Unknown - Chapter 32

      Chapter 32

      The beach was upturned and sand blanketed the side of the wall. Sea water invaded deeper into land, a huge whirlpool sat where the dock once was, sucking the water surrounding it like a huge gaping mouth.

      Alen coughed. Enil followed suit. Their vision was pure darkness, with only the howling of winds and the smell of salt and the warmth of the sand around them flooding their brains.

      “What happened?” asked Alen. His head rang from the explosion on the dock. Enil groaned. His fingers and legs and head twitched. Alen moved his hands, trying to feel for his body and head. His muscles pained and ached and his joints rebelled him. He groaned and he felt his face winced.

      “Seal bearer!” the familiar roar bursts through the sand around Alen. “Oh yeah, that happened” he groaned. “Enil, can you move?” he asked, hoping to hear his friend’s voice.

      “Yeah, my chest hurts though” he said in a weak voice.

      “What do we do now?” asked Alen.

      Enil kept his mouth to himself for a while. The thunderous beat of the monster’s wing boomed the sky over head. “Keep still, I guess” he said in a low almost whisper voice.

      “I’m sorry about Eliza and Kalvel...” said Alen low. Sadness filled his words even when it was muffled by the sands around him.

      Enil said nothing. He doesn’t feel like reminiscing it while their enemy is still looking for them.
      The sand became silent, letting only the howling wind from the hole in the dock speaks to the sky. The sea was violent and uncontrollable, the voice that had saved the two was nowhere to hear. None of the Guardians were there for them and already they have lost two of their friends.

      “Think you can move?” Enil asked out of a sudden. The sound of the monster’s beating wings was faint. “I think so” replied Alen. “Good, let’s head back into the city, we need to find a way to kill that monster” said Enil and the sand around Alen shifted, revealing the sun above them in rude light. Alen grimaced. “What do we do?” he asked Enil once they were out of the blanket of sand. Enil rubbed the sands of his face. “I don’t know yet, but we’ll think of something” he spat out sands inside his mouth and walked with great labor for the wall.

      Alen followed his friend, brushing sands off his face and hair and arms and legs. He looked to the hole in the dock and wondered if there’re anything that could kill such a monster.

      Enil pushed the sands from the wall and revealed a gaping hole, a broken section of the wall entombed by the sand when the monster destroyed the dock. Alen was the first to step inside the broken wall, followed by Enil. “This way” he said, gesturing Alen to follow him.

      Enil crouched next to a wooden box, shadowed by a tilted building above head. Alen trailed his each steps. “I think we can find something in the city to help us. This was after all built to trap them” he said while holding his chest, his breathing was hard but kept it low from Alen. His brown haired friend crept from behind. “Okay, let’s go” said Enil seeing his friend crouching next to him. They both sets out back into the city, creeping between shadows, avoiding the monster above.

      Alen tapped his friend’s shoulder from behind. “What?” asked his friend. Alen, with his chest pumping like a piston, held his opened hand to his friend. “Wait a second, I need to catch a breather, my knees hurt” he said, gulping his words. Enil grabbed Alen’s arm. “Over here” he said and dragged his friend into a small room of a destroyed house.

      “There’s nothing here” said Alen sitting on the floor heaving for air. Enil looked around the destroyed room. “There must be something of use in this kitchen” he upturned a destroyed table. “I think I can see a cabinet in here” said Enil and he vaulted over the boulder underneath the table he upturned. “Nothing in here” he banged the cabinet door close. Alen got up. “Let’s look outside again” he said and Enil nods. The two exits the door with eyes looking to the sky.

      Bara was furious and he knows it. He had been circling the city four times and still he could not find the two humans. He cursed himself for his own foolishness. Blowing the dock might have been the easiest way to settle the water avatar, whoever that might have been, but it also allowed the two pricks to escape him. Sensing he could no longer use the sky to locate the two humans, Bara lands to the ground, picking the pavilion he had destroyed as the place to put his feet back on land.

      Enil watched as the monster’s silhouette zipped passed the sky towards the destroyed pavilion. “Let’s go” he whispered to Alen behind him and the two moved in cautious, crouching underneath every shadows they reach.

      “Wait” Alen suddenly grabbed the shoulder of his friend. Enil looked back to his friend. “What is it?” he asked. Alen crouched far to Enil’s side and picked something from the broken road. He held his hand out to Enil. “Look” he said and revealed a gold hairpin, fine in his rough hand like a small needle. Enil frowned. “How’s that going to help us?” he asked. Alen shrugged. “It’s a weapon” he said and placed it inside his leather tunic.

      Want me to lend you my powers?

      Enil looked behind him. “What?” Alen asked, seeing his friend suddenly turned his face to him. Enil frowned. “I think I heard something” he said and shrugged. “Must have been my imagination” he said and continues towards the pavilion where the monster headed, moving from one shadows to another under the silver ray of the moon above. Alen looked behind him and clenched his teeth. “Come on!” Enil shouts. Alen apologized and followed his friend towards the next shadow.

      Bara stood over the destruction he had caused. He watched the patches of fire still alive around him. His breathing was deep, the gashes and bruise around his body nearly healed. He rubbed the place where the young human had punched him several times. The sheer strength of the punches had took him by surprise as did the punch from the seal bearer. He had never met a human that can punch as hard as he did let alone two in one place. He grinned. His blood boiled with excitement and exhilaration. He had tasted the long forgotten temptation of battle and killing. His hands trembled.

      “Come, seal bearer and King, come to me” he said in the empty space. The flame around him flickers, as if agreeing with his words.

      Alen and Enil crouched near a dark alleyway, protected overhead by two tilted building. They watch as the monster shouts their name, challenging them to fight him.

      Alen stopped, taking his breath. He tugged on the back of Enil's ragged shirt and showed his palm to him. Enil frowned. He looked up and shook his head, pointing upwards. Above them, Bara circles the island. The beating of his wings hard and loud. Alen gulped. He took a deep breath and nod to Enil who then turned back around and continues along the alleyway.

      The two snuck into a destroyed building and sat with their backs to the wall. They let out a sigh of relief and wiped the sweats of their forehead. “What do we do now?” said Alen. Enil shook his head. “I don't know” he said. “I don't know if we can get out of here alive” he continued. The building shook and gray dusts showered their heads. Alen sneezed.

      “We need to get out of the island fast” said Enil out of a sudden. He got back to his feet and make his way towards the door of the building. He peeked upwards to the sky and then back to Alen. “We can probably use the destroyed buildings around us as covers” he said. Alen frowned. “How do we get out of the island without a boat or a ship?” he said.

      Enil bit his nail. Alen's words flashed the image of the destroyed dock back to his head. He had forgotten about that. He clicked his tongue. “Maybe a plank we can use, or something” he said still biting his nail. He ruffled his hair growling.

      Hurry, seal bearer, the island won't last much longer. Use the secret dock underneath the city. Find the sewer

      Alen shouted. “Seer!”. The voice was gone and a loud explosion erupted elsewhere, shaking the whole city. Alen shot up and make his way towards the building. A column of smoke rose into the air but he could not see from where it came from. He grits his teeth and turned to Enil. “A secret dock underneath the city” he said. Enil frowned. “What?” he said.
      “A secret dock underneath the city, we need to find it” said Alen. He walked out of the door and disappeared, forcing Enil who was still in shock and surprised to follow him with his mouth gaping. “Who told you that?” he said as he walks out of the destroyed building.

      Alen looked up and down. Up in case the Unknown flew over him and down to look for the sewer. A large metal lid sat in the open at the center of the road between two rows of destroyed houses. He looked to the sky again. The sound of the beating wings had gone. He gulped and made the dash toward the metal lid. He grabbed the edge of the lid and pulled. He groaned and struggled for the lid yet it sat unmoved. Alen looked to Enil who was still hiding underneath the cover of the toppled houses. “Come on! This is our way out!” he said to Enil.

      Enil gulped. He looked up again and then back to Alen. With a deep breath, he dash towards Alen and dug his fingers into the same edge. Both of them groaned and pushed the lid as hard as they can. The lid grinds the coarse cobblestone road and lifts up. Alen and Enil placed the lid to the side and jumped down, ignoring everything.

      The putrid smell of dank water and moss and rats quickly made Enil sick. He clamped his nose with his fingers and turned to Alen who somehow was unaffected by the place. “Where to?” he said to Alen. Alen frowned. He looked to both side of the sewers. “Which way was the sea?” he asked Enil. Enil closed his eyes and turned to his back. “That way” he points to the sewer wall. Alen turned to his back. “Then this is where we go” he said and make a run into the dark tunnel. Enil scrambled to his feet and make a run for Alen.

      The sewer twists and turn but the deeper they went,the louder the sound of the sea fills their ears. They smiled to each other when a bright light splashed their vision and a slope, with its mast folded sat inside the secret dock. He slapped each others' hands and make their way towards the ship.

      The Island flees behind them. The shadow of Bara wandering around the island began to fade as the time lock holding the island together failed. Alen and Enil looked on until the Island was swallowed by the horizon. Their hearts filled with sadness to friends they have lost. Both of them looked to their gauntlets and wondered about themselves.