The Holy Sword part 5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Hameed pulls the diamond encrusted hilt with the silver blade free from its golden scabbard and grips it tight is his hand. A warm sensation surge through his veins like the touch of gentle wind, caressing his muscles and calming the raging tempest in his chest. He felt calm, and it shows in his eyes.

                The man spreads his arms and calls forth another pack of direwolves out of thin air. The wolves growled and rushed their way towards Hameed like rabid hunters.

                Hameed, ready for battle, was about to rush towards the direwolves when a large broadsword spins in the air like a huge boomerang, struck the wolves and stopped Hameed in his track.

                The sword arced and turned its blade towards the man with the glowing eyes.

                The man grits his teeth and swiped his hand forward, sending the black broadsword flying towards the incoming broadsword. The two sword clashed in the air.

                Hameed looked to his side and his eyes widened.

                It was the same hooded man with the cane, except there were no swords dancing around him.

                The man looked up, revealing an eye glowing red. He swiped his hand across his chest and pulled it towards him.

                The broadswords clashed with each other and then retreated back to their masters. The hooded man grabbed hold of his large broadsword, while the black broadsword hovers around the other hooded man.

                Hameed looked on at the two identical men. He clasped the hilt of the Holy Sword with both hands and took a few steps backwards. Eyes kept to the two.

                "Banar..." said the hooded man with the swords hovering around him.

                The other hooded man pulls back his hood, revealing a man in his thirties with scars that ran down from his forehead to both of his cheeks. "Iblis" he said to the hooded man. Banar grabbed his sword on its hilt and glanced at Hameed whose eyes still stuck to him and Iblis.  "The Holy Sword..." he said under his breath. Banar closed his eyes for a second and then reopened them again.

                "You! With the sword!" he said to Hameed.

                Hameed turned his gaze towards Banar.

                "You want to leave this place alive?" said Banar. He lifts his broadsword over his head and settles it across his shoulders. "You need to defeat him" he points to Iblis who was already smiling at Banar's words.

                Iblis smiled and broke into a laughter. "You cannot defeat me, you know that more than anyone else, Banar" he said.

                Banar ignored Iblis and points his cane towards Hameed. "You're an Imam, correct?"

                Hameed gulped, and said nothing.

                "Then you should know what he is" Banar continues. He swings his cane and points to Iblis.

                High in the sky, black clouds began to gather around the ruined city. Thunders growl amongst the mountains and the plains and the forest as everything else went silent.

                "A Djinn." said Hameed.

                Banar nodded his head. "A very powerful Djinn" he said. "But you can defeat him" he said. "Or at least, you can banish him from his host"

                Hameed looked at Iblis. His eyes determined. His heart calmed by the sword he held.

                A powerful gale swept across the ruined city followed by the roar of thunder. The dark sky above flashed blue like intricate fireworks running across the clouds. Hameed took a step forward. He settles his sword on his shoulder, taking a fighting stance like a farmer ready to swing his sickle. He closed his eyes and murmured words from the Book.

                Banar took a nearly identical stance compensated for his disability. He lowered his body down like a squat with his limped leg stretched out front. He took a deep breath and held it. He felt the breath moving down his throat and into his lungs. He reopened his eyes again and with a loud groan, threw his sword spinning high into the air just as the first silver bead came down from the sky above.

                Iblis spreads his arms and called for more direwolves, two packs this time. He swipes both of his hands forward. The swords hovering around him slingshot into the air and arced their way towards Banar's incoming sword.

                Hameed rushed forward towards the first pack of direwolves. He jumped over the first two pair, slashing down on their backs before landing into a roll and stabbed the forehead of the third direwolves. He pulls out the sword and spins it to his back where it caught the neck of the fourth direwolves. Hameed kicked the wolf free from his blade and grabbed its fur. He spins it around and slammed the corpse onto the fifth and sixth direwolves.

                Banar limped his way closer towards Iblis. He eyed his sword as it clashes and danced in the air with Iblis' swords. He clicked his tongue. "The Old Sword.." he said. "This is going to be hard". He swiped his hand away and swings it like a large 'U'. The sword responded to his gesture and retreated only to attack again from below, breaking the attack pattern of Iblis' swords.

                Hameed leaped over the last of the direwolf ignoring the cut in his arm and on his back. He grabbed hold of the sharp spike protruding from the back of the wolf and ran his sword deep into its skin. The direwolf roared in anger and tried to shook him free but Hameed quickly kicked the hilt of the sword and watched it went through the monster. He fell to his side heaving for air.

                Banar's sword danced with greater intensity in the air, clashing at Iblis' swords harder.

                Banar limped his way towards Hameed and extends his arm towards him. "Can you get up?" he said not looking at the Imam.

                Hameed grabbed his arm and pulled himself up. "Yeah"

                "I'll distract him" said Banar simple. Standing between Hameed and  Iblis, Banar spread his arms wide. His sword began to dance like a dancer intoxicated in his dance, parrying and slashing at the two swords. Banar's left eye burns with intensity and anger. Its red glow brightened.

                Hameed picks up the Holy Sword from the ground and stood behind Banar. He closed his eyes, emptying his mind and calming his emotions. He murmured words from the Book again, slower this time, but precise. He held the Holy Sword tight in his hands, ignoring the piercing pain in his arm and back.

                Sweat forms as the sword fight extends. Banar, arms trembling, began to feel the fatigue of using too much of his power to control the sword. He could feel his consciousness losing the longer he fights. He grits his teeth and tightened his fist. He took a deep breath and held it inside.

                "Now!" he said. He clasped his hands together and pushed it down to the ground. As if he held it in his hand, his sword slashed down hard on the two sword, forcing it to cross one another to block it. Banar could feel the pressure from Iblis' powerful energy pushing back at him. Cold and anger, twisted, rage, sadness, everything came into him like the rush of an avalanche. Banar's body trembled, his hands shaking.

                Hameed stepped forward and leaped high towards Iblis with the Holy Sword high above his head. He uttered the words from the Book as he strikes down on the Djinn.

                "As the ruler of this realm, I command thee to return to thy place in the name of the Almighty God!"