The Imaginarium - Chapter 6

      Chapter 6

      "It's in our best interest to make him help us"

      "But what if he refuse?"

      "He won't"

      "How can you be so sure?"

      "We know where his wife is"

      Adam groaned. He shift to his side, and felt it drown. He shift to the other side and felt the same thing. He frowned, still with his eyes closed.

      Somewhere close, he heard a door opened followed by footsteps. It was not too heavy nor was it too light. He grabbed the sheet of his bed and wait, like trap ready to be sprung, he let the footstep closer to him. "Just a little bit more" he said in his heart.

      The footstep stopped behind him. Adam didn't give it a chance and threw the bed sheet above him to the person. He jumps up from the bed and pushed the flying sheet, sending the person down to the ground. He held the person's neck from behind the sheet proceed to cover the face with the bed sheet. The person struggled, kicking and punching blindly at Adam.

      "Who are you!" said Adam still holding the neck. He grips and choked at the person.

      The person struggled, harder this time. A kick and a punch from behind the bed sheet forced Adam to roll to safety. The bed sheet zipped away from the person it blanketed and with furious faces, they both locked eyes. "How dare you!" she said.

      Adam looked to the girl in front of him. He frowned and looked around. The room spread around him, large and intimidating. Vases with multi-facet design and intricate patterns adorned the edges of the room. A large cabinet serve as the drawer for clothes and a large bed, a royalty bed complete with gold plated rims. He gulped and turn back to the girl whose standing in a fighting position.

      "Wait" he said.

      The girl ceased her stance. She brushed her maid dress and pat her hair back to its original shape. She coughed and cleared her throat. "Good morning, mister Adam, my name is Alissa, and I will be your caretaker while you are inside the compound of this mansion" she said. She bowed with a smile and stayed in the position.

      Adam looked to her. He wasn't sure what to say or do, but he asked her to stop bowing and she obeyed. He scratched his head as he took another look at the room. He sighed and finally asked Alissa. "Where am I?" he said.

      The main Alissa smiled to him, though it was more like a grin. "You are in the mansion of family The Senator, the great grandchild of the notorious mafia Al Capone." she said.

      Adam flinched hearing the name. He had heard of the The Senator before but only the name. There was no historical records that tied The Senator to Al Capone except the first two letters of her name. "Why was I brought here?" he said. There was a certain uneasy feeling to all of this.

      "The Senator wish to offer you help finding that which you have lost and in return, hope to ask for your help in a certain matter." said Alissa. Her voice was confident as if she had memorized the words in her own head and practiced it for a long time.

      Adam frowned. "What certain matter?" he said.

      Alissa walked towards him. She stopped next to him and gave him a punch in the stomach. "I will be waiting for you to get ready outside." she said with a smile and exits the room.

      Adam fell to the carpeted floor clutching his stomach. He coughed. He gasped for air and scratched the carpet beneath him as he tries to inhale. He coughed again, and spat. The punch was heavy and hard. He cursed the maid and forced himself back up.

      Adam checked the drawer after regaining his composure and pulls out several different clothes and jeans. He threw them to the bed and massaged his forehead. Though he'd rather go with just what he was wearing right now, he finds it weirdly inappropriate and it made him feel uneasy enough to warrant the need to change. He undressed and puts on a blue shirt and a Diesel jeans from the pile he had placed on the bed. He buttoned the shirt and rolled the sleeve. After taking his time in front of the full body mirror, he exits the room and met up with Alissa who was standing like a statue with her back facing the door.

      "Okay, I'm ready." he said.

      Alissa whipped to her left and faced the large wooden door at the end of the hallway. The marble floor echoed the sound of her footsteps as she march her way down the bright hallway.

      Adam darts his eyes around, awed by the sheer beauty of the hallway. He squints his eyes when he passed the first large window to his right. His shadow was twice his high and burn with deep darkness to the wall next to him. He followed Alissa as she passed four more windows when they finally reached the large wooden. Alissa placed her hands to the large ring on both door and pushed gave it a push. The door creaked, loud and boring.

      Adam gulped when he saw what was behind the door. A larger room, massive to his eyes, appeared. A grand staircase sat at the center of the room leading to another floor. Doors of equivalent size and weight sat in threes across the room underneath massive marble outcrops.

      Alissa went past the room and turned towards the massive door facing the grand staircase. She pushed the door open and stood beside it waiting for Adam.

      Adam, still awe struck, made his way, albeit slowly, towards the massive door. It lead to the garden outside where a parasol sat at its center and the silhouette of a person sat underneath it. He looked to Alissa and saw her nod her head with a smile. Devious, he thought to himself when he saw it, though he does not know why.

      Adam walk outside into the garden. The air was sweet, a mix of roses and tulips and more roses. It was clear and mildly chilled. Adam rubbed his arms and let the heat seep into him. He approached the parasol and bend forward as he stop underneath it.

      A woman pick the expensive looking cup from the table underneath the parasol and took a sip from it. She placed the cup back and gestured for Adam to sit next to her. "Please, mister Adam, have a seat. It's a nice day to be outside, don't you think?" she said.

      Adam gulped but sat nonetheless on the small chair next to the woman. He watched her graying her swayed by the winds, her cracked lips taking another sip from the cup and her vein filled hands as she placed the cup back to the table. A butler walked towards them and poured a sweet smelling tea into an empty cup. He offered it to Adam who took it and gave a nod of thank you. The butler gave a slight bow and walk away with a teapot in his hand.

      "It's Jasmine. Sweet scent, nice round taste, not too sharp nor too light." said the woman.

      Adam looked to her. "You are senator The Senator." he said.

      A smile cracked on the woman's face, pushing her skin into a wrinkle around her mouth and the bottom half of her cheeks. She wanted to laugh but felt it was unnecessary.

      "Yes. I am surprised that you know me." she said. She pulls out a small handkerchief and wiped her lipstick smeared lips with a pat. "I believe, young Alissa has told you of your current situation." she said.

      Adam look to the far ends of the garden. There was none but he looked far nonetheless. "If it's about you wanting my help, then yes, that part, I do know. Though, before we dwell on that, I have something I wanted to know first" he said.

      Janone smiled. "Do tell" she said.

      "What happened to me?" said Adam.

      The question was a surprise to Janone. Though she managed to contain it from showing, she could not stop from wondering why. "Do you know what year is this, mister Adam?" she said.

      Adam shook his head. "I'm afraid, I lost count." he said.

      Janone nods her head. She placed a finger underneath her mouth, contemplating about something. "While I don't think this will sound appropriate, but I think it is necessary for you to know." she said. She gestured for the old butler to pour tea into her cup. The butler came and did as he was told and leave without saying a word.

      Adam watched the butler as he leave.

      "Well, the story goes, believe me when I say you've become a legend amongst thieves and the resistance groups around the world, that when you broke into the National Penitentiary, you were stabbed in the chest and collapsed. The guards who found you, took you into custody and placed you under arrest. They treated your wounds but you never came out of coma so, worried that you'd die before telling them anything, they had you placed in a cryostasis and placed you inside the compound of the Penitentiary." she said. She took a sip from her cup and replaced it back on the table. "That was 40 years ago."

      Adam shook his head. "No..." he said. "No... it can't be! You're lying!". He shot up, pushing the chair behind him slamming to the ground. The butler rushed to the table but was stopped by Janone.

      Janone watched as Adam tries to reconciliate with his mind regarding the matter. First, there will be denial. She sat in silence, sipping her cup of tea.

      Adam approached Janone. He was angry, though he doesn't know why. Something from what she said, his mind came to being and told him. She is playing with me, he thought. "Show me a proof if what you said was true" he said.

      Janone smiled. Played right into it. She turned her head to the side and ordered the butler to bring her watch, her laptop and her portable tv to the table. Her butler bowed and made his way back towards the house.

      Adam pull the chair he knocked back on its feet and sat on it tapping his feet. He watched the horizon, then the sky. He turned to Janone who was enjoying her tea. He glance back to the house and saw Alissa gone. The roses he smelled earlier felt annoyingly sweet to him. He wanted to go back to his room.

      The butler arrived with the items his master had asked for and placed it on the table, taking away Janone's empty tea cup. He poured another batch of tea into it and holds it in his hand.

      Janone pulls up her laptop and starts it. She showed Adam her watch first. "November the first, 2050" she said. She turned her portable tv on and showed the news to Adam. She points at the lower left corner of the screen where the date shows underneath the news anchor. "Same date, same year." she said. Her laptop booted and she turns it to face Adam who turn his eyes to it. She points at the bottom right corner of the screen. "Same date, same year." she said.

      Adam buried his face in his hands and rubs it hard. He could not believe his eyes. He tried to but somewhere in his heart, he finds it a lie. See the world outside, his mind told him. Outside, he thought. Maybe he could find something outside. He got up and looked to Janone who still had her smile to her face.

      "Senator, thank you for what you have done for but I don't think I can stay here any longer." he said. "And I don't think I can help you with your problem." Adam bowed to her and turn towards the house.

      "But you see, mister Adam. The one that you seek is no longer here." said The Senator. She gestured for her teacup from her butler.

      Adam stopped. He glanced to the old woman. "I know." he said and went on towards the house, leaving The Senator to herself and her tea.

      The Senator smiled. "Finally, there will be acceptance" she said. She turn to her butler. "Hemming, ready my plane will you. I'm going out for a walk." she said.

      Her butler nods his head and disappeared into the house.

      The Senator watched all the way down to the green horizon. The sun above shone majestic whilst the green swayed to the rhythm of the winds. She smiled to the thoughts of what the future will hold.

      Adam packed whatever he still had with him and walked to the door when he heard someone knocked from the other side. He opened the door and was surprised to see Alissa, changed, standing in front of him. Her red leather jacket and black jeans surprisingly enough, was a perfect match to her ponytailed hair. She wasn't wearing her glasses, something he recalled she had before. There was an air of eagerness in her beautiful face. He frowned. "What are you doing?" he said.

      Alissa smiled. "I'm going with you. It's the wish of mistress The Senator" she said.

      Adam laughed. "Sorry, but I don't think I'm going to need your help. I can take care of myself." he said.

      Alissa grinned. "It's not a request." she said and turned towards the hallway. "I'll meet you at the car outside." she said and disappeared down the hallway.

      Adam shook his head unable to believe it. He was saved by a stranger from a fascility he never remembered he broke into and now he has a baggage to look after. He sighed. For a moment his mind flashed the image of Melissa, his wife. His face gloom. He could remember her warm smile and her tight embrace. Yet he could not remember why she disappeared.

      He shook his head. There will be other times to reminisce the past. Now is not it. He exits the room and head down the hallway towards the front door.

      Alissa was already waiting for him in a red Bugatti. It was a new model to him, something he had not seen before. The car roared hard when it saw Adam exiting the mansion. He went to the passenger side and opened the door. He got inside, taking his time on getting himself right inside the bucket seat and looked at the interior.

      Black leathers slapped everywhere the eyes could fall upon, knit and glued to every upholstery inside the car. The steering wheel was the standard double knit leather and the proud prancing horse logo sat at its center. The center console was filled with buttons and a large eight inch lcd display shot out where the radio was supposed to be.

      "What model is this?" he said looking at Alissa who was stunning with her sunglass on. He closed the door behind him and turn back to her.

      Alissa smiled. "It's an old model. From your era. The Veyron Triple S." she said.

      Adam frowned. "I've never heard of a Triple S before." he said.

      Alisssa looked to him. She shift to the first gear and smiled. "Well now you have." she said and the car sped into overdrive leaving the mansion behind in just mere seconds.

      Adam held on to his seatbelt still halfway from its lock. He gulped. His muscle tightened and his chest constrict. The trees around him zoomed in blurs while the road sprints to his eyes. Mountains went past by as if they were never there. Slowly, he lowers his seatbelt and clicked it into its lock. The stress in his chest subsides though his muscles still strain. His stomach quench.

      "Not feeling well?" said Alissa. Her eyes fixed to the road ahead.

      Adam said nothing. He clenched to the seatbelt strapping his body to the chair and prayed in his heart not to get into an accident.

      They zoom past the valley and up the twisting mountain road.