The Imaginarium - Chapter 3

      Chapter 3

      The train hissed like it was from the station before and stopped in front of the concrete platform adorned with white and yellow lines. The door slides open and people rush out of the train. The first coach, mostly visitors, were the first to exit the train and was escorted to the main terminal by an army of armed guards. Brad stood near the door looking at Adam as he was escorted. He sighed and hoped he had done something good.

      Adam looked around. He had rode two escalators reaching two storeys high each and a full football length walkalator. The walls were clean as does the floor. Wooden rim donned the edges where the escalator touched the wall and in between escalators. He watched as the escalator climbs the last several feet and a large glass door emerged in front of him.

      The escorts walks in front and pushed the door open ushering the visitors inside and quickly form ranks again around the group like a living wall. They moved with the sharpness and the quickness across the beautiful main terminal.

      Adam glanced at the colorful shops around him. The terminal itself was not as empty as he had thought. It was packed with people, some wore the casual winter wear, thick overcoat with snow cap and mufflers while others, the what he called professionals wore a more grandeur garmnets with animal furs and leather trench coat complete with caps and hats. A guard behind him pushed him forward with the butt of his rifle and points towards the front with his chin.

      Adam sighed. He wondered his eyes around while his mind race for ways to find anything he could use. He reached for his pouch and held it with his hands. He thought it was going to be easy, but now, he is going to need to improvise.

      The group reached the main entrance and their escorts stopped them on their spot. Two smartly dressed officers walk towards them with their hands behind their back and a proud smug on their faces. They grinned at the visitors and greets them.

      "Since today is the prisoner transfer day, we had to escort visitors into the prison compound. I am sorry for the hassle, but please understand that this is for your own safety." said one of the officer. He points to the guards, waving his hand like a lasso to him. The guard nods and began to order the visitors to head outside where a double decker bus awaits.

      Adam looked at the bus and gulped. Things are going too fast for him. He need to get out of the group.

      He glance to the guard standing next to him. "Excuse me, but I need to go to the toilet." he said. The guard nod to him and move away, giving him room to walk out of the group. He then proceeds to escort Adam back into the main terminal building.

      The toilet was a grandeous white marble room. The door was black oak lined with gold plated steel at its edges with a large round mirror and the symbol for male at its center. The cubicles were partitioned using white marble wall and the floor reflects a mirror like shine. A large rectangle mirror hangs on the wall where the basins sat. At the center of the toilet sat a large circular support beam lined with more basins.

      Adam wanted to gulp but glancing at the guard standing behind him, he stopped. He looked around for awhile before choosing a cubicle. The guard escorts him to the cubicle and stood with his back facing the cubicle door. Adam shuts the door and locked it. He sat on the white marble toilet bowl and rubbed his forehead. He needs to get away but there was nothing he could think of. He could do something grand but he doubt he wants the attention from it.

      The guard knocks on the door and ask him to be quick. Adam replied with an okay and pushed the flush button on the wall behind the bowl. He took quick breaths. "Shit, now what..." he said to himself.

      The guard knocks again and Adam replied, somewhat annoyed. He opened his zipper and closed it again, trying to bluff his time. Then it hit him. He grinned. Now he know what to do.

      The guard was about to knock for the third time when the door opened and Adam walk out with a piece of paper in his hand. He smiled and apologize to the guard. Before the guard could react, Adam slashed the paper to his rifle, cleaving it in half and gave the guard a hard tap to his head sending him flying into the empty cubicle. Adam closed his eyes, hoping no one would hear the commotion. The toilet was silent again. Adam looked to the split rifle and the unconscious guard. Unconscious might be a tad too dangerous in the future, he thought so he pulls out another piece of paper, folds it into the shape of a sword and wrote with his marker the word 'SWORD' on it. The folded sword glows blue and a line of shine went past it.

      "I'm sorry, but I have to do this. Forgive me." he said and slashed the guard's throat. He watched with sad eyes at the gushing red blood smearing the pristine white marble floor and cubicle. It pooled inside the toilet bowl turning the once clear water dark red.

      Adam walked away. He pulled away his knapsack and took out everything inside. He undressed. Crumpling his shirt and jeans into a large ball and placed it inside the basin. He washed his face, gave it a slap and turn back to his knapsack. He flipped the inside out and replaced his crumpled shirt and jeans first. He took a new pair of jeans, Petrol, and a new pair of shirt, a ragged hip hop style oversized white t-shirt with a huge logo of a cadillac in front. He replaced his cap with another baseball cap and his red tinted sunglass with a full frame reading glass.

      Satisfied and confident with his new garments, he zipped his knapsack close and slings it to his back. He walk towards the door and pushed it open, ready for his next move.


      The main terminal erupted into a uproar. Everyone began to panic and run in every direction. Prisoners transferring from the train towards the main entrance were shocked as did their escorts. FRUs and guards closed ranks around their prisoners. They looked around cautious. A man in white oversized t-shirt with blue jeans ran pass by unseen by any of the guards.

      The two officers from earlier walked into the uproar and began to shout, asking for everyone to stay calm. They walk towards the toilet and disappear inside it only to appear a few minutes later each holding their ears. Their mouth mumbles and their head kept nodding as if they were talking to someone.

      Adam looked at the commotion from inside the sea of people. He smiled when he heard the officer announcing the main terminal closed and no visitors will be allowed to enter the Penitentiary anymore for the day until the investigation finish. He turn away and along with the crowds, he left the main terminal through the side exit.

      It was cold outside. The Penitentiary sat at the center of a crater walled by the mountains. Though it occupies the entire crater floor, the Penitentiary only used two third of the area, leaving the rest to mother nature to take care. The air was clean and the sky felt shaded by the mist above head. Adam walked out and inhaled the cold air. It was both refreshing to him and to his lung.

      He stood leaning to the wall of the main terminal looking at the high electric fence of the Penitentiary over the horizon. He ran his fingers to his packet of paper inside his pouch and counts. Not many, he sighed. People around him chattered like flies, each talking to one another. Worries and fear snaked inside their words. Something Adam knew he doesn't need. He watch as several of the guards who escorted him jog inside and back out with dead guard. The buss door shut and it roared to life before swirving around the large roundabout and exit the station.

      Adam turned to face the wall and pulls out his packet of paper. He folds it into a rectangle and wrote down "WOOD" on it with his marker. He stored the paper back inside the packet and turn back towards the crowd. He waited, looking at the crowd, greeting those who wanted to talk to him only to back away when they start to annoy him. Adam looked on at the fences and wondered how he would break into the place.

      Night fell and in the crater, it was fast. Adam sat along with the other crowd waiting for any sort of help from the Penitentiary. The main terminal was still closed and the only company they all have were the lights coming from the walls and themselves. The cold evening air before turned bone chilling and it forced the group to huddle closer. Adam sat with his back still on the wall and he kindly rejected any offer to warm up from the others around him. He crossed his arms around him tight, concentrating the heat into the small space between his legs and his chest. He buried his face into it and close his eyes.

      "Wake up... Adam...Wake up...."

      Adam felt his body shaken. He felt himself sucked into body and its momentum kick him in the chest, sending him jumping from his seat. He looked around and realize that the place was empty. A lone guard stood bending in front of him looking at him. "Sir?" he said. Adam rubbed his eyes and gave his head a light shake.

      "You can't sleep here, sir" said the guard. He stood back up and points towards the door. "The terminal is now open to business sir, you can stay at the hotel inside." he said pointing towards the escalator inside the terminal.

      Adam cracked his neck and knuckles and peeked inside towards the escalator the guard showed him. He smiled at the guard and thanked him before heading towards it. His body was trembling so the tropical heat inside the terminal was a great relief to him. He make for the escalator and rode it up towards the hotel lobby.

      The shower was a welcome feeling. It picked on Adam's cold skin and its heat burns his core temperature. He let the hot water ran down his body, streaming through every scars he had occured during his life. He comb his hair and let the water ran through each strands, lamenting on the refreshing feeling on his head.

      Adam walk out with the crawling steam and set the air conditioner to low, turning it from cold to just nice. He gave his head a good rubbing and look out of the window into the darkness. There was no light except for the ones coming the inner compound of the Penitentiary and those from the main terminal itself. There was no streetlight, no floodlight of sort.

      Or at least that's what he could see and thought of.

      He wiped himself dry and pulls out a black shirt with a caricature of a crying man on its chest, his black leather jacket and black jeans. He won't be using any cap tonight nor sunglasses. It is going to be a fast work and he needs all the speed he can gather. He puts them on and buckled his pouch to his waist. He check the packets of paper inside especially the one he had written earlier . Satisfied, he took out two more and place them on the bed. He fold one to the shape of a small shield and the other to the shape of a small knife. With his marker, he wrote down 'SHIELD' on the shield origami and 'SWORD' on the sword origami. He smiled. Although he knew it probably won't be enough to go against guns and rifles, it will be enough for the work he has in store. He took another piece of paper and folds it into the shape of a gun. "Just in case" he said to himself and wrote down 'PISTOL' on the origami. He gathered the three origamis and placed them inside his pouch.

      Now he need to think of a way to exit the main terminal without being overly suspicious.

      Winds rushed to his face as he look down from the window of his room. The circular garden at the center of the roundabout in front of the main terminal looked like a green soccer ball and the people nearby were like moving golf balls. He squints, not from the poking winds, but from the sheer drop in front of him. He pull back and closed the window. "Okay, that's not an option." he said.

      Adam peeked to the emergency exit door at the end of the hallway. He looked the other way. No one, he thought. He slides out of his room and gently lock the door behind him. He placed the keycard inside his pouch and make his way towards the exit, always looking to his side and back for people who might accidentally bump into him. He jumped for the door knob and gave it a light twist, testing to see if it was locked. The door knob turn without resistance and the door pushed open. Adam smiled and pushed it just enough for him to pass through. Once he is out, he closed the door and clicked the lock. He hates it if someone finds him out halfway down the staircase.

      Alone inside the emergency exit, Adam took bolder move. He jumps on the railing and leaped down, landing on the first railing and doing a backflip onto the second. He jumps back down onto the steps and jumps two at a time before repeating his rail jump down the floor.

      Adam landed on the railing of the last staircase and jumps down to face the door that leads into the lobby. He looked behind the staircase for any other door and realized there was none. "Shit" he said under his heavy breaths. He looked back up the stair case to the large window. It was a single frame and bolted to its concrete frame. He clenched his fist and clicked his tongue. It was too easy, he thought. He opened his pouch and pulls out several pieces of paper from his packet along with his marker. With great care, he folds each paper into strips and tore according to the line it created. He wrote down 'WOOD' on every strip and with great care, placed them like a small panel on the concrete wall behind the staircase. Each strip glows blue and stuck to the concrete wall as if it was glued there.

      The blue glow from each strip touches each other and extends until each strips glowed in synch with each other. The word on the strip dissolves and disappear from the strips. Adam gave the area surrounded by the strip a light kick and heard it knock. He smiled and gave it one powerful kick, enough to broke through the wall and pull cold air into the emergency exit. He wipe the sweat from his face and crawl his way out through the newly made exit.

      The wind was more gentle down on the ground. He looked back to the hole and the scattered concrete on the ground. He kicked some into the hole and cracked his neck. He needs to be quick. He had wasted enough time resting, now he need to break into the country's most secured prison. He smiled. A strange exhilaration filled him. "It feels like old times, now" he said and walk down the grassy knoll down towards the dark road.

      Adam crouched to one knee when he reached the sidewalk. He lied to the ground and peeked towards the outside wall. Once confident he saw no one, he slides down to the sidewalk and crossed the road. There is no other transportation towards the prison besides the bus and there is no bus, so he did the next fastest thing he could. He ran.

      It took him what he thought half an hour to get near enough to the outer wall of the Penitentiary. He stopped and lightly ran on the spot. Heaving for air, he gulped his breath and let his body cool down by itself. It was a relief to him the air was cold enough for him to cool down. He crouched down and make his way towards the nearest wall he could before it reached the guard tower. He leaned to the wall and follows it down the road towards the main entrance to the Penitentiary. Once he finds himself near enough, he turn towards the wall and remove the piece of paper he folded earlier. It was a special folding he learned from an origami master back when he travel the world working for the mafia.

      He placed the origami on the wall and channeled his energy into it. The origami glowed blue, faint amongst the darkness around him. It seeps into the wall and a line of blue light copied the shape of the origami onto the wall next to it. Adam watched as the light finished copying the origami. He pulled a tiny piece of paper on the origami like a door. It opened as did the wall next to it. He smiled. He never thought it would work. He needs to send the master a thank you gift when he gets the chance, he thought to himself.

      Adam slides himself into the wall and slipped through the inner compound towards the first building: the main security building.