The Cursed Sword part 1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                "Kif! Hurry up! We're going to be late!"

                A young boy, chubby and slow dashed across the dirt road towards his friend who was already waiting for him on top of the hill. The chubby boy heaved for air if his lungs were filled with water. He fell to the ground on all four and coughed. "Wait" he said.

                His friend dropped himself from the top of the fence and stood facing his chubby friend with his arms crossed. "Hurry up Kif or you won't get anything for supper!" he said with a snigger. He rubbed his nose and turn his back to Kif who was still on the ground heaving. "Hurry up or you'll eat my dust... and fart!" said the boy and laughed.

                Kif clenched his fists and slammed them to the ground. Angered by the idea of not having supper, one of his most favorite meal along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, he pushed himself up and forcefully plants his feet on the ground before breaking into a mad dash to the top of the hill. Once on top, he plopped to the ground with his back to his friend.

                Kif's breathing took over the silence between the two friends.

                "Hey Kif..."

                Kif looked over his shoulder. His chest rises and fall like the pumps in the smithy's workshop. His friend stood with arms on his hips. His face though darkened by the setting sun behind him, forged a wide smile. "Let's go!" he said and turned away.

                Kif tried to stop him but his friend was on the run. He pushed himself up, despite the burning sensation on his thighs and went after his friend. "Gus, wait for me!" he said, arms stretched towards his disappearing friend. Kif stopped. Hands to his knees, he coughed and tried to pull as much oxygen as possible. "Gus... wait..."

                Kif fell to the ground clutching his chest. He tried to breath in but his lungs refused. His fingers digs deep into the dirt road as he tries to force his lungs to breath. Yet still it failed.


                Kif pounced his hands on the dirt road and felt his lungs began to pumped with air. Burn by the small relief, he pounded again, harder this time around. The world around his shake. The dirt road cracked and split, dropping Kif into the fathomless bottom.

                "Hey, kid! Wake up!"

                Kif gasped. He opened his eyes and came face to face with a dirty old man. "Old man Chuck..." he said. The old man moved away and Kif turned his head to his surroundings. The dark cottage welcomed his sight while the sound insects and frogs hummed his ears.  The sweetness of the trees freshly cut in the evening and stacked behind his bed caught his nose. He gave himself a slap and grimaced at the pain. This is real.  This is not a dream.

                "Go back to sleep, kid, it's going to be hard tomorrow..." said old man Chuck.

                Kif didn't object and laid his head back down to the flat pillow. He pulled his badly patched cloths he called  a blanket and turned to face the wooden cabin wall. Out in the distance, wolves howls welcoming the bright silver moon.
                "Hey Kif... why do you think no one has ever stepped into the mine?"
                Kif opened his eyes and saw Gus munching away at the grilled corn they bought from the market. He got up, brushed the dirt from his back and eyed the large gaping hole on the side of the mountain beyond the metal gate with the metal plate saying "DANGER. Do not enter".

                He turned to Gus."Because there's a sign that says DANGER in capital letters? "

                Gus' eyes shrunk. "You're boring" he said. He points the half bitten corn towards the mine in front of him.  The mild evening wind blew down the mountains with its sweet forest fragrant, pushing his red hair back. He looked like one of the statues of the heroes in the city. "It's because there's a something hidden in there!" he said with a bright smile on his face.

                Kif turned his sight back to the mine. "You believed those rumors?"

                "Believe? I know it for a fact. I've heard my dad talked about it in his secret room" said Gus as he throws away his corn and wiped his hand with a leaf from a nearby tree.

                Kif frowned. "Your dad?"

                Gus tapped Kif's shoulder and make his way towards the metal gate. He pulled the metal sign free and threw it into a nearby bush. "Yeah. I know dad knows about it, or else why would he talk about it in his secret room?" he said. He pulled the rusted chain and metal lock and gave it a closer look.

                Kif approached the metal gate and glanced over his shoulder. "Wait, are we really going to go in there today?" he said still looking at the empty mountain road behind him. The red sky grew darker and the chirping of birds in the forest below grew lighter. "Maybe we should come again tomorrow" said Kif.

                Gus looked up and turned to his back. He clicked his tongue and took another look at the lock. "Yeah, you're right. Let me examine this lock first" he said.

                Another burst of wind came down to them, colder this time as the sun in the horizon began to set and the moon made its appearance above the darkening blue sky.  Kif tapped Gus's shoulder.  "Come on, let's go" he said.

                Gus raised his hand, his eyes still set to the lock. "A little bit more... okay, let's go!" he said and left the place with Kif.