The Broken Sword part 1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Gray smokes curls in the air like dancers spinning and jumping. Incenses burns the nostrils of the occupant of the small room, but he heed to no senses. His mouth continues to mumble words of obscured meaning, powerful yet dangerous words. His chest rise and fall as he sucks in more of the gray smoke coming from the incenses he burns in front of him in the silver bowl. He sticks one of his plump finger to the edge of the silver bowl and traced it around, at a steady pace, not too fast nor too slow.

                The man rocks his body back and forth, his mouth mumbles faster. He laid the broken sword on the straw mat and circles his palm on top of the incense bowl, pushing the gray smoke it produce in a constantly moving circle. His muscular arms sat on top of his crossed legs.

                "Master" a coarse voice came from behind the man. He opened his eyes and glared over his shoulder. A green kid sized creature stood behind him rubbing its long human like hands looking down at the wooden floor.

                "What is it?"

                The creature gulped and rubbed its hands harder. "Ma... Master Iblis has destroyed the White Minaret" it said still with eyes looking down at the floor as if afraid to raise its head.

                The man smiled.

                "Good" he said and returned back to the broken sword in front of him.

                The creature bowed lower and stepped back into the darkness behind him before disappearing with a puff of green smoke.

                "Once I have all the swords, I will become God"

                The man smirked as his eyes fell onto the broken sword in front of him.

                Varin jumped to wake when the cart jerked. He looked around--nothing--he laid back on the hay and let his eyes fall to the cliff edge overlooking a large city. He frowned. The center of the city smeared by pitch black smoke that grayed into the sky. He pulled himself forward and tried to get a better view of the city. A building at the center of the city had collapsed to the ground, and burned.

                Varin turned his head to the driver. "What happened?" he said.

                The cart driver looked past his shoulder to Varin. "Oh that? Can't really say. Rumor said someone destroyed that building, but I doubt that is even possible."

                Varin frowned.

                Something in him is telling that the destruction of the building he is seeing was caused by the same person who killed his father and burnt down his bar. He doubt that to be true. "What was that building?"

                "That's the White Minaret. Along with the Central Dome, it is the main administration building for the city which also acts as its main prayer hall. Too bad it was destroyed though, the building had seen much of the history that shaped the continent"  said the cart driver without turning his head. He lashed the two oxen in front of him, ordering them to move faster.

                "When did this happened?" said Varin.

                The cart driver shook his head. "I've only got the news yesterday when we stopped for rest at Kamor village"

                Varin pulled himself back and laid on the haystack behind him still frowning at staring at the rubble of the destroyed building. No one man can destroy a building as big as that.


                A woman stopped in front of the giant white gate with a broken sword strapped to her hip. She ran her sight up to the peak of the door before moving down again towards the small square window that lined perfectly in front of her. The edges of her headscarf danced to the tune of the wind blowing along the walls of the great city.

                "Althera" she said and made her way towards the window. She sat her hand of the cold white gate and banged it with her fist.

                The small square window slides open, revealing a dark man with green eyes. He looked to her and closed the window back again.

                The woman stepped back as shouts emerged from behind the door, calling for the guards to open the door and screaming of her return. She watched as the giant white gate in front of her, with its twin dragons carved to each side of the door, cringed and screamed at first before finally swings open for her. She smiled. It had been long but it was worth the time. She had achieved her goal.

                She made her way passed the gate keeper and the guards but not before giving the gate keeper a bow, a respect all who uses the gate gave to the keeper. Her walk broke into a stride as she made her way past the square where all the business that keeps the city alive commenced and up the steps to the central tower, where the Queen resides.

                Two guardians, dressed in radiant white armors blocked her path. They scanned her from top to bottom before finally moving away, pulling the door open with them, giving way to the woman. She bowed to the two guardians and proceed inside, into the cavernous hallway of the central tower.

                The woman eyed the statues of past queens and kings who had once ruled the city of Althera. Each wore on their head different shaped crowns, some round while other comes with spikes. No two Kings or Queens of Althera had ever wore the same crown.