The Imaginarium - Chapter 5

      Chapter 5

      "Wake up!"

      A splash of hard cold water slapped Adam's face. He gurgled and coughed. His body burns with pain and his head ringing. He could hear only muffled sound of people walking in front of him. His vision blurred churning more legs than his brain could count. He felt a light wind gazing his cheek.

      It send his head slamming his shoulder. His face burns but his vision cleared, slightly. He coughed again.

      Another splash slapped his head. He spat and was hit with another slap to his face. "Wake up! Are you focus yet?" a voice came with the slap.

      Adam blinked. He shook his head and coughed. He inhaled and ignored the burning in his lungs. It was dimmed, almost dark, but there's light, dying but enough for him to see the silhouette of his attacker. He spat.


      A punch pushed air out of his lungs. He coughed. His body bend forward in reaction but was pulled back halfway by his hands. It was then that he realized he couldn't move his hands, or his arms for that matter. He was heaving for air and his attacker wasn't anymore satisfied

      He tried to look at his attacker, pushing his heavy head just enough for a glance. A bald man, square face with a very distinctive scar running down his right eye to his cheek. A plump cigar jutted from the edge of his mouth. The ember at its end flares up. A puff of smoke flew down to his wounded face. He coughed.

      "Who do you work for!" the man said. He grabbed Adam's hair and pulls it back.

      Spit and smoke showered Adam's blue purple-ish face. He coughed again and shook his head. He tried to take a deep breath but was cut short when a punch flew and landed on his face. He fell to the cold cement ground and felt his ears ringing.

      The man grabbed his collar and pulls him back up. He raise his fist high and was about to slam it on Adam's face when the door slammed open and a guard steps in in haste. The guard whispere something to the man. He dismissed the guard and spat the cigar to the floor. "I'm going to get you after this!" he said and spat to Adam.

      Adam groaned. He could not feel his legs nor his hands. He tried to move his arms but the knot holding them was too tight. He sighed and let his head rest to the side. He tried to remember what happened and how did he ended up bound to a small hard wooden chair inside a dark room with a man who he thinks had beat him up one punch too many. Yet it was hazy, his mind. He tried to again but all he could see was blurs and flashes of something, of someone. Explosions and fires were the most he could remember.

      Adam let everything go. He was too tired and his face not to mention his body were too tied up and tired and bruised to just give another second a damn. So he let the fatigue invade his body. It leaned to his side and fell to the floor with a slam. He let the pain go free and lost consciousness, again.

      "Come on, wake up!"

      "Wake up! You're getting out of here, come on!"

      Adam startled to life. He groaned. His chest and stomach burns like hell and he wasn't too keen on moving. He let the stranger carry him on his shoulder and ignores every words the stranger's mouth uttered. He just doesn't want to do anything.

      "Who..." he said but he was too tired to continue.

      The man shot a round of machine gun towards whatever it is in front of them and proceed to carry him. Adam leaned his head to the man's shoulder and lost his consciousness.

      "Come on! Wake up! We can't go on like this, you need to help me!"

      Adam was shaken to life. He opened his eyes as hard as he could though it was only a slit. It was painful enough that he had to walk, now he had to talk is more like impossible. The earth shook and roar around him from what he could not tell. His ears could not hear anything well and it kept on ringing like an endless scream inside his head. He shook his head lightly to the sides and gave out a groan. "N...No..." he said. He coughed and it felt like the wind tore his mouth apart. His heart skipped a beat.

      The man looked to Adam and then towards the front. He was hesitant. He looked like a good man but he was sad. Adam cracked a small smile. The young man looked to his front again and gave out several more rounds from his machine gun. He unclipped the empty catridge and threw it behind him before clicking another one into the chamber. He locked the barrel and pump out more to whatever it is he was shooting at. He glanced to Adam who groaned. Slumped to the dirt, he had not even a strength to twitch his fingers.

      The young man pressed his ears. "This is team Alpha leader, I'm with the object, send back up immediately, over!" he said rather loudly to his earpiece. He looked to Adam again and gave out several hand signals at various angles. He looked to them one at a time and gave a nod before picking Adam up from the dirt. The earth shook again and it threw Adam off balanced. The young man reacted with a forward step and bend his body away from him. It stopped Adam from falling back to the ground but made him scream from the pain.

      "There they are! Get the guy he's carrying!"

      It was the voice of the man who attacked him. Adam looked up. His neck felt tight but he ignored it anyway. His blurred vision showed only the shade of a man pointing at him but it was enough to provoke his heart to burn. He gripped on the young man's shoulder hard and pulls his gun from his hip, much to the surprise of the young man.

      Adam could not remember how he was able to pull the trigger but the sight of the man pointing at him and shouting his name flew to the ground burns directly to his head. He coughed and the gun fell from his hand.

      The young man, still surprised, looked to Adam. He smiled but was dismayed when he saw Adam's heaving breath. He slings his machine gun to his back and used a fireman's carry technique to carry Adam across the main compound. Above him helicopters went pass by shooting gattling guns that flares up in the night sky. He ducks, avoiding the fire and ran in a zigzag towards the destroyed cafeteria building. His other team mates ran for the building, inching closer towards their team leader as they get closer. "Secure the building ahead! Go!" said the young man, pointing to the building. His teammates nods to his order and picked up their speed with their machine guns tucked in their arms. The helicopter chased after them but they were well trained to dodge bullets from helicopters.

      The young man heaved. His arms burn with pain and his lungs contract. You need a rest, his brain told him but he ignored them. He kept on running, pushing the ground with the feeling of severed muscles and sinews. He grits his teeth. His whole body felt like giving up. He wanted to puke but the building was so close to him now for him to give up. So he kept on and threw himself into the rummage of the destroyed building.

      Gunfires echoed inside the cafeteria building. The young man raced towards the mess hall where they had the tables toppled to face the main security building and the chairs stacked where the aisles was, a barricade against their attacker. His teammates leaned to the tables retaliating to the shots the reserve guards shot at them.

      The young man placed Adam on the cold concrete floor and leaned behind the walls of the kitchen. He peeked to his teammates and count their heads. "Shit, I'm losing more men here" he said. He pushed his earpiece. A radio crackled inside his ears followed by a female voice.

      "Team Alpha leader, this is Mobile." the radio crackled.

      "Send me my backup damnit!" he said and pull out his last grenade. He pulls the safety pin and threw it as hard as he could towards the guards blocking his team's path. "Grenade!" he shout and everyone ducked behind their covers. The explosive explodes and shook the whole building. Chunks of concrete from the ceiling collapse on the open space between the two teams sending gray dusts into the closed area. The young man heard his radio crackled and pushed his earpiece.

      "Duck!" it said.

      The young man looked to his teammates. "Duck!" he said and they all fell for the floor with their hands holding their head. A large roar approached the building from the main compound and crashed into it, destroying the main security building and anything inside it. Debris and concrete pebbles shot their away at every possible angle piercing through tables and chairs and walls and ceilings in the process. Clouds of dusts and concrete smokes rose into the air as the final brick on the main security building topple to the ground. The roaring of the sky above fade into oblivion and the once warzone had turned silent.

      The young man ducked, shielding Adam with his body. He held one hand to the back of his head while the other to Adam's. His black army vest grayed from the explosion. He called every name of his teammates but all he could hear was the ringing in his ears and the blur vision of his eyes. The explosion rocked his head. His stomach quenched from the sheer pressure. He coughed but held himself hard from vomiting.

      A trample of feets march into the destroyed cafeteria mess hall. Lights flash amidst gray mists. Black shadows moved, pointing their lights up and down, side to side. "Leautenant Jones!" said the black shadows. They move forward towards the kitchen where the damage was minimal. "Leautenant Jones!" they called out again.

      Jones coughed. "I'm here" he said with great pain in his throat. The shadows move to him, some with their backs turns, others pointing their flashlights directly at the man.

      "Come, your pickup has arrive" said one of the black shadows.

      Jones coughed. He grabbed the extended hand from the shadow and pull himself up to his feet. He points to Adam who was lying on the ground unconscious and ordered them to bring him to the landing zone. A couple of the black shadows nod and grabbed Adam up. One of them slings him to his shoulder and made their way out of the prison complex.

      Out in the front gate, a mountain of dead guards stood piled on one side of the gate. Black men in ski masks and black vests with only the insignia of the silver wolf threw into it more dead bodies.

      Jones glanced at the sight but quickly turn his head back to face the black chinook in front of him. He covered his eyes from the forcing winds and make his way towards the hull of the chinook. The side door slides open and a woman, blonde and executive, extends her arm towards Jones. The couple of soldiers carrying Adam stood behind him saluting the woman.

      "Senator!" said Jones. He saluted the woman but was quickly dismissed.

      "No time for formalities, Lieutenant!" said the senator.

      Jones grabbed her arm and pull himself up. Behind him, Adam was carried into the back hull of the chinook and lied onto a stretcher where he was strapped tight.

      The senator looked to Adam as he was carried past her. She turned to Jones who was strapping himself to the seat. "Is that the object?" she said to Jones.

      "Yes! Our intel said he was the first to broke into this Penitentiary alone!" said Jones. The last of his teammates work their way into the chinook and the door slides back to a close. The pressure intensify and with its fore tyres rose into the air, the chinook push itself up and disappear into the night sky.