The Royal Sword part 3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                The metal walkway leads to another round metal door and another round of identification which Edric easily passed. The metal door rolled into the walls, revealing a large spherical room painted in white metals. The walkway continue inside the room and circled around a dais with a sword sleeping inside a glass case. On top of the glass case sat a red leather book bounded with the seal of the King.

                Edric swept the room for the second time before approaching the glass case at the center of the room.
                "Fourth day in the fourth month in the year of the Serpent Kings" read Edric as he flipped through the content of the red book inside the vault. He sat on the only chair inside the sphere facing towards a sword in a glass case on a dais.

                "War has finally come to us in the form of the Kingdom of Althera. A messenger from their King had arrive bearing with their demands. The Royal Swords and the land to our East which they claimed we stole several generations before. I find both claims absurd seeing how those lands and the sword had for thousands of years been in our possession along with the land. So I send the messenger back with copy of the Ordain of the Land and the history of our nation. A move that I later regretted."

                "The Two Year War... " said Edric alone. He recalled the hardship he felt during the days, tending to the refugee under the command of his father. Yet he could not remember how it all ended. All he could remember was death. And a man with red eyes wielding a sword looking down at him.

                Edric raised his head. The sword with the golden hilt and silver sheath sleeps silently inside its case. A long yellow cloth wrapped around the hilt of the sword and the sheath like a seal. Not wanting to stop his growing curiousity, he turned back to the book on his hand.

                "Fifteenth day in the sixth month in the year of the Serpent Kings. It has been approximately a month since the attack from both sides started. The Kingdom still stands even though much of the lands to the East has been taken by the force of Althera. I have ordered the knights to round every refugees they can find into the city walls. We still have enough supplies to hold us out for at least a year even with the sudden increment in population inside the city walls."

                "I've talked to Jii about the sword, but all he said was that it is not for us to yield. I do not understand and argued with him about the needs of using it should it arises but Jii was persistent with me not wielding. I cannot apprehend the logic behind it"

                A small writing just under the last entry on the page caught Edric's attention. He pulled the book closer to his face and squint.

                "I saw it again today, the miasma, when I approached the sword. It was a face but of what I do not know."  

                Edric's sight shot back to the sword in front of him. Was that why all this security?

                He turned to the book again and flipped through the pages.

                "Twenty Eighth day in the twelve months in the year of the Serpent Kings. Six months had gone since the war started and it has yet to show any sign of stopping. The force of Althera has reached our doorsteps but they have yet been successful in mounting any attack thanks to the shield erected around the walls. Captain of the Guards reported that every engineer we had in the city had been called for with maintaining the shield. I just hope it would last long enough to break the moral of the Altherans. Food supplies are still in a manageable volume but the number of refugees inside the city had swelled. Yet, I fear more for the day the shield would collapse than our diminishing food supplies. It had never been so incessantly attacked before."

                "I have touched the sword for the first time without Jii knowing. It was cold, colder than winter's snow and it gave me chills I've never felt before. There is something inside the sword, but nothing in the books I've read about the Seven Swords had pointed me to what it is. All the legends said was that it possesses great strength, strength that could shatter a kingdom or save it. And that was only the power of a sword. Not all seven together. Maybe I should try unsheathing the sword..."

                Edric pulled his head up and cracked his neck. He gave himself a stretch before turning back to the pages of the red book.

                "First day in the second month in the second year of the Serpent Kings. The power had grew into me. I've tasted it and I've never felt so alive before. So the legend was true. The sword does possess great power. I hunger to taste it again. I need it."

                Edric frowned at the passage on the book.

                "What is happening to me?"

                That's it?

              Edric flipped through the blank pages on the book until he came to another entry, written near the end of the book.                

                "Twenty Sixth day in the Sixth Month in the second year of the Serpent Kings. I have stopped them... I... have stopped the most powerful kingdom in the land... and in only three days. On my own. Yet I felt unsatisfied... I want more bloodshed... I want to see more death..."

                "What has become of me?"

                "The sword... where is the sword?... I need it. Where's my sword?!"

                Edric flipped through a couple of more blank pages before finally arriving at the last page of the book. It was poorly written, as if its writer was trembling. The words mixed with symbols and words he had never seen before.

                "Damn it, that Jii... how dare he called for the Imams from the Holy Kingdom... I will not forgvie him. I will kill that man. No one will seal me again... No one!! I will not allow any Imams to touch this man. His body is mine!!"

                "And then nothing..." Edric closed the book. He placed his palm on the cover of the book ran his fingers down the falcon emblem etched onto its center. A rush of feelings flooded Edric's chest as he traced the emblem with the tip of his fingers. Dark spots appeared on the old leather, growing with time.