The Crippled Sword part 1


            Banar looked down the valley to the bloody battlefield down below. His heart ached at the sight below him. His broadsword felt heavy behind him, as if saddened by what it sees. His skin hot underneath the heavy rain. He wanted to curse someone if only it was possible for him. He let his fingers unclenched. He let the rain wash the pain from his hands. There was no use to continue holding on. He just want to let everything go. Banar sighed and fell to his knees.
            "I'm sorry"
            The sun had shone the dead valley three times yet the sky above was always grey, as if mourning what had happened. Mist rose into the air, blanketing the valley white until there was nothing else to see except white. A deer walked out of the forest towards the ledge overlooking the valley. It shivered, rolling its head to its sides.
            Banar sat with his back leaning on one of the trees. He watched the deer came close to the ledge, munching on the grasses. He sets his eye on the deer and watched it as it move, changing the patch of land it graze from time to time. He sighed. What the hell am I doing here? he questioned himself. He looked down to his opened palm and saw the scars on it. Though it had stopped bleeding, the pain stayed behind, munching away at his calm mind every time he managed to push it away. Persistent like a cockroach.
            I need to live. I need to warn everyone.
            Weak and dangerously dehydrated, Banar pushed himself up with the tree behind him as his crutch. He leaned on it for awhile, catching his breath before he finally stand on his feet looking up the sloping forest behind him. The sky was dark and too cold. Maybe I should just stay another day here. He closed his eyes and let his body wander for awhile. It felt good. No, I can't. He opened his eyes again and forced his body to plod through up the sloping forest using the trees as his support.
            Banar winced each time he took a step forward. His back felt like several huge spikes constantly stabbing at him. His legs felt like heavy lead. He hates the feeling. He hates pain. Yet he could not do anything about it. He needs to live. That much he already knew. He need to live to repay the lives he lost.
            Banar stood over the hill overlooking a long green slope. Beyond the misty mountian range in the horizon in front of him lies the city of Kanaar. His hometown. He ran his sight down the slope where the trees grew thicker and the earth grew darker. He licked his dry lips. It taste of blood. Banar coughed. He needs water fast. With his trembling hand, he pushed the bark of the tree supporting him and propels his body forward, letting gravity do its job pulling his body down the slope. Wobbling at first, he began to pick up momentum as the slope fell. His legs walked, jogged and ran. Adrenaline pumped into his every limb. The ache, the pain, the lost, all was gone while the rush of speed pulls him faster towards the darker forest. He felt the cold mountain wind slap his face yet it only drives him forward. Freedom. This felt like freedom. His lips cracked. It wanted a smile, yet somehow it managed only a grin.
A sad grin.
            Banar could not remember when his legs gave way. His only realization came when he realized the world was tumbling around him instead of rushing to his face. He let his body roll down the slope, leaving everything to fate.
            When his body finally came to a stop, Banar could no longer move a muscle. His adrenaline rush had died away. The pain hidden from him before came to him like a stampede of wild animals. Pain burns through his legs. As does his arms. His back hurts more than everywhere else. He let himself rest. For once, he wanted to sleep more than anything else. So he let go.
The darkness came and embrace him.
            When Banar reopen his eyes he caught the eye of a deer looking at him. It shook its head seeing him, mouth grazing the blades of grass. It grazed the nearby shrub while its eye still stuck to him. Banar wanted to laugh at himself. You said you wanted to live, yet why are you still lying like a dead man for, shout his heart. He closed his eyes and gave himself a deep breath. I need something something to eat. He forced adrenaline into his body. Though little in quantity, he prayed it is enough for him to give him strength to find water.
            He forced his hand to pull his broadsword tucked behind him forward. Using the hilt of the sword as support, he pushed himself up, heaving like an old man. He let himself rest. His head felt like it was rolling around. His sight unsteady. He closed his eyes and let the feeling settled. The fresh smell of green leaves and wet earth somehow renewed his body, even if it was only a little. Banar stood long with his sword as his third leg. He tried to focus his hearing. Slow but surely, he began to hear things neglected by him before. He could hear the birds chirping far away, the sound of the winds rushing down the slope groping at the leaves as they past through. He frowned and concentrates harder. There was a roar of an animal but too far to even be a threat. Leaves ruffled, interrupted by something.
            Then he heard the sound he had been longing for. It was faint, like the tiny drop of water amidst the crowded forest but it was there and it was continuous. Banar wanted to cry. He smiled and opened his eyes again. The deer he saw earlier had already gone and the sun above him had recede to only a couple of inches away from his head. He needs to move fast.