The Royal Sword part 1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Light from outside the large windows decorating the brick wall of the hallway lit up the man like a white light as he enters it heading towards the large black door guarded by two guardian twice his size wearing shining white armors. Behind him, an old man wearing a suit of black and white followed the man with an alarmed face. 

                "Your Highness, please wait!" said the old man with his hands out in front of him.

                "Don't stop me, Jii" said the young man. His cape flew behind him as if pushing the old man away.

                "But your Highness, the King is not in the condition to talk!" said Jii, stronger in his tone but still humbled by the man in front of him.

                The man stopped. "He's my father, Jii, I know how to talk to him. I need to know the truth" said the man and continues towards the large black door.

                The two guardians crossed their spears in front of the man, prompting him to stop and look at them. The color of their armors changed to black with a falcon insignia on their chest.       

                Battle armors thought the prince. "I am the prince of this kingdom" said the man. His fists tightened to the point of shaking. "Let me through" he said glaring at the two guardians in front of him.

                The guardians stood in silence. Their white eyes showed no soul as does their featureless faces. The spears stood clashed, unafraid by words of the prince.

                Jii arrived behind the prince just in time to stop the young man from punching one of the guardians. "Stop it, your Highness!" he grabbed hold of the prince's arm. "You are the prince of this kingdom! This is not how you should behave!" said Jii and pulled the prince's arm down.

                The prince's head fell. His eyes closed and his fists loosened. "You're right, Jii. I am the prince of this kingdom..." he said.

                "Jii is glad that you realize that" said Jii smiling. He let go of the prince's arm and pulls out a white handkerchief from his pocket.

                The prince turned around and punched Jii in the face, sending the frail old man flying across the room unconscious. The white handkerchief danced in the air as it make its way down to the floor.

                "You should know your place, Jii" said the prince. He turned to the two guardians and said to them again. "Open the door for me or you'll face the same consequences" he said.

                But the guardians gave no movement nor did their faces betrayed them. Their fingers clenched tight at the matte black hilt of the spear.

                "I'll say it again-"

                But before the prince could finish his sentence, a voice came from beyond the door.

                "Let him in" said the voice followed by a cough.

                The guardians pulled their spears and slammed its blunt edge to the marble floor. The echo reverberated throughout the hallway and disappeared far across beyond it. The guardian's armors turned grey and then back to white. The falcon insignia dissipates into the air.

                The prince straightened his robe and cleared his throat. Behind him, several of the other servants ran towards Jii who was still unconscious from the prince's punch.

                The door behind the prince closed and the room turned silence. Little light went through the grey curtain over the only window to the room to his left. Directly in front of him, at the other end of the room sat a large bed with various machines placed on both of its sides. Machines to keep the King alive. The prince coughed at the thick smell of perfume in the room. He rubbed his nose and cleared his throat.

                "Edric" a frail voice called out to the prince.

                Edric cleared his throat again and make his way towards the bed. His steps light as the breeze in spring. He stood next to the bed and kneeled down to the frail figure on the bed. "Father" he said and bowed down.

                The king's wrinkled hands sought for Edric's face. Trembling as it tries to exert itself to move.

                Edric raised his head and grabbed hold of his father's hand and placed it to his cheek. Coldness seeps into his face as their skin touched. "Yes, father?"

                "I apologize..." said the King and paused, taking a couple of breathes before he continue. "For not telling you everything..." the King took a deep breath. His face strained from the effort. Green veins popped all over his aged body.

                "Father" said Edric and he bowed again.


                Edric raised his head again when he heard his father called his name. "Yes, father?"

                " the vault... a book... sealed..." the King licked his dried lips. "Everything... inside..." he coughed and his eyes sunk deeper into its socket. The king took a very deep breath, arching his body as he did. His hands stoned and trembled. His eyes widened.

                "I'm sorry..." said the King and he gave out a long sigh before his eyes closed and his head plopped to the side.

                Edric closed his eyes. His father's hand still held close to his cheek.