Unknown - Chapter 25

      Chapter 25

      The world around the eight slowed down and the rain ceased to exist inside the jungle. Alen and Enil rolled down and stuck their swords at the wolves’ throats before ripping apart their huge underbellies in one swift motion. Another sprang towards them and caught Enil’s arm with its massive claws. Alen stepped forward and thrust into the wolf’s eyes, penetrating its brain. The wolf snapped at the young man only to have the sword sliced its brain into two. It shuddered for awhile, its red eyes watching the young man who stabbed it before falling to its side. Enil grits his teeth. Eliza had already bandaged the wound with part of Enil’s robe. She waved her fingers around the wound with her mouth mumbling words both teenagers had never heard of.

      Kalvel stepped in front of his daughter and ducked before his silver blades pierced the creature’s heart through its underbelly. He sliced the body opened and jumped at the second wolf as it leaped at him and dig one of its claws into the man’s chest. The old warrior grits his teeth and swirled his blade around, severing the creature’s head from its body. He landed on his knees and coughed blood and saw the third wolf behind the headless body of the second, staring at him with its cold blooded eyes. The old warrior crossed his swords in front of his face. “You won’t win me, beast” he said and coughed. His brown leather tunic drenched with the color of pale red.

      “Vento!” cried the Wind Guardian as he swirled his hand into a ball. A small typhoon erupted around his swirling hands. Edabu, with one of the sword Kalvel had given him, swings at the incoming wolf. It dodged the swing and dug its claw into the Fire Guardian’s thigh, ripping away a chunk of its muscle. Edabu screamed and fell head first into the flood. Shamah slammed his palms onto the flooded earth. “Terra!” he called forth and spikes made of stones pierced into the sky directly at the wolves in front of him. Sazara leaped over the injured Edabu and punched the wolf at its face. The typhoon around his hand pushed out and threw the wolf high into the air. Edabu thrashed and jerked. His hands tightened around his thigh. Shamah rushed to his side and held out a fistful of dirt in his hand. He threw the dirt to the wound and shout “Terra!”. The dirt wrapped itself like a living snake around the wound and tightened itself. “Get up!” he picked the young Fire Guardian up and shouldered him. The two staggered as Shamah tries to get the others regrouped.

      “Around me!” he shouts. Alen and Enil backed up as did Eliza, still holding her knife. She watched as her father tore up the second wolf.

      Out of a sudden, a shadow loomed over the two staggering Guardians before the circle could be complete. Edabu pushed Shamah away and jumped with his back to the water with the last bit of his strength.

      The wolf landed with a crack. Shamah rolled and looked up. “No!” he shouts and grabbed the dirt underneath the body of water around him. His vision obscured by the gray rain. He threw the dirt in the air towards the big object in front of him and shouts “Terra!”.

      Alen and Enil turned around in horror as they heard the crack behind them. Without even thinking and stumbling for his sword, Enil leaped into action first, ignoring the flaring pain on his shoulder. He sweeps the sword upward directly underneath the creature’s neck as it turns to watch the old man throws dirt at it. Alen followed his friend and slashed downwards from above the creature’s neck. The dirt in the air turned into stone needles and darts towards the creature.

      Eliza was the first to gasp at the horror that followed. The beast’s head splashed into the water as the needle darts pass them and went through Alen and Enil’s body. “No!” she shouts and drags herself towards the two injured teenagers as their bodies went down.

      Kalvel and the wolf stared at each other, oblivious of the event behind them. He had his swords crossed at the tip, pointing towards the wolf as it hunch and stepped back. The creature bears its fang to the old man in front of it. Its claws gave out the sound of a sword unsheathed as it digs deeper into the water. Its red eyes watched as the tip of the sword trembled and waver for awhile. It waited as the old man in front of it swayed. The smell of blood from his chest enhanced as the rain turned harder. The tunic he wore was red and so does the pants he wore. The dire wolf waits, it watched for weaknesses. The two circled each other as screams bellowed from behind them. “It’s just you and me” said the old warrior. The wolf growled low and stopped. It hunched back and digs its claws deeper into the water, and lunged at the warrior.

      Shamah rushed to the two teenagers lying on the water. He cursed himself inside his heart for what had happened. His legs splashed the water as he trudge his. Sazara unleashed another typhoon and threw the wolves in front of him away beyond the clouds. He turned glide towards the two fallen teenagers, unable to believe what has happened.

      “Don’t die!” shouts Eliza. She ran her finger down Enil’s chest, mumbling words of healing, sewing the skins over the hole. Blood drowned the young man’s mouth as he gags. Sweats and tears mixed with the gray rain. Eliza ran her fingers down to the side and placed a poultice before she whispered the words of healing to it. The poultice spreads around the wound and walled it shut, stopping the body from vomiting more blood out of itself. Enil’s breath was shallow and his heart raced like war drums. “Get him inside the caravan!” commanded the young girl and the two guardians obeyed. She turned and faced Alen who was lying unconscious next to the dead corpse of the dire wolf. “Please be alive” she prayed and knelt next to him. She placed her finger around the edge of his empty eye socket. “Eneth Minara” she whispered but nothing happened. She whispered again but the white glow that had saved Enil failed her. She weeps. “No, no…” she whispered, stuttered in her weeping.

      “Young Eliza…” the voice of a woman broke through her mind. She looked around, eyes filled with tears. “Use my power” the voice said. “Who are you?” she said, bewildered by the voice.

      “I am Grear, the Water Guardian” said the voice. Eliza turned her head to the woman lying on the floor, floating above the water. Lines of pale blue paint the outlines of her body. ”Do not worry about me, I am healing. Now your duty is to save the seal bearer, he has not much time left” said the Water Guardian. “Held you hand inside the water and placed your other hand to the wounds, I will channel my power through you and amplify yours” she said. The young girl nod in her sob and did as she was told.

      “Do not worry, we can still save him” said the voice calm. Eliza held her tears and pressed on the hole on Alen’s right eye. “Now utter the word of healing” instructed the Water Guardian. “Eneth Minara” she whispered and her hand glowed brilliant pale blue. Her body jerked upwards and the glow in her hand moved to her face. She gags as her mouth and eyes glows with the same brilliance. The wounds on Alen’s body began to stitch itself together. The muscles weaves, the skins stretched, the veins wormed for each other and the blood dried into stains of red.

      The light disappeared and the young girl slumped to the ground, unconscious. Sazara and Shamah were quick to pick her and Alen’s body up. The rain was as furious as it was before, relentless as if angered by the survival of the seal bearer. The two jumped down from the caravan again and picked Grear’s body from the water. Her face was scarred but her breathing and her pulse was steady. They looked back . “What about young Edabu?” asked Sazara. Shamah bowed his face.

      Kalvel stabbed his swords deeper into the dire wolf’s body. The creature shuddered and tried to claw the old warrior’s face but its strength had left him and his claws touched like a gentle hand. “Rest in peace” said the warrior. Sazara came up from behind and shouldered the old warrior who loomed over him. “You will be alright, master warrior” he said. Kalvel smiled and closed his eyes. His swords drowned in the flood.

      “We better head back to Lhamira and sail away, the continent is no longer safe” said Sazara as he sat on the driver seat and pulled the rein. The horses neigh and turned from a trot into a gallop back to where they from.