The Broken Sword part 5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Varin punched the last man to the ground and fell on his knees. He could barely opened his eyes nor could he raise his trembling hands. He tried to force himself up, telling his mind that he could still go on, but his body refused. His head wobbled as he looked up to see a muscular man towering in front of him with a grin on his face.

                And then he fell on the floor and the world around him turned dark.

                Haleema sat with her back on the tree with her daggers on her hands. She took a peek from the edge of the tree bark to the dense undergrowth behind her. Nothing. She pulled her head back and gave out a long sigh of relief. She placed her daggers down on the ground before pulling out a roll of bandage and a small yellow colored vial from her back pouch. She uncapped the vial and dabbed its content onto the bandage before placing it on the wound on her arm. She clenched her teeth as coldness from the liquid she dabbed onto the bandage seeps into her wounds.

                Haleema wrapped the bandage around her arm and tied a tight knot to stop the blood from her wound from flowing. Worried if the direwolves return, she picked her daggers from the ground and forced herself to stand up using the bark of the tree as her support.

                Haleema looked to the dense undergrowth behind her again and prayed the direwolves didn't follow her. She placed a foot forward and with great care, moved away from the tree. Confident that the wolves are no longer on her trail, Haleema broke into a jog; pushing bushes and leaves, branches and thick vines from her face. She had her dagger pointing to her back, in case the wolves suddenly found her. That way she could easily enter defense stance without needing to spin the dagger around.

                "Where is that hut?" said Haleema in her head.

                A long rail of tree roots caught her feet and pulled her down to the ground, face first. She coughed, holding her throbbing chest as the pain from the fall and the fatigue builds up in her body. She stabbed her daggers into the dirt and roots and pulled herself forward before rolling on her side and planting her back to the trunk of another tree. She rubbed her chest again, trying to ease the pain and the burning she felt. She coughed and spat out the blood in her mouth.

                "Damn it!"

                She stabbed her daggers to the ground and looked up to the sky beyond the green canopies. With terrible pain growing in her, Haleema inhaled deep and hard, clenching her teeth and digging her fingers into the earth underneath her. She exhaled and coughed out more blood.

                "Damn it!"

                As she wiped her mouth, her ears twitched and she caught the sound she had been fearing ever since she first met them.

                The direwolves. They've found me!

                Haleema quickly ran her hands to the hilt of her dagger and pushed herself back up. She wanted to cry, if it was possible but that was not an option. She needed strength, not fear. She needs the will to live, and not giving up.

                The growls of the direwolves grew louder, and stronger. Haleema flexed her fingers around the hilt of her daggers, waiting for the right moment to strike. She pressed her back to the trunk of the tree and calmed her breathing as the growls surrounds her.

                From the edge of  her eyes, Haleema saw the snout of one of the direwolf hunting her. She gulped.  Adrenaline bursts inside her, giving her a clearer consciousness and making her even more aware than usual. She glared back at the direwolf as its head went past her.

                Holding her breath, Haleema burst out from behind the tree and stabbed the back of the direwolf head, sending it sprawling to the ground, twitching violently. She rolled behind another tree just as another direwolf lunged towards her.

                The impact when the direwolf crash onto the tree felled the tree like it was a twig. Haleema rolled to one side, her chest burning with pain and the edge of her mouth dripping with blood. She kicked the ground and dashed towards the dazed direwolf with her dagger barely touching the ground.

                Before the direwolf could even regain its feet, Haleema kicked the side of its body, sending it back down to the ground before slitting its throat with her dagger.

                Haleema's breathing became more erratic. Her cough louder. She let go of her dagger and fell on her knees, clutching her chest with her hands. Blood spattered on the corpse of the dying direwolf as its fur and skin changed to ashes. "Damn it" she said as she picks her dagger from the ground but her anger turned to shock, when she heard more growls coming from behind her.

                Slowly, she turned around. Her grip on her dagger tightened as did her clutched on her chest. She grits her teeth. She wanted to give up, to just let go. But something inside her burns even stronger.

                It was then that she realized.

                Haleema looked down to the Broken strapped to her waist.

                That's right. I still have this sword.

                She pulls away her hand from her chest and let it crawl towards the leather strap holding the sword to its sheath. With her eyes still looking at the group of direwolves in front of her, she undid the knot and took hold of the sword's leather wrapped hilt.

                A rush of energy bursts into her from her hand, moving like the flowing of a great river. It snaked into every vein in her body, making them even more sensitive. Haleema pulled the Broken Sword free from its sheath and held it with one hand, pointing towards the group of direwolves.

                This is...

                She eyed the sword again. The rush of energy swells inside her, but somehow she felt something was not right about it.

                She frowned.

                And the direwolves struck as if they were able to read her hesitation.

                As if the world itself slows down, Haleema glanced at the wolves as they lunged towards her in slow motion. Her eyes burn with determination and her grip on the sword and her dagger tightened even further.

                I won't die here!

                Haleema took several steps backward and threw her dagger towards one of the direwolves in front of her. The blade swings like a brilliantly glittering disc and struck between the eyes of the direwolf it was aimed at. The attack however did not stop the momentum already inside the wolf as its flying body struck Haleema like a heavy sand bag. The impact send Haleema to the ground and the Broken sword stuck to the tree behind her.

                Another direwolf landed on her and slammed its paw on her arm. Haleema screamed. Her brain flooded with panic signals. Her arm burns with pain as the direwolf's claws broke through her sleeve and poke into her skin.

                Focusing all her strength to her legs, Haleema slammed her knees on the underside of the direwolf on top of her and kicked its jaw. The impact stunned the beast, giving Haleema the leverage she need to push the wolf off her body.

                With all the strength she could muster, Haleema pushed her body closer towards the tree, her hand holding out to reach the Broken sword stuck to the tree.

                Just a little bit more!

                Out of nowhere, a pair of legs in black pants stood in front of her, obscuring her view. Haleema pushed her head up to see its owner only to see a silver glimmer coming down towards her face.

                My dagger!

                A muscular arm reached for the Broken sword and pulled it free from the tree. A hand reached out to the blade of the sword and traced its edge carefully.

                "At last, it's mine"

                "Master" a coarse voice came from behind the owner of the arm.

                "What is it?"

                "What about this girl?" said the voice.

                The owner of the arm turned around and looked down to the ground at the pool of blood.

                "Dispose of her"