The Royal Sword part 2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

               Varin woke up when the sting and the chill of cold water splashed to his face. He gasped and coughed from the sudden rush of air into his lungs. His world dark in his sight with only a tiny light, like the light of a distance candle were visible to him. He tried to raise his head but find it was impossible for him to raise his head. Varin pulled his arms closer to him but find them chained.

                "What...?" he mumbled through his bruised lips. 

                "So you're the kid, huh" a rough voice caught Varin's ears.

                Still only half conscious, Varin tried to find the source of the voice. "Where...?" he mumbled beyond recognition.

                "You're looking for that cursed sword, huh?" the voice came to his ear again, closer this time. He could feel the warmth of the breath touching the skin of his ear. Varin could not answer back.

                "Crippled... man..." said Varin, his words clearer to him now.

                "What?" said the voice angry.

                Varin's head bobbed around. His consciousness losing him again. Shit. The only light he could see began to fade. He felt tired. He wanted to just sleep. He wanted to sleep very much.

                And he did.

                Edric threw the door open and walked out with a grim face. He straightened his robe and exit the hallway with his fists clenched. The hallway opens up to a large open air hall that also serve as the throne room. Edric stopped by the throne and looked outside to the soldiers practicing by the front gate.

                "Father..." he muttered alone before making his way past the hall towards another hallway, passing doors and windows before going down a spiral stone staircase to the dungeons below.

                A lone soldier stood with his body slightly slumped to the side.

                "Soldier" said Edric.

                Startled, the soldier sprang erected and bowed to the prince. "Your Highness!"

                Edric returned the soldier's bow. "I need to use the Archive. Let no one in unless I give the order" he said and pats the soldier's shoulder. "Understand?"

                The soldier gripped tight his spear. "Yes, Your Highness!"

                Edric gave a weary smile. "Good. Now open the door."

                The soldier turned his back to Edric and produced a key from the inside of his armor. He slides the key into the lock and gave it a twist. The sound of gears turning reverberated around the walls of the stone staircase. Dusts rain from above. A stone next to the door swivels, revealing a small keypad with green lit numbers on it. The soldier shifts to the front of the keypad and tapped a few numbers in one swift movement.

                The rumbling stop and the door backs away before sliding to one side, revealing a brightly lit circular library with floor made of black and white marble. The smell of papers and clean marble floods the door.

                The soldier turned towards the prince and bowed again. "The archive, Your Highness" he said.

                Edric  stepped inside the door and stopped with a glare at the soldier.  "Remember, no one is allowed inside, not even the Head Caretaker" he said with a stern voice.

                "Yes, Your Highness, as you command!" said the soldier. He pushed the keypad back into the wall and watch the staircase rumble again and the door closed to a shut.
                Edric waited until the door behind him was fully shut before making his way down the spiral staircase at the center of the room towards a large falcon emblem on the wall directly across it. He stood looking at the emblem with a frown. "The vault..."

                He stepped on the dais in front of the emblem and proceed towards a corner of the wall. He placed his palm on the wall and a bright green light appeared from wall, scanning his palm. "Identifying..." a voice erupted around the room. A few seconds later it reappeared. "Identification complete, welcome back Prince Edric" said the voice.

                The large falcon emblem on the wall rotate a hundred and sixty degrees before it pushed into the wall and rolled to its side, revealing a long circular metal hallway. A metal walkway laid like carpet, hovering above pipes and metals. White light from the lights amongst the pipes painted the hallway with splashes of white and the occasional grey shadows.

                Edric stepped on the metal walkway and took a deep breath.  He placed his hand on the rail. The coldness coming from the metal rail seeps into his hands like small ants moving up his arm. "Welcome back... huh" he said. His mind raced back to the time he first stepped into the vault. He was with his father, the late King, and back then the King still had his health with him.

                "Remember the vault, Edric, for one day, your kingdom will need the power that lies inside it" said his father back then.

                Being a young child, no smaller than ten years of age, he paid no attention to his visit.

                "What is inside the vault, father?" said Edric with a frown on his face. With head filled with questions, he went deeper into the vault as the emblem behind him revolves back to its place and came to a shut, sealing Edric inside the vault.