A hiatus. Yes.

I've started this blog to post short stories and post short stories I did even when it lacked readers. I post them out of whim, just for the fun of writing.

So, with a hiatus, does that mean writing here is no more fun?

Not really. Quite the opposite, really.

I'm taking a break because my work is taking more of my time and my WIP wants more of my attention.

I'm taking a break because I'm already at work with my 4th novel and time is getting shorter.

It's real fun and I'm looking forward to ending the hiatus.

But until then, I will have to put a break to this website.

I hope you enjoyed the stories so far.

And don't worry. I will only start the hiatus once I posted the final chapter to the first part of Unknown.

The second part will start when this blog comes back from hiatus.

I promise.

Anyway, it has been fun and I'll see you all later.