

                "No..." said Kif. He closed his eyes and pushed the thoughts away, and the man's voice grew lighter, like the whisper from beyond the great door behind him.

                "I'm...sorry... Kif..." said Gus.

                Kif opened his eyes and was stunned to see the skin of his best friend began to crack and shrunk, like those of gramps. Green veins popped through his skin like tiny snakes, crawling all over his body. His chest rise and fall and his breathing coarse.


                Gus looked up to Kif. His sights blurred, his eyes sunken into its sockets. "Kif...I'm sorry... "

                Kif shook his head. His hands holding the sword trembled. His chest swollen by the emotion raging inside him. The voice in his head came to him again, louder this time. "Do it... he killed your father, Kif..."

                Kif screamed for the voice to go away. "No!" He tried to throw the sword away yet somehow his hands refused to obey his command.

                "Kif... please... I can't take it much longer... "

                Kif clenched his teeth as he tried to hold back his tears.

                "Do it... Kif... please..." said Gus, his voice coarser and slower.

                "Do it!" said the voice in his head

                "Please... do it..."

                "Do it!"

                Kif closed his eyes and grits his teeth.

                Gus looked up to the beautiful stained glass ceiling of the Hall of Leaders and smiled.

                "DO IT!!"

                "DO IT!! KILL HIM!!" said the voice inside his head.

                Kif screamed and slashed Gus' neck.

                The barking of dogs and voices of men in the distance brought Kif back. He looked to Old man Chuck who was already on his feet. The sun above them had slipped to the west and the mood in the forest was heavy.

                "Come on, we need to go now" said Old man Chuck. He slings a small green water flask, his only baggage. "Take anything you like, but remember, be as light as possible. And don't take any food with you"

                Kif nodded. Two weeks already he has been on the run since he escaped the Imperial Dungeons, a feat he could not have accomplished had he not had the help of Old man Chuck. Kif got to his feet and went inside the rundown log cabin. He came out with a sling behind his back made of black cloth. He then turned to Old man Chuck. "Let's go"

                The two of them sets out deeper into the jungle where the sun had disappeared and the trees bent to weird angles. They could still hear the loud barking of dogs and the sound of men screaming behind them as the darkness around them grew.

                "Shit, this place is too dark" said Old man Chuck. He stopped and looked back to see only darkness. "Kid, you here?"

                But there was no reply from Kif. It was all silence.

                Kif dragged his feet along as he groped the darkness in front of him. He called out to Old man Chuck but all he could hear were the winds slapping his face. Even the sound of the barking dogs and the shouting men that were so clear to his ear just now had disappeared completely when he entered the deeper part of the forest.

                "So this is it... the legendary Cursed Sword, one of the Seven Legendary Sword..." said Gus. The brilliant blue reflection from a nearby underwater pool illuminated the chamber like living lights, painting the rock walls with brilliant colors of aquamarine, like the marbles from the Holy Kingdom.

                "You sure we should be messing with this thing?" said Kif a little apprehensive at the thought of wielding a sword with 'Cursed' as its name.