The Holy Sword part 4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                 From the man's back, another pack of direwolves come running towards Hameed, each with fangs and claws longer and sharper than the last ones with sharp blade like protrusion coming out their backs.

                The man's laughter caught Hameed's ears. He lowered himself into a fighting stance with his daggers pointing to his back. His heartbeat pounced the inside of his chest like war drums. His eyes and ears became sensitive. Everything around him moves at slower speed. Hameed gripped tight on his dagger and launched himself directly towards the first two direwolves coming at him. He stabbed the first one in its forehead before it could even raise its claws toward him and jump rolled his body over the second direwolves, stabbing the back of its head before the blades on its back touches him. He rolled to the ground and spins his dagger forward. He slides underneath the third direwolves and stabbed and kicked it in the guts.

                The fourth direwolves leaped high upon seeing Hameed killing its own kind. It barred its fangs and claws at his neck, ready to take down the its adversary.

                But Hameed was ready for it. He spun his body around, dodging the wolves claws and fangs, and stabbed it behind its head, shoving the dagger deep and twisting it to ensure its death.

                Hameed glared behind him as the last direwolves flopped to the ground lifeless. His chest rise and fall with the beat of his quick short breathes. The hilt of his daggers felt slippery. His eyes blurred by the dark blood of the direwolves. He turned his eyes towards the hooded man whose laughing to the sight of his dead direwolves.

                "Marvelous" said the man. He tilts his head and gave Hameed a clap. "Marvelous, I've never seen a mere human defeating a direwolves before, let alone a whole pack of them" he smiled. The red eyes underneath the hood glowed ever more brilliant.

                Hameed slides his dagger back into their sheaths and wiped the blood off his face with his sleeves. "Who are you?" he said gulping his breath.

                The man smiled again. He pulls out a cane from his robe and tapped the ground hard with it. "I am the collector of the Seven Swords"

                Hameed frowned. "I've never heard of any collector of the Seven Swords before" he said. He glared to his back, to the open area beyond the fountain. Damn, only one way out. He gulped and turned his head back towards the man who called himself the collector of the Seven Swords.

                "Of course you have" said the man smiling. "I only came with different names" a muscular arm appeared from the robe, reaching for the red cloth behind him. He undid the strap on the cloth and pulls out a large black broadsword from it. He threw the sword and watch it floats in the air, its blade pointing to the earth.

                The man shifts his cane and reveal another muscular arm. He reached for the yellow cloth behind him and unwrapped it. He unsheathed the sword from its black shiny scabbard and threw it into the air. The sword floats beside the large black broadsword.

                Hameed's eyes widened upon seeing the sword in the yellow cloth.

                The man smiled, as if he had already read what was inside Hameed's mind. "Yes, Hameed, this is the Old Sword". The Sword danced in the air upon hearing its name called by the man. The man gave Hameed an evil smirk. "It was hard to track where it had gone, after what you did to it you know" said the man. He spins his index finger around, and the sword spun along with it. "Long and far had I searched for it".

                Hameed grits his teeth. His fist white, shaking. He closed his eyes and took several deep breathes trying to calm the overwhelming feeling in his chest. He closed his eyes and fell to his knees. Streams of silver lines fell down his cheeks. His lips trembled. He slammed his fist unto the dusty road beneath him and screamed.

                The man smirked. With a tap and a thud, he walks forward, towards Hameed.

                But then Hameed stopped. His fist tightened. He shot up and pulls out his daggers from their sheaths. He screamed at the top of his lung and lunged towards the man without any thought or the grace he showed when he faced the direwolves.

                The man sidestepped to his side and drilled a fist to Hameed's stomach.

                Hameed felt his breath pushed out of him and the momentum he felt died the instant the man's fist hits his stomach. Still pulled by gravity, his body bend forward like a bow. He coughed and saw the man became smaller and farther away from him. "Shit!"

                Hameed slammed through a ruined building, sending it down upon him like broken house made of cards, and dragged him on the cobblestone road until the outer walls of the city brought him to a stop. He coughed and felt warm liquid on his chest. "Shit" he said. He rubbed the red warm liquid from his tattered robe and ripped his sleeves off.

                "I will kill you"

                The man smiled. The Old Sword and the black broadsword danced around him like a pair of dancers oblivious to what is happening around them. He raised a finger and moves it like the tact of a conductor. The swords danced, like obedient little kids, to the movement of the man's finger.

                "You cannot kill me, Hameed" said the man as his eyes glows brighter. "None can defeat me"

                Hameed grits his teeth. Slowly, he reached for the sword strapped to his back.

                His action stunned the man at first but then he smirked. "That's right" he said.