New Series

     Hi everyone.

     How are you guys doing? I hope you enjoyed the stories I've posted in this blog so far as I have enjoyed writing them.

     So, You must be wondering why am I writing this out of the blue.

     Well, I'm here to tell you guys that I'll be adding a new story to this blog to accompany my first blog-novel Unknown.

     It will be my first take into a somewhat Urban Fantasy with a little more 'new' magic. This is actually the novel I've written for this year's NaNoWriMo (yes, I can already hear the groan) and since  I'll be shelving it for awhile while I'm finishing my other novel (titled for now simply as: GHOST) I might as well post it here.

     Again, if you happen to find my story(ies) interesting and would like to comment on them, you are welcome to do so.

Well then, for starters, here's the synopsis for the novel.


     For four years, Adam Holtz had lead a normal life. He was out of the Mafia and living the life he could only dreamed of before. But when his wife was accused for attempted murder on  one of the nation's most influential man, he was forced to leave his ideal life behind him and took once again, the path of the Wordsmith, Power User capable of turning written words into weapons. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, he heads for the National Penitentiary where his wife was being kept.

      He broke into the prison, destroyed it in the process and was stabbed to his death by his own wife.

     Forty years later,  without the memory of the day he broke into the prison, Adam woke up beaten to a pulp by someone he doesn't know, and saved by a paramilitary group he never heard before. He was thrown into a world so familiar yet so alien to him.

     Backed by one of the nation's own powerhouse, he was forced to do something so secret even he doesn't know what it was and he still need to find wife and regain back his lost memories.

     The only problem? It was all a lie.

     Waking up to a life without memories, Adam escaped his prison and fled into the city hoping to find anything he could about his former self. Taking down the whole city is only a small problem compared to the burning question in his mind. 

     Who am I?  
     With his pursuers hot in his tail, relentless in their effort to recapture him, Adam will have to use all he could muster and bring the war to his pursuers. The war will happen and nothing can stop it from happening. Who said one man cannot make a difference? Try taking away the memory of a Power User.


There you have it.

What do you think? Interested? Well you'll have to wait because chapter 1 will be posted this Monday (Malaysian time).

Until Monday.

See you!