The Holy Sword part 3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Hameed slips his hand to his sides, fingers ready at his daggers. Slowly, he began to take a few steps backward while he let his sight bounce from one side to the other. His heart races, pounding like drums ready for war. His eyes became focused. Time felt slow around him. Buds of tiny clear droplets formed on his forehead. His mouth murmured words from the book, a habit to calm himself down.

                He gulped.

                And large shadows leaped from behind the bush towards him.

                Hameed took quick steps backwards and unsheathed his daggers as the direwolves lands on the spot where he had stood. Using the momentum of his movement, he spun around and made a dash towards the ruined city behind him while the direwolves gave chase.

                "Damn it! I hate those creatures!" said Hameed in his head.

                He sheathed his daggers and pulls out several small star shaped object from a pouch on his belt. Once the road began to slope down, he jumps and spun his body towards the direwolves behind him. "Taste this!" he said and threw the stars towards the direwolves, sending some of them squealing in pain and fell to the ground.

                Hameed lands with his body facing the ruined city. He broke into a mad dash, escaping a slash from one of the direwolves by a hair's breadth. "Shit they're fast!"

                Hameed eyed one of the fallen building inside the city and changed his direction towards it. He jumps and crashed himself through the windows into the interior of the building with his arms crossed in front of his face. Hameed rolled and gave himself a quick push back up. He stumbled over a chair but managed to regain his balance just as the first direwolf leaped into the building from the window. Hameed faced the direwolf and kicked the chair towards it. He unsheathed his dagger and prepared to face the monster who had dodged the chair he kicked. The wolf growled and leaped at Hameed with fangs and claws barred, but Hameed was quicker. He ducked just as the wolf's claws about to hit him and slashed upward, slicing through the wolf's stomach. The monster fell to the floor yelping with black liquid pouring from its opened stomach.

                Hameed sheathed back his dagger and jumped over the dead wolf. He make his way into the kitchen and proceed to one of the windows closest to him. He waited for the other wolves to enter the building but after a while, the place turned silent.

                Hameed frowned, his guts is telling him that something is not right. "Of course something's not right" he said in reply. He pressed his back to the wall next to the window in the kitchen and peeked outside.

                A couple of direwolves lie in waiting. Their snout facing the window where Hameed was peeking from. "Shit!" Hameed ducked lower. He made his way back to the  entrance to the kitchen and began to rethink his plan. "Damn, they're smarter than I thought" he rubbed his chin with his eyes closed. He began to recreate the layout of the floor he's in inside his head and planned his escape.

                Hameed reopened his eyes again, this time with determination burning inside him. He smiled, confident with his plan. Hameed looked to the window in the kitchen where he once stood before and timed his breathing. He knew the direwolves would make their entrance through it and pushed him back to where he came from where another pair of wolves will be waiting. He smirked and make his way behind an upturned table, breathing only slightly as his eyes fell to the kitchen window.

                Hameed's ears rang with high pitched ring. He slowed his breathing down and lowered his body behind the table. His fingers danced at the hilt of his daggers, ready to unsheathed them in times need.

                The attack happened fast. The direwolves broke into the kitchen window just like Hameed had predicted and made their push into the empty living room and out the broken window while Hameed watched from behind the table. He smirked and exits the destroyed building through the kitchen window.

                Without pause, Hameed made a turn towards another destroyed building and hid himself underneath it. "Lucky me those direwolves aren't a keen sniffer like other wolves" he crawled underneath the destroyed building towards  another exit and lie in wait while he scouts the area for the direwolves. "None" he said and made his way out from underneath the toppled building. He made a dash towards the fountain where he entered the sewer. He vaulted over the fountain wall and hid behind it, heaving for air. "Shit, this scares me more than rats!" he thought to himself. He peeked his head above the fountain wall and saw four of the direwolves sniffing the ashen road for his track. Behind them stood a man fully hooded with a large yellow and red cloth strapped behind his back. Hameed watched the man kneeled to the ground and felt it with his hand. He then turned his head towards the fountain and points towards it.

                "Shit! Who's that?!" Hameed ducked back and plant his back to the fountain wall. He grabbed hold of his dagger and unsheathed them, ready to fight off the direwolves and the stranger. He closed his eyes for awhile and pumped his breath hard through his mouth. His fingers danced on the hilt of his daggers.

                Hameed reopened his eyes again at the same time the first pair of the direwolves leaped over the fountain wall. He quickly slides forward and stabbed both wolves on the underside of the belly. He then dragged his dagger along the bellies of the wolves until his dagger exits through their backs. He swings his dagger so that the blades sits next to his arms. He got up and slammed the pommel end of his dagger to the face of both of the leaping direwolves, sending them yelping to the ground, foam filled their mouths.

                Hameed wiped the black colored blood from his face and readied himself to face the stranger whom he knew, controlled the creatures.

                "I see you already have the Holy Sword" said the man out of a sudden.

                He gave Hameed a smirk.

                "Too bad you won't be holding it for long" his eyes flashed red underneath his hood.