The Imaginarium - Chapter 2

      Chapter 2

      The train station was packed with people in black suit and white shirt bustling to and fro, waiting on platforms and walking towards platforms. Adam slides his quick ticket and stepped inside. The National Penitentiary had only one train going to and from it and he intend to take it. So he looked to the large signboard announcing the arrival and departure of trains and their respective platforms. It took him awhile to catch which train heads to the Penitentiary and once he got it, he rushed towards the platform where it stops.

      He stood in front of the escalator once he reached the platform and looked to a sea of people some in blue jumper suit with a large 'FRU' written on their back while others wore the same black suit white shirt, each with a chained person in front of them branding 'PRISONER' behind their jumpers. Adam pulls his clothes tight to him and shade his face with his cap. Once he saw the others began to turn away did he finally move from where he stood into the farthest edge of the platform, right where the first coach stops. He waited with his hands inside his pocket as trains around him arrive and depart. His heart fluttered and his throat tightened everytime he saw someone looking at him. He tried to breath calm and steady breath only to feel choked by his effort.

      The signboard on the platform flashed and the orange colored wording changed telling those on the platform of the arrival of the train they were waiting for with the blarring scream of siren. Adam stepped forward right behind the white line on the ground. He looked to where everyone was looking and saw the enlarging train. His heart skipped a beat. He was worried. Fear gripped his heart and curled around it like a snake. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

      The train hissed and came to a halt. The first coach stopped right in front of Adam pushing air to his face. He squints at the pressure and looked to his sides. Those in the blue jumper suit stood tight around the person they were escorting. The door hissed and slides open revealing guards complete with military garbs. Rifles sat ready behind their back and their standard issue nine milimeter handgun strapped holstered to their hips. Adam gulped.

      The guard exits the train and moved to stand beside it. They pull their rifle down and placed its butt end to the ground in a synchronous manner. The FRUs marched inside the train with their prisoners followed by the men in black suite. Adam stepped forward. He looked to the platform one last time and step into the train.

      The door hissed again and the guards step back inside, replacing their rifles to their back. The stopped in front of the door looking out and wait for the door to shut itself. The door slide and the train rocked back and forth before finally moving towards the National Penitentiary.

      Adam sat on his seat, alone and worried. He looked out to the window but the speed of the train gave him blurs. He was annoyed but his worry and fear overcame it just as it tries to seep into him. He sighed and tried for a shut eye. It would take an hour's ride to the Penitentiary and he doesn't feel like talking.

      "Is this place empty?" a voice took him by surprise. He quickly readjust his sunglass and turned to face it.

      "Yeah, sure." he said. It was a lady, beautiful primadonic face. Her flaming red dress felt weirdly enough annoying to him as did the glitters around her neck and fingers. He turn back to the window and shut himself out of any try for conversation.

      The train moves on for another thirty minute. Adam was half asleep watching the blur in front of him went another voice disturbed him. He closed his eyes, trying to settle his anger down. He turn to the voice and saw an officer looking at him with a stern face.

      "Sir, could you come with me for a moment?" he said and points to the back of the coach.

      Adam gulped. He wondered if the guard had seen through his disguise so he ran his fingers to his red tinted sunglass. It was still there so he touched his head and felt the baseball cap. Still there too. He nod and stood, apologizing at the woman in the red dress as he press his way out. The guard move to give way to him and both of them walked to the back of the coach, pass the door separating the passengers area and the smoking area.

      "Was it true?" the guard spoke.

      Adam sighed and scratch his head. "I don't know. I woke up, turned the tv on and voila, she was there handcuffed and brought to the Penitentiary for attempted murder." he said.

      The guard walked to the vending machine and bought two cans of coffee latte. He gave one to Adam and opened on for himself. He took a gulp and wipe his mouth with his sleeve. "So, what're you going to do? Break into the prison and save your wife?" he said and took another sip.

      Adam sighed. The can hissed when he pulled the pin and pried out the metal cap off. He took a sip and looked out through the small window on the door. "I'm thinking of breaking in but saving her... well, that depends on her story." he said. "What about you? And what's with the guard's clothes anyway?"

      The guard smiled. He ran his hand down the crisp uniform. "I'm currently, 'working' for the Penitentiary. As a guard" he said.

      "Yeah, figures" said Adam. They laughed.

      "Come on man, the least you could do is compliment the uniform. They feel awesome! No wonder everyone wants to work with the Tower." he said smiling. He took another sip and wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

      Adam turned towards the passenger area. No activity.

      "Anyway" said the guard. "Here, take these keycards. You're going to need them to bypass the security chambers." he said and hands Adam several colored keycards each coded with colored barcodes, each for specific doors.

      Adam looked to his friend. "Why are you helping me?" he said.

      The guard smiled. "It's not like you're the only one bored to death with a 'normal' life." he said and they both laughed.

      Adam nods. "Thanks Brad. I'll repay you someday" he said and left the smoking area.

      Brad smiled back and watch his friend went back to his seat. Once Adam disappeared from his sight, his smiled fades and he pulls out a cellphone. He pressed the quick dial and wait as the other side rang.


      Brad rubbed his eyes. "It is done." he said.


      Brad gulped. He gripped the phone hard and turned away from passenger area. "Now give me back my wife damnit!" he said.

      "You will. She will be near the station when you come back from work today"

      Brad closed his eyes frowning. "Thank you."

      There was only the monotonous sound of a line cut. Brad replaced the phone back into his pocket and leaned his head to the side wall. He banged it slow clenching his fists.

      The train moves into a dark tunnel with a boom of air pressed towards the outside immediately muffling each ears inside the eight coach train.