Unknown - Chapter 28

      Chapter 28

      Varoum paced back towards the room. He slammed the door opened and with great pain and agony rushed to the stone table where he had placed the map. He scourged the table of any other scrolls except for the map. He smiled and fascinates his eyes at the glowing scroll. “Finally…” he said and held the warm scroll in his hand and unrolled it.

      The scroll glowed gold trimmed by the blank inks that make out the continents and islands. Varoum watched at each island, waiting for any changes. “Nothing…” he pondered as he watched the map. His eyes darts to the eastern continent, “nothing!” he shouts to himself and moved to the Uncharted North, yet still nothing has changed. He threw his eyes to the western continent, Kevil stayed where it is and nothing changed. “Nothing!” his mind began to despair. His eyes raced to the Unknown South where nothing had changed. His eyes went furious. “Where is it?” he questioned. He ran his fingers around the map, tracing his sight and yet he saw no changes. ”Damn it, where is it!” he pounced on the stone table. The words echoed in the empty room and the high chair watched the little turtle’s furious face from where it sat. Varoum traced the islands of the lordship. His eyes widened and his dark face broke a sinister smile.

      “I found you” he said with a glee.

      “Vahula!” shouts the little turtle and a bloodhound bursts through the closed door.

      “Yes, my Lord?” the bloodhound bowed to Varoum. His eyes closed and his chin touched the cold floor.

      “Summon General Virin and General Bara to me” said the little turtle. His voice was deep and filled with exhilaration. “Tell them I have the location of the seal” he said and gestured for the bloodhound to dismiss.

      “Yes, my Lord” said the bloodhound and he vanished behind the closing door.

      “At last, I will have the first seal to me” the empty room echoed with the turtle’s laugh. He watched as an island on the southeastern edge of the islands of the lordship on the scroll burned and erased, revealing a new island where the burn was and a dot. ‘Kliph’.

      The familiar clicking sound leaped to Varoum’s ears and he turned his gaze towards the door. “Virin” said Varoum when the door creaked open and the Spider-With entered the gray room. “Varoum” replied the general with a little bow. “Where is Bara?” he asked when he realized the man-bear general was not with the Spider-Witch. Virin shrugged. “He wasn’t with me, I do not know” she said simple, ignorance of the importance. “Vahula!” shouts the little turtle and the bloodhound messenger rushed into the room. “Yes, my Lord?” it asked. Varoum looked at him. “Where is General Bara?” he asked the bloodhound. The bloodhound bowed low. “I am terribly sorry, my Lord but it seems that General Bara is not here, I have searched throughout the cave and the mountain but I did not see him” said the bloodhound with a trembling voice. “What?” Varoum was furious. “Where did that fool went to?” he shouts, rage filled his eyes.

      “I saw him flew to the sky” said Virin. Varoum turned to her. “Where did he went to?” he asked. Virin shrugged. “Who knows” she replied. “What direction did he flew off to?” asked the little turtle. “Southeastern, towards the mountain Glavius” said the Spider-Witch. Varoum clicked his tongue. Had that idiot already knew about Kliph? the turtle wondered. It’s not possible, the map had only change just now, how could he knew? his eyes darts around the map, lost in his own thoughts.

      “Varoum?” asked the Spider-Witch. “Yes. it’s nothing” said the turtle. The edge of his mouth twitched and the flame in his eyes flared to life. Virin leaned closer. “Why do you call for us?” she asked. Varoum looked to her again without the flare in his eyes. “This” he said and point to the unrolled map on the stone table. He gestured for the bloodhound who obediently wait with his face on the dusty floor for anymore orders to leave and it did so without asking any question. “The map of the world, what about it?” the spider asked. Varoum turned to the map and point to an island surrounded by charred marks around it. “This island just emerged from the map” he said with a smile on his face. The spider-witch’s eyes widened then she broke into a sinister smile. “Then my father is there?” she asked. Varoum nods. Virin laughed in exhilaration.

      The Spider-Witch bowed to the little turtle. “I will go at once, Lord Varoum” she said with joy in her voice. Varoum smiled but said nothing to her as he saw her shadow flee the room and the door closed behind her. “Finally” he said alone and smile again.

      The door to the laboratory hissed open and Varoum stepped inside into the watchful eyes of Bregan who was sitting near the glass tank. “Lord Varoum” said the wolf scientist. He shot up and bow to the turtle, hands behind his back. The room echoed with the sound of Varoum’s footfalls、a thump and a tap. “How is the specimen? Is it ready yet?” asked Varoum as he reached the green glass tank. Bregan shook his head. “Unforetunately sire, it is not yet battle ready” said the scientist disappointed. “We have managed to connect the command virus into its brain but it has yet to respond to any of our commands. It seems like the specimen is resisting the virus, sire. Although, I might add that the power output from the specimen is now fifty percent higher than our first estimation and increasing, sire” said Bregan, head still looking at the metal floor. His fingers fiddled behind his back, out of Varoum’s sight.

      Varoum looked at the glass tank and sighed. He rubbed his chin and stared as if he had never seen it before. “Lord Varoum?” asked Bregan but still the turtle did not budge from his place. “Add the dosage of the command virus until the specimen submit” said Varoum, his hand to his chin. Bregan looked at the Lord General. “But sire, that will wilt the specimen’s brain if it’s not done correctly” protested the wolf scientist. “Then get it right, I want the specimen to be battle ready before the awakening of the Source” said the turtle. He turned towards the metal door and left the laboratory with the usual thump and tap. Bregan looked at the closed door. “Don’t worry, my friend, it will be ready long before that” he smiled.

      The specimen inside the tank broke a smile.

      The tunnel was dark and without lights. No sound spoke inside the tunnel except for the constant walking of footfalls to and fro. Varoum stood with his back leaned to the side wall. He sighed and rubbed his burning forehead. “Too many” he said alone. “Too many” he repeated the words like a chant.

      Far from where the Lord General stood, the Spider-Witch watch with eyes of an eagle, piercing through the dark tunnel as if it was day. She smiled a sinister smile and melt into the darkness. “Grandeur planning... just like the Varoum I knew” her voice flew into the air like a breeze and disappears.

      The islands of the lordship swam passed the huge black object above the clouds as it cross the southeastern sea. “Come to me, my spies” Bara whispered to the air as he broke through the winds and clouds. His majestic wings kept him afloat in the air as he swoop with eagle like finesse down and up the clouds. The grasses and sands and trees below rocks back and forth, sides to sides as the compressed air from the sky explodes above them. Bara eyed the sky with eyes that burns with anger and animosity. “I will not be taken as a fool!” he shouts to the winds and the air and the clouds around him. His body glowed azure, slicker as he plowed the cumulonimbus clouds. Far into the horizon, he could see the silhouette of his destination where he had placed his own armies of spies and assassin’s. “That turtle will soon taste my wrath” his heart shouts to him. He grips his fists tight and his wings propelled him faster.

      “Bregan!” Virin called out to the wolf scientist as he made his way down to the center of the mountain where the generals are placed in suspended animation. The place where she had once slept in waiting. The wolf scientist ignored the Spider-Witch’s call and stepped into the opened door. The whiff of sulphur filled the dark tunnel, forcing Virin to close her mouth and nostrils to shut the acrid smell. I never like that place she remind herself as the door opens in front of her. She looked at the red walls and stepped inside.

      “Bregan!” her voice stronger and authoritative. The wolf scientist stopped and turned to the voice. His shoulder sagged and hunched. “And how can I help you, General Virin?” he asked with politeness unheard of before. The temperature around him dropped. Blue blanket of ice began to form at the edge of the lava pit as icicles and frost invades the metal walkway. The clicking sound of Virin’s footfalls rang the metal walkway. Her eyes were pale blue and burning with fire.

      “What are you and Varoum planning?” she asked.

      Bregan looked at the Spider-Witch. He shook his head only to realized that his hands were shaking. “It won’t take long this time if you don’t speak up, Bregan” said Virin with a sinister smile spread across her face. The wolf scientist gave her a scorn look. His mouth twitched in anger, revealing his long fangs. “Tell me” insists Virin.

      “All right, turn the temperature down” said the wolf scientist admitting defeat. His hands were white and frosted and his legs were already shackled to the metal walkway.