The Imaginarium - Chapter 8(2)

      Adam reappeared with two plastic bags in his hands. He opened the passenger side door and got inside. Alissa looked to him with one eye brow cocked.

      "What the hell is this for?" said Alissa.

      "This is how I work." said Adam. He placed the plastic bags underneath his feet and strapped on his seat belt. He looked to Alissa who was still looking at him with a curious face. "Well then, shall we?"

      The car engine roared to life and sped down the road.

      "I don't understand." said Alissa. She made a left at the junction and zoomed past several traffic lights before the road went uphill. "I know you're a Wordsmith, but can't you write in the air?" she glanced at him for a second before looking back at the road ahead.

      "A Wordsmith doesn't make one all powerful. Without something physical to write the word down, the energy drawn into the word will only dissipate and disappear into thin air, that's why Wordsmith needs paper." said Adam. He pulls out the rim of paper from one of the plastic bags and ripped it open. He pulls out a piece of paper and folds it into the shape of a sword. He pulls out another piece of paper and folds it into the shape of a grenade, much to the surprise of Alissa. Adam then proceed to write down the word 'DAGGER' on the sword shaped origami and 'GRENADE' on the similar shaped origami. "Stop the car here." he said.

      Alissa stopped the car near a lone outcrop specifically made for people to enjoy the view of the city from above the hill. They got out and walked towards the bench. Adam held the origamis in his hands. "This is what happen when I channel my energy into a physical object with a word written on it." he said and gripped the sword shaped of origami. Blue energy seeped from his hands into the origami and a blue miasma, shaped like a dagger, appeared. His hand fell down slightly. "When a word is imbued with energy, it will recreate the object's weight and most of its physical properties." he said. He held the grenade shape origami in his other hand and channeled his energy into it, creating a grenade shaped blue miasma around the origami. Just like the dagger, the grenade pushed his hand slightly downwards.

      "Most of its physical properties?" said Alissa frowning. She ran her hand to the miasma and felt the coldness of steel in her fingers.

      "Yes, most. Since this is an energy projection of the said object, it can withstand anything and won't break as long as its wielder has the energy reserve to keep it working." said Adam. He pulled the energy back into his hands and the miasma from both the grenade and the sword disappeared. He placed them inside his pocket and proceed to write in the air.

      The word 'SPEAR' appeared in front of him. He quickly grabs it and channel his energy. The same blue miasma, the shaped of a spear appeared in his hands. It flickered and wavered and finally disappeared. Adam's grip on the miasma disappeared and his fingers clenched into a fist. "That's what happened when you try to write without something physical. Though you can still channel the energy into the word, it has no physical property to hold it together thus it will do what other energy will do in such situation. Dissipate and disappear." he said.

      "Is this... energy... trainable?" said Alissa. She looked to Adam whose face taken by surprise by her question. "Can you train someone to wield it?"

      Adam gulped and shook his head. "I don't know. Forty years ago, there were only four of energy wielder. Me, my wife and two others. All of us worked for the largest mafia group at the time, the Gucelli family and none of us knew we had these energy inside us. It just bursts out one day." he said.

      Alissa faced the ground. She sighed but quickly looked back with a smile. "Sorry for asking about it." she said and got up from the bench. She brushed her jeans and make her way towards the car. "Come on, I don't think miss Sheldon was happy about you disappearing so suddenly." she said and disappeared into the car.

      Adam looked to the ground. He wrote down dagger in the empty air in front of him and channels his energy into it. The word disappears and transformed into the miasma of a dagger. It wavered for awhile and began to fade when suddenly it reshaped into a dagger again and formed a solid miasma. Adam released his grip and channeled his energy back into his hand. The miasma disappeared and he push himself back to his feet leaving the bench towards the car.

      The Bugatti roared again and disappeared uphill.

      The gate closed behind them and Adam and Alissa walked out. Miss Sheldon stood in front of the door with her hands to her hip and glaring at them both. "Where have you two been?" she said.

      Alissa was the first to growl back. "It's none of your concern. We're safe here now." she said and walked through the door, bumping her shoulder to miss Sheldon's. She clicked her tongue and walk inside.

      Adam was the next to confront the old woman. She growled at him, barking him about him missing from the bungalow. Adam sighed, but said nothing. He had enough trouble already and was too tired to get into more. So he did what Alissa did and went through the door, without bumping his shoulder or saying anything else. He just wanted to sleep. His ears was already numbed anyways, he could care less if the old woman wants to scold him out of her old life.

      The door swings open and Adam walked inside. He threw the plastic bags to the bed and closed the door behind him with his feet. He clicked the lock and wobbled towards the bed. The soft matress embraced him like the gentle embrace of a mother. He sighed and closed his eyes, wondering about the twins he encountered earlier. There were only one person he knew before who could yield as much energy as the twins did and the last he heard, that man died of heart attack.

      "Could it be..." he said and fell asleep.

      "Adam... I'm sorry."

      Adam shifts to his side. He scratched his head.

      "Adam... I love you"

      He stabbed himself in the chest and curled into a ball.


      Adam woke up drenched in sweat and still wearing his shirt from yesterday. He ran his hands to his chest and looked around, the room was dark as do the outside. "A dream..." he said. He ruffled his hair and got up. He pulls out the clean towel from the drawer on the side wall and undressed. He rubbed his face with his hands, the image of Melissa stabbing him in the chest still burns bright in his mind. "Weird dream..." he said and made his way towards the toilet.

      The light bulb ignites into a bright yellow splash of light. Adam held the edge of the sink and look himself to the large mirror in front of him. He gave himself a few slap in the face and pinched himelf in the arm. This is not a dream. He gave his face a few splashes of water from the tap and rubbed it hard with the clean face towel near the mirror. He gave himself another round of slap and sighed. Somehow, he felt a relief that it was all a dream yet he can't make out why deep in him, he feared the image. It was all a dream, he told himself. He washed his face and heads for the shower. Cranking the knob to hot, he let the heated water shot his body with all its might and stood like a statue barraged by the rain. Steam rose inside the shower room and seeped through the opening into the other parts of the bathroom.

      Steam rolled down the carpeted room. Adam walks out of the bathroom in his bathrobe. He stretched himself, something he had forgotten to do and looked himself to the mirror. He was still in his thirties, exactly how he was forty years ago. He wondered why time has yet to catch up on him. The thought made him frown. Was all of this a lie? Am I really in the same city or was I placed inside a 'look-alike' city?. He looked to himself again and sighed. He couldn't find the answer to all his questions and the one who do have the answer does not want to tell him. He cracked his knuckles and neck. "Then I need to find out myself." he said and he went to sit on his bed.