Unknown - Chapter 17

      Chapter 17

      Shamah rubbed his hands together. “So?” he picked up the coconut shell on the ground and gave it a pat. Its content spilt on the ground, already sucked dry by the earth. Shamah drew a sad face.

      The parrot frowned at him. “So we want him back”

      “No way, I caught him, he’s mine” he went back to the pot above the firepit and scoop out another batch of stew and pour it into the coconut shell. He gave it a taste and spat it out. His face grimaced as he wiped his mouth.

      Edabu sighed. Then the voice on the parrot changed. “Mister Shamah, I am Eliza”

      Shamah looked at the parrot. “Oh, a girl, this is a rarity for young Edabu to have made companion” He plucked the pot from the firepit and heave it into the woods.

      The parrot looked at the fragments of the old man’s back.

     “Please Mister Shamah, we need your help” the parrot squawked.

      “No” the Earth Guardian’s voice was stern and indifferent. “I don’t like it when people call me to come to aid them, if you want my aid, you need to do better than beg” He emerged from the woods with an empty pot. He threw the pot and watched it banged on the side of the dirt house before rolling on its side towards the firepit.

      “Then help me” the parrot gave out a younger voice.

      Shamah frowned again. “Oh, another one, and it’s a boy. You’re seeking apprentice already, Edabu? You’re insulting me, boy” the parrot flew closer to the square face man.

      “I am not his companion. I am the seal bearer” the parrot twitched its head to the side.

      Shamah looked at the parrot with a grim face. “Is that true, Edabu? Is that voice really the seal bearer?”
      The parrot twitched its head again. “Yes, he is the new seal bearer” its voice changed back to Edabu’s.

      Shamah sighed. “Then I believe this boy in my trap is the other one?” his eyes looked to the earth trap.

      “Yes, Shamah, that is the other one”

      Shamah looked to the parrot. “So the time has come again, then?”. He waved his hand towards the earth trap. “Terra” he whispered and the earth trap crumbled and melted back to where it came from. Enil slumped to the ground, surprised.

      “Fine then” he grumbled and held his palm towards the parrot. It glowed a brilliant brown and disappeared. “You have a piece of my power now” he grabbed the parrot and slapped it dead. “And I have another piece for my stew”.

      Edabu let out a long breath. Sweats drenched his body as well as Alen and Eliza. Kalvel held Eliza hand in his, patting it to comfort her.

      Alen looked to Edabu. “So what-” he shot up and rushed towards the side of the ship.

      Eliza held her palm to her pale face. Kalvel held her in his arms and carried her down into the hold. Her head swayed and she passed out.

      Edabu opened his eyes. A flicker of brown flame shot from his pupil. He took a deep breath and swings his arms around slowly. Then, with both of his hands pointing towards the sky, he exhaled slowly brought them back to his chest, palm facing each other. He inhaled again and pushed outwards. Brown glow covered his hands and a faint line began to emerge. It rolled into a ball and with the speed faster than the eyes could see, it left a trail of itself and disappeared into the horizon.

      Alen wiped his face. His throat felt like it was on fire and his stomach kept quenching as the ship rocks to the sides. He leaned back on the bulwark and closed his eyes.

      Edabu got up and moved towards the bridge. He looked to the wheel and whispered into it. A loud creak broke the sound of the waves and the ship began to steer away from its course. Edabu turned the wheel and steered the ship into the line left by the energy ball that had just left them. He pulled his hands away and the wheel held on. The ship began to move towards its new destination as Edabu stepped back onto the deck walking towards Alen whose face was pale.

      Alen’s breathing was erratic. He swayed his head and gulped several times. Edabu sat beside him. “You-” but Alen held his palm to Edabu’s face. “Not now…” his voice was weak. “I need a rest” he slump his body onto the deck with his head resting on a coil of rope. Edabu watched as Alen retreated into a snore. “Very well” and he left the young man alone.

      Enil got up and looked at the square face man in front of him. His face was more sad now than evil. The anger and the annoyance the young man had before disappeared. He wondered what had happened with the man while he was inside the trap. Surprised painted on his face when he saw the pot lying next to the firepit. It was empty. He turned back towards the square face man and his eyes trailed him when he disappeared into the beach.

      Shamah turned his eyes towards Enil who was watching him. He sighed and walked away towards the beach. He could not have believed what he had just heard and his mind wondered whether he should meddle into the problems of the wretched world he loathed so much or not. Once again you ask me to help this wretched world?...what irony...

      Enil walked past the dirt house. The square face man was gone. He leaned his shoulder on the wall of the dirt house and watched the white sanded beach.

      The ship swayed again. The wind turned unpredictable the closer they got to the small island surrounded by white sandy beach. Edabu stepped towards the edge of the bow and squints his eyes. The brown energy thread was gone, stopped inside the forest occupying the center of the island. Alen joined him, colors had returned to his face albeit still a shadow. Edabu turned his eyes towards Alen.

      “Are you okay, young Alen?” he winced when the wind struck him on his face.

      Alen clutched his stomach. He leaned forward with one hand on the rail around the bow. “A little better...” he looked at Edabu. “Is Enil on that island?” he wanted to ask.

      “Yes, and our next possible ally, though I do have to warn you, Shamah is a very old man and he is grumpy as hell”. His voice contradicted his words.

      “Doesn’t sound like grumpy when I heard him back then” Alen turned his gaze towards the small island advancing towards them. “Can you tell me something?” Alen frowned.

      “What is it?”

      “What did the Earth Guardian meant when he say Enil is the other one?”

      Edabu sighed. “I was hoping not to have to tell you...” The island grew as it gets closer. Edabu turned away and heads towards the anchor. He whispered a breath into it and the chains binding the anchor began to whip itself out, throwing the huge trident down into the ocean floor. The chains whirled for a while before its ends tugged at the anchor, stopping the boat in its track. Alen held on to the rail when the shock from the anchor blasted the ship.

      Edabu returned to Alen’s side. A small boat detached itself from the side of the dock and jumped into the ocean with its oars attached. Edabu placed one of his hand on Alen’s shoulder. “Come on, I will tell you once we reached land”. Alen looked as the Guardian heads towards the hull and shouts for Kalvel and Eliza.
      Alen’s eyes fixed to the island in front of him. He sat in silence, wondering what had happened to Enil and why he was bound and gagged. His mind wondered to the words of the Earth Guardian saying that Enil is the other one. He tried to remember the last thing that happened before Enil disappeared underneath the ocean but the only answer he got was blank. He cursed himself.
      Eight legs jumped into the shallow sea and bury their feet into the soft sand. Eliza jumped, her face lighted with smiles. She kicked the water and the sand underneath it, creating a cloud of white sand above water. Kalvel walked behind his daughter. Two cutlasses strapped behind his back. He had said less after the glow in his tattoo disappeared, back to his old persona.

       The jungle was big riddled with coconut trees around its border and weirder trees in the inside. The undergrowth was thick and the screams coming from the inside of the jungle pulled the happiness from Eliza’s face. The girl clutched her hands together in front of her chest. Sweats formed on her forehead as she slowly took steps backwards, hiding behind her huge father.

       Alen looked at the jungle and wondered how it could have survived the sea. His eyes tried to pry the inside of the jungle for Enil to no success.

       The four walked for some distance and stopped. An opening sat at the border of the jungle, a trail that leads inside. In front of the trail, looking towards the beach sat a huge man with tree trunk arms and legs and tight muscular chest. His head was square and his eyes were invisible from the distance. His lips were thin and he was looking at them.

       Edabu stepped forward and bowed at the man. He turned to Alen. “Alen, meet Shamah, the Earth Guardian”

       Shamah looked at the party with indifferent face.