The Broken Sword part 2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

               The hallway broke into a large room with two winding stairs that merged at the top standing at each wall of the room. A large statue of the current Queen stood majestically at the center of the room while workers and servants clean and tend to those who had been granted permission to meet with the Queen.

                A young girl came up to the woman and gave her a deep bow. "Welcome back Miss Haleema" she said with a bright smile on her face.

                Haleema smiled back to the girl and proceed to tend her shifting headscarf. "You should put some pins for your scarf or they'll fall off, you know" she said.

                The girl, shied by Haleema's words, looked down to the white marble floor and nods her head.

                Haleema pats the back of the girls head and told her to continue with her work. The girl gave Haleema another bow before walking away, giving her one last look before she disappears up the stairs.

                Haleema closed her eyes and breathed deep the clear and refreshing smell of the floors and the walls of the tower. It had been three months since she last step inside the tower and how she had missed it already. Haleema smiled and with powerful stride, climbs the stairs towards the large door behind the statue of the Queen.

                The throne room.

                Haleema stopped in front of the door and closed her eyes again. Her lips mumbles words of encouragement for her. Once she felt herself ready, she placed her hand on the door and gave it a gentle push.

                The door cracked open revealing a larger room bright from the light that shone down from the windows lined high on all sides of the walls. A long red carpet marked the way to the throne for Haleema. She looked down to the rough carpet, keeping her sight low as she took her first step inside the throne room.

                "Stop, Haleema" a soft voice greets her. There was a tinge of seriousness underneath the soft voice that gives the chill to Haleema.

                Haleema stopped. Dead on her track, unable to move.

                "Raise your face, do not be so humble. You are one of my finest generals, I want you to be proud" said the soft voice.

                Haleema gulped and slowly raise her face. On both sides of the carpet sits fourteen high chair, each filled with the Queens most revered minds, both in warfare and administration. Only a single high chair were left empty. Her seat. Haleema turned her sight to the Queen, a mere girl who had only turned 20 a few months back, sat on the throne with her crown, shaped like the drop of water pointing upwards.

                The Queen smiled upon seeing Haleema raised her head. "That is better" she said.

                Haleema returned the Queen's smile and gave her a bow. No one knelt to the Queen in the kingdom. The Queen banned such action upon her ascension to the throne, seeing how it nearly broke the kingdom a few decades before.

                "Have you found it?" asked the Queen.

                Haleema bowed again. "Yes, my Queen". She unlatched the strap around her waist and wrapped it around the sheath of the broken sword.

                "I present to you, the Broken Sword, one of the legendary Seven Swords. Lost after the Battle of Zarthand in the Valley of the Dragonkin"

                The Queen rose from her throne and heads quickly snapped towards her as she descent down the stairs to the bowing Haleema. Her eyes kept to the Broken sword Haleema held in her hands.

                The Queen lay her hand on the leather wrapped hilt of the sword. The leather sunk as she wrapped her fingers around it. The edge of her mouth jumped.

                "You have done well, Haleema" said the Queen. She released her hold on the sword hilt and walked back to her throne.

                Haleema bowed deeper before strapping the sword back to her waist.

                "Generals" said the Queen as soon as she sat back on her throne.

                "It is time for us to begin the second phase of our plan"

                All the generals bowed. "Yes, your Majesty!" they all shout synchronously.

                Varin jumped down the cart and brushed the hays that was stuck to his shirt. He thanked the cart driver and handed him a coin of silver as a  token of thanks, even after the cart driver refused his payment.

                He gave his face a slapped and proceed towards the nearest bar he could find. The best place for him to get to know the local. He cleared his throat and proceed down the winding road towards the great stairs that leads to the upper part of the city.

                As Varin stepped onto the upper part of the city, and was struck by the sheer destruction that unfolds in front of his eyes. A gathering of people stood in lines, looking at the destroyed dome, some weeping, other stood in silence with their fists clenched.  
                Varin, wary of the tension around the gathered people, make his way towards one of the shops still open despite having no customer. The old merchant, wearing layers of robe and a monocle on one of his eyes looked to Varin with a weary smile.

                "Yes sir, what can I do for you?"