Unknown - Chapter 18

      Chapter 18

      Shamah brushed the sands on his pants away and stood up. His tiny eyes stared at the party of four not far from where he stood. He watched as Edabu bowed to him before turning back and telling the young man behind him about something. Shamah’s eyes ran towards the girl standing behind the huge man with two cutlasses strapped behind his back. He was wearing clothing made for bartenders. The girl hid herself behind the huge figure when her eyes met with Shamah’s.

      A warrior, a healer, the seal bearer and a Fire Guardian...

      Shamah’s eyes fell towards Alen’s silver gauntlet. He could feel the power emitting from the gauntlet, the same power that had took his daughter away. The same power that had took his friends away. The same power that will be used to save the world from the one who created it. Shamah sighed and wondered if he should accept his fate or not.

      “Master Shamah” Edabu greeted the square face man. Shamah nods but say nothing. He lets his gaze search the party in front of him and laid on his back.

      “Master Shamah, it is good to see you again” Edabu bowed to the square face man. The man growled.

      The old man snorted. “Whatever”. He spat on the white sand, running his eyes from the seal bearer towards Edabu towards the big man standing in front of a girl towards the girl standing behind the big man peeking from behind his hand. “Weird company to keep” he eyed Edabu. The Fire Guardian bowed.

      “It is the time” Edabu said simple.

      “Don’t talk to me about the time!” Shamah shot an angry glare towards the party. “I know more than you could possible know about the time!” he growled.

      Edabu bowed to him again. “Please forgive me, I mean you no insult” his words were clear.

      “You coming to me here; forced me to use my power to track me and calling out to me using magic had already insulted me” his words burned with his voice. Brown fire filled his eyes. “I am wondering why I let you stand in front of me and not burying you six feet under!”

      Eliza cowered behind the shadows of her father.

      The leaves behind them ruffled and Alen with Enil patting his shoulder emerged from the trail.

      Shamah grumbled and shoved the two away, taking the trail disappeared into the jungle. The two boys looked as the square face man glared at them and disappeared.

      Edabu carved a sad face. “We cannot stay any longer” he turned away. The other four gave his words a surprise look.

      “Why?” Enil shot the question. Deep lines appeared on his forehead. “The old man didn’t throw us out!”

      Edabu stopped and glanced back with the edge of his eyes. “He had just did so” and continued walking back towards the black ship sitting on the green ocean waiting like an obedient statue.

      Kalvel followed the dark skinned man, with Eliza tugging behind him. She shot a smile at Enil and looked away, face reddened. Enil looked to Alen. “Okay, what happened?”

      “I don’t know...”

      The black ship left the small island, pushing the white sandy beach away into the horizon as the sun began to snuggle back into the arms of the sea. Alen leaned forward on the rail and watched as the tiny island slowly disappears from his sight.

      “He was there” Edabu’s voice jolted him from behind. Alen turned around. “When the first apocalypse occured. He knew the first Elder and the Source, yet he never tells it to anyone”

      Alen frowned. “What happened to him?”

      “The Source took his family and turned them against him” Edabu leaned his back on the rail. Looking amidship as the seagulls circle the mast above. “His daughter was turned into the Source’s general, a powerful one too. He had to use every bit of his strength to kill her and it took his sanity away. His son robbed him of his patience and kindness and his wife took away his love for life and the world” the dark skinned man sighed. The waves slammed the side of the ship. “It took him several hundred years to overcome his sadness”

      “And it surely won’t take me another hundred years to began thinking straight! You stupid prick!” A voice boomed from above sky. The wind tornadoed around the ship, pushing and pulling at the sails as it struggles to keep itself to the masts. “How dare you left me alone back there! Do you think it’s easy trying to sniff out your stupid location with just your stinking smell?!” The ship jumped above the ocean and landed with a crash. The baritonic voice vibrate the wooden deck. The wheel turned frantically, trying to keep the ship afloat from the winds crashing from all of its sides.

      Shamah landed and got his leg stuck.

      “Stupid ship! Let go of me!” he wiggled and wrenched his leg away. The wood plank explodes into splinters and Shamah pulled his leg free. Edabu’s eyes widened.

      “Master Shamah!”

      The square faced man rubbed his reddened leg. “Your magic of building still acts like shit, I see” he growled and grimaced at his aching leg.

      “But how did you get here?” Edabu looked with his eyes still wide.

      “Can’t you see? The freaking wind of course!” the old man points his finger at the raging winds above the clouds. “That other idiot Sazara taught me his basic wind traveling magic so I could use it when a stupid prick marooned me on a tiny island filled with birds and monkeys!” he shoved Edabu to the side and walked towards Alen whose mouth gaped.

      “You the seal bearer kid, right? Where’s the King kid?” his words buzzed past Alen. The young man shook his head.

      “The what kid?” he frowned.

      “The other one, the one with the golden gauntlet, where is he?” the old man shot the question again, poking Alen’s chest with his plump finger.

      Alen looked at Edabu who was smiling behind the old man.

      “What is so funny, young Edabu?” the old man turned his head around much to Edabu’s surprise.

      “Nothing, master Shamah, it’s nothing”

      Alen darts back to the old man standing in front of him. His eyes gaped for air as he tried to think the words he wanted to say. “He’s, uhh, he’s...”

      “The young man you seek for is inside the hold, master Shamah” Edabu interrupted. He bowed in apology.

      The old man snorted. “Then go and call for him young Edabu, we all need to have a talk” Edabu stepped backward and heads into the hold. Alen stood, eyes moving around, still unable to understand what had just happened. His stomach quenched and he felt like vomiting.

      “Here comes the harder part, kid” the old man swings away and threw the green bag he held on his shoulder down the hole he had just made.

      The stars poked their heads into the dark sky as the ship cross the ocean in silence save for the occasional wood creak. Alen, Enil and the other sat in a circle on the deck, eyes looking towards the old man as he gulps down his fifth bottle of juice. “What kind of ship is this?” he shot a glare towards everyone in front of him. “Don’t you have wine or rum or something?” his eyes fixed to Edabu.

      “I am sorry, master Shamah, but I don’t drink” Edabu apologize to the old man who waved his hand in annoyance.

      “Now then” he spoke, his eyes rounding the people sitting in front of him again. “You all must be dying to know what the hell does this weird old man wants to talk about, don’t you?” no one replied.

      The old man turned to Edabu. “Young Edabu, did you tell them the details?” and Edabu shook his head.

      “That’s what I’m going to tell you” he paused and smiled. “The details or actually the fact that you will all face in your future” he swings the bottle of juice in his hand into the air.

      “You, the girl’s father” he points towards Kalvel. “You’ll be a successful tavern owner”.

      His words dropped everyone’s jaws.

      “Hah! See, this is why no one told you the details” he snorted. “You, the girl!” he points towards Eliza who quickly cowers behind her father’s arm. “You’ll become the new Queen” he smiled. “But don’t get your hopes too high, you still need to outmatched the other Queen and that will lead to a different conclusion if you aren’t smart enough”. Eliza hid behind her father’s arm.

      “Now comes the best part” the old man swings his head towards Enil and Alen. “You!” he points towards Enil. “You’ll become the new King” he said simple and turned his head towards Alen. “And you, young seal bearer...” his tone changed.

      “You will die”