Unknown - Chapter 31

     Chapter 31

      Enil, Eliza and Kalvel ran down the streets as more explosions erupted behind them. The flames followed them like a pack of huge hungry bloodhounds, clawing at every walls they touch and smelling their scents in the air.

      “Damn it! Too early!” shouted Enil as they passed a huge archway. Eliza began to slow down, her breathing heavy and her legs wobbly. Kalvel picks her up from the street and shouldered her. “Don’t worry, I’m here” he said and smiled. Eliza smiled back to her father. “Thank you, daddy” she whispered and held Kalvel’s arm tight and the three turned to another corner, heading straight for the pavilion where the great staircase sits.

      The archway behind them explodes and crumbled into pebbles. The flame raced towards them faster than before, clawing a few inches behind their feet. The heat began to grab hold of Kalvel and Enil’s body. Sweats drenched their clothes and Eliza’s scream made them pump left over strength into their legs. “I’m not going to die here, I’m not going to die here” said Enil with each breath he takes. His chest and side felt like it was being torn open from the outside. His blonde hair rustled as a sudden gust of wind blows past them, delaying the flame behind them.

      “Sazara!” shouts Enil, he wanted to look to the sky but he knew it will only make his running through the tight confine of the road even more dangerous. The flame burned into the houses on its sides, avoiding the wind that walled the road in front of it. The flame bursts through the walls of the houses to the side of the road. Pebbles and chunks of stones rained down on the three runaways as the flame behind them continue its pursuit.

      “Shit! That thing’s alive?” shouts Enil as he glanced back at the pursuing flame. The light from the moon shining onto the white pavilion ahead shines the road for the three. They could see the dried up pool and the white shine of the great staircase.

      “Just a little bit more!” the young man shouts.

      “Enil! Over here!” a familiar voice rang the empty pavilion.

      Enil turned his head to the great staircase and saw Alen. “Over there!” he points and shouts to Kalvel who made a quick turn and trailed Enil towards Alen. The two shot out of the narrow streets into the pavilion as the houses behind them crumbles to the ground.

      “What happened?” Alen asked as he saw the three approached him. Enil grabbed his friend shoulder. “Not now!” he said and shot past Alen. The flame broke into the pavilion like a huge tsunami, engulfing everything on its path. Alen’s eyes widened. “Come on!” shouts Enil behind him and he followed, glancing at the tsunami of flame racing towards him.

      The world around the four turned narrower as they dived back into the streets from the pavilion. “Where are we going?” asked Alen from behind, trying to catch up with the three in front of him. The pavilion behind him glowed in glorious orange and red and the streets roared into life.

      “To the docks! The water will help!” shouts Enil.

      “This way then!” shouts Alen and made a quick turn to his right, into an alley. Enil scratched to a halt and quickly turned back, trailing his friend while Kalvel followed behind him with Eliza tucked on his shoulder. “Hurry!” Eliza shouts. The fire brought down another building, hurling stones that nearly hit Kalvel had it not for them turning into the alley. “Close” huffed the old warrior.

      Alen shot first out of the alley into a bigger street and turned a sharp left. “The dock is at the end of the road!” he shouts and points to the lone archway stamped on the wall in front of him. Enil shot out from the alley and took a sharp left turn, nearly slipping himself onto the cold stone road. Kalvel and Eliza followed behind just as the flame broke through the dark alley behind them.

      “Daddy, look out!” shouts Eliza. Kalvel shot a glance and dived onto the road. A huge boulder slammed into the stone road a few inches in front of where Kalvel’s head landed. The old warrior shields Eliza underneath him and covered his head with his huge hands. Dusts and debris showered the huge frame.

      The flame danced around the street, tearing down buildings as it touches them. It threw its focus to the downed warrior and roared for him.

      Enil stopped and turned around to see the flame loomed above Kalvel and Eliza. His eyes widened and his heels turned. “No!” he shouts and the flame engulfed the two souls. Enil fell to the hard road face first; streams of tears ran down his eyes as he watched in horror the shadows of what was once his friends gulped into nothingness by the dancing flame. He pushed himself up, the pain on his face disappeared, his heart burned with anger and abhoration towards the flame in front of him.

      “Enil, no!” shouts Alen from the archway. He turned his heels and raced towards his friend, hands stretched to grab him.

      Enil bend down and grabbed a stone from the cold street. The houses around him transformed into gold as he walks towards the wall of flame in front of him, dancing as if taunting him to come forward. He grits his teeth, his eyes scorn at the flame. His grip tightened around the stone as the heat around him rose.

      “You won’t leave this place alive, you monster” said Enil under his breath, his eyes fixed to the flame. He juggled the glowing stone with one hand as he moved closer to the flame.

      The flame flickered. It backed away as if surprised by the sudden change at the puny human in front of it. The flame moved to the sides, watching the houses surrounding the changed human, contemplating and figuring out ways to engulf him.

      Alen raced towards Enil and grabbed his arm. “No, don’t do it!” he pulled Enil back. Enil shot him a glance. “Don’t stop me” said the blonde young man, anger in his eyes. Alen stopped, his body stuck to its place. His feet planted to the stone street, his voice disappeared. He tried to shout, but his mouth refused to move, his voice box refused to vibrate. He watched in horror as Enil threw the glowing stone in his hand at the same time as the flame broke into a trident, leaping towards his friend with the might of a dragon.

      Alen’s heart shout and his hands blocked his view.

      “You will not win, monster” Enil’s voice slipped into the air. The young man watched as the flame’s three spikes stopped inches before him and the stone he threw broke the fire apart. A huge man-bear stood in the sky, hovering with his hand on his chest. His hand bloodied with blue blood. He pulled out the stone from his chest and threw it to the side as he growled in anger. The wound on his chest stretched and grabbed each other, closing the gaping hole made by the stone Enil threw.

      “You are the King… but not yet” said the man-bear. He snarled at Enil and his claws enter and exit his hands. The flame in his eyes shot out into the air. “You won’t survive the night, King… so will the Seal bearer” said the man-bear.

      “No, you are the one who won’t survive the night, monster. Not after you killed my friends” replied Enil. His fists glowed with golden light. “You won’t live to hurt anyone else!” and he leaped into the air towards the injured man-bear.

      “I am Bara, the 13th General of the Unknown army!” shouts the man-bear. His fists engulfed in blue flame as he pulls them beyond his back, his body arched to the sky, his head faced the incoming human. “You will never defeat me!”

      Their fists rammed each other and the street explodes in a colossal flash of dazzling white light.

      Alen grits his teeth. His feet screeched and the stone road underneath him cracked. Veins popped from his hands and arms as he crossed them in front of his face, shielding his head from incoming debris. The city around him bathed in white light and the sky gonged with the explosion. Alen felt the ground underneath him disappeared and saw the moon move downwards to him.

      “Oh shit”

      Enil clenched his teeth and hardened his fists. Tiny gold sparks crackled and jumped from where his fists touched the dark fists of the monster in front of him. His gauntlet hummed, something he had never knew it could do. A tsunami of energy surged through his spine into every sinews and veins and muscles of his body. He pushed his fists farther, forcing the monster in front of him to take a few steps backward.

      Bara growled and snarled as he felt overwhelmed by the human in front of him. His heart burns with anger and disbelieve as his toes sunk into the stone road underneath him. “I will not be defeated!” he shouts in his heart and pushed forward, forcing every bit of his strength into his fists. His fangs stabbed into his lips as he watched the body of the puny human in front of him arched backwards and his body loomed over him. Bara broke a smile.


      Bara looked to the side, his attention distracted by the voice he recognized as the seal bearer.

      Alen landed hard on the road. He groaned and jerked his body upwards into a bow. Pain flares throughout his back and legs, flooding his senses. He rolled to the sides, breathing hard and fast. He forced himself up, hands holding his back. He turned towards the two clashing opponents in front of him.

      “I need to do something” he said with a groan. He looked around the area. Most of the houses have been destroyed by the explosions, leaving huge chunks of debris lying all over the place. “But what?” he asked himself.

      Bara looked at the seal bearer and his eyes widened. He stepped backward, dodging the incoming stone only to realize his grave mistake.

      Enil took the chance without hesitation. He ducked and let out a series of punches to the monster’s chest. Blue blood smeared his face yet he did not stop. The monster slashed its claws at his neck but Enil acted faster; he ducked and slammed his hands to the road pushing it upwards like a spring and head butt the monster’s jaw.

      The head butt took Bara by surprised. Angered by the attack, he clenched his jaw and slammed his hands on the human’s face, sending him staggering backwards holding his ears. Bara stomped the ground and lunged forward, claws out towards the human’s chest.

      Alen vaulted over the huge rock debris blocking his way and punched the monster’s face just before his claws could get into Enil’s chest. The heat from the beast’s claws scratched Enil’s clothes, filling the air with the smell of burned cotton. The monster staggered to the side, holding his jaws. Alen landed and took a slow step backwards towards Enil. His eyes fixed to the monster glaring at him.

      Bara roared towards the seal bearer. “You will die today, seal bearer!” he shouts. Blue flame engulfed his hands. Alen took a step backward, pulling Enil with him. A huge broken wall stopped his movement. He turned his gaze to Enil who began to breathe with hardship. “We need to run” he whispered to Enil.

      Bara arched his body back and with a thunderous explosion, lunged forward towards the cornered humans. His eyes grinned with victory.

      “Now!” shouts Alen and he pulled Enil to him and rolled away from the wall. The action took the monster by surprise and the wall collapse in an earth shattering explosion when the monster’s fists hit it.

      “You okay?” asked Alen as the dusts falls from the sky. Enil nods and pushed himself up along with Alen. “Let’s go!” said Alen and the two vaulted over the huge rock debris and heads for the dock.
      “Seal bearer!” the monster’s voice shook the air around the city. The wall explodes into tiny pebbles and the monster emerged from the grey dusts, his majestic wings spread behind him. “You will not get away!” he roared and flew into the sky towards the two runaways.

      “Shit, that monster can fly!” said Alen as he looks into the dark sky. The thunderous flap of the monster’s wing deafened his ears. The archway that leads to the dock loomed in front of the two. “Quick!” he shouts and the two rushed with every last bit of their strength towards the dock.

      Enil watched as the archway covered his head and the smell of salt water flares his nostril. “We’re at the dock!” he exclaimed only to hear the sound of the monster’s wings above him.

      “I have you now, Seal bearer!” Bara shouts victoriously. He held his hands high, focusing his power between in into a huge blue fireball, the same fireball he threw to the seal bearer back at Humi. “Now you will die!” he roared and threw the large fireball directly towards the seal bearer.

      “Jump!” Alen shouts and he dived into the ocean with Enil behind him. The splash of the water disappeared as the fireball hits the dock, decimating it to nothingness. The sea shook from the sheer pressure. Blue flames colored the surface of the green sea water of the dock.

      Alen broke the water surface at the same time as Enil away from the destroyed dock. They looked up and saw the monster looking down at them with another fireball already in his hands.

      “You will not touch them, filthy creature!” a familiar voice erupted between the chaos. “Vasser!” the voice shouts and columns of water spire rose into the air around Bara, taking the creature by surprise. The spires spins into a wall and entombed the creature inside them before giant water spikes crashed through in every direction.

      “Now, Enil, Alen, run!” called out the voice.

      “You think this feeble magic can stop me?” the monster roared from inside the water tomb. The tomb wobbled and stretched before it explodes into showers of burning blue droplets. A cocoon of blue fire encapsulated the monster, shielding it from the water spikes. Smokes flowed from the monster’s mouth. His eyes burned with anger and blue fire.

      “Go you two, now!” shouts the voice.

      Alen looked to Enil and saw him swimming towards the edge of the dock where the beach meets the stone wall of the city. “Enil, wait up!” he shouts and swam for his friend.

      “You won’t get away from me, seal bearer!” the monster growled and turned to face the young man. The wall of fire around him disappeared as he floats higher into the air. He looked at the water, tracing the two swimmers to the beach. He grinned and with a flap of his wings, bursts the sky towards the two’s destination.

      “No, you won’t!” the voice erupted again and columns of water spikes shot through the air like massive claws towards the monster. The monster barreled to his side, avoiding the first spike and spins to the left for the second. The third spike broke the air faster and pierced the monster’s wing. The monster’s roar thundered across the sky as the green colored water turned azure blue.

      “Annoying shadows!” the monster growled and released a huge ball of blue flame to the sea below.

      “Oh shit!” Alen looked to his back with his eyes opened wide. He rushed for the beach only a few feet left in front of him, sloughing through the cement water as fast as his feet could push him. The golden sand of the beach burned faint blue and the temperature behind Alen rises tremendously.

      “Alen, come on!” shouts Enil. His hands stretched forward, grabbing for Alen just at the touch of the foaming bubbles from the wave. “Come on!” he shouts again. Alen pushed forward and lunged for Enil just as the dock behind him erupted into a thunderous explosion.

      The shock wave from the explosion threw Alen and Enil several feet away, into the dry beach.