Unknown - Chapter 16

     Chapter 16

     Enil struggled with the dirt bind on his mouth, hands and legs. He felt weird being naked and bound and gagged with dirt. The square face man had gone behind the dirt house with the bird in his hand. Enil frowned when he said the bird was a spy. What did he meant by that? The thought raced his mind. He shouts behind his gag, trying to get the man’s attention. He kicked down a couple of silverware down from one of the barrels sitting at the corner of the room. The rattling of the silverware made his eyes bulged. Who the hell is this guy?

     “Hey, can’t you stop struggling and just stay there for awhile?” the square face man spoke from beyond the wall.

     Enil shouts a muffled sound. “Hen het he haot ho hih hing!”

     Footsteps broke the undergrowth around the dirt house and the square face man emerged in front of the door. “What?”, he gave Enil a weird look.

     “het he haot ho hih hing!”, Enil shouts to him again. The square face man sighed and shrugged.

     “Okay, okay. But no screaming!” he warned Enil to which the young man gladly nod.

     The square face man held his palm towards the gagged and bound young man. “Terra!” his voice rang his ears and the gag and the bound turned into sand. Enil choked, having swallowed some of the sands. He coughed and grabbed the water flask the square face man threw at him. He gargled and spat.

     “Oh god, that was disgusting!” He blarred. The old man looked annoyed.

     “It’s the earth, it is not disgusting” the edge of his mouth twitched.

     Enil felt his throat. He looked at himself and then his arm. His gauntlet sat in silence. The glow was gone. He gave it a rub, thanking the gauntlet.

     “Where did you get that gauntlet?” the square face man’s voice leaped from behind the wall. “Oh, your clothes is in that basket next to your bed”

     Enil looked and saw a small basket made from rattan. He opened the box lid and saw his clothes neatly packed inside with his sling bag placed on top of it. He opened the sling bag and saw the cape inside. He grinned.

     “So, where did you get that gauntlet?” the square face man asked again. A ruffle came from inside of the house followed by silence. The square face man sighed and threw the stick he used to stir the stew in the pot he placed above the firepit in front of him.

     His face poked the door and saw no one. He sighed and shook his head. He looked to the wet ground and saw the trail that leads up to the beach. “This is why I hate strangers…”

     Enil laughed in his heart as he saw the square face man heads to the beach. He swings the cape away from him and got out of the bed. Enil shot up and tiptoed his way around the dirt house. The smell of stew made his stomach growled. He looked at the pot and the boiling stew as drools trickle down his mouth. “Aw man, this is why I hate running away…” but the sound of cracked twig made him don the cape again and tiptoed himself away from the firepit.

     “Terra!” the voice came out of nowhere and before Enil could react to it, the ground around him shook and claws like the ones he saw when the man trapped the bird close in on him. He screamed and the claws clenched into a fist, trapping him inside.

     “Ah, there you are young man, I thought you’d miss your stew” the voice of the square face man rang to Enil’s ears. “That cape trick of yours is good” he complimented. “But I caught you still” he snorted. “Now then, if you’d be so kind and stay inside that trap for awhile, I’d be very pleased” the square face man laughed.

     Enil punched the inside of the trap.

     “So what do we do now?” Alen sat leaning backwards with his hands supporting his body. His breath had calmed down and the sight of Enil, though gagged and bound, had relieved his mind.

     Edabu rocked back and forth with his eyes closed. His bald head glitters under the sun which was standing right on top of the ship. Kalvel sat inside the shadow of the mast. The sails had shielded some part of the ship from the glaring heat. Eliza sat in his lap, sleeping.

     “Three choices. We use the magic of calling and call the Earth Guardian and tell him to guide us to his whereabouts” he paused and took a breath. “Or we can use a tracking magic and track down his power” he paused again. “Although I am not so sure about using the latter…” he looked at Alen.

     “Then use this magic of calling or something you just said” he frowned at the dark skinned man.

     Edabu sighed. “That is just as a problem as tracking him”


     “He’s a stubborn old man and he hates anyone who uses the magic of calling to call him”.

     Alen slapped his forehead. “What about the third choice?”

     Edabu looked to Kalvel then to Alen. “We bind someone in this ship to Enil and put that person onto the ship’s course”.

     “That doesn’t sound too dangerous” Kalvel’s deep voice turned Alen’s and Edabu’s head towards him.

     “If you don’t consider the tugging power of two Elrich mammoth and the sea battering at you for as long as the journey lasts, then yes, it isn’t dangerous” Edabu shrugged.

     “Oh” Kalvel looked down to his daughter and stroked her hair lightly.

     “So, what do we do?” Alen turned back towards Edabu.

     “I don’t know…” Edabu shook his head.

     “Let’s just try calling him” Eliza got up from her sleep, rubbing her mellow eyes. She smiled and kissed her father’s cheek.

     “And what if he slapped the magic dead?” Edabu and Alen looked at her.

     Eliza beamed like the sun shining above. “I’ll talk to him”

     Edabu sighed. “Okay, it’s worth a try”

     The square face man sat in front of the firepit, stirring the stew as walls of steams exits into the air. Sweats poured down his head and drenched his muscular chest. His huge arm waved gently around the pot while his other arm held out a bowl made of coconut shell. He took a smell from the boiling pot and smiled. He hums as he scooped the stew from the pot into the coconut shell and took another whiff of it.

     “Cook to perfection” he told himself.

     Enil sat inside the trap lying on his back with his hands on his chest, tapping his clothes. Sweats began to form on his forehead as the heat began to rise. “Hey! It’s hot in here!” he shouts from the inside of the trap.

     The square face man laughed. “Don’t worry young man, the earth will soon cool it down for you!” and took a sip from the coconut shell. He giggled like a boy with a new toy.

      “This man is nuts!” Enil shout in his head.

      A parrot flew and landed on a low branch next to the stove. “Shamah” it squawked. The square face man looked up and snarled. “Spies, more spies…” he got up and swung his huge hand towards the bird. The bird flew away and float into the sky.

      “Shamah, wait!” the bird’s squawk turned into a human voice.

      “Oh, now a powerful talking spy bird!” he cracked his knuckles. Eyes tiny eyes burned with brown flame. “You are going to regret this spy!” He slammed his palm onto the dirty ground below. Earthquakes rumbled the area.

      “Shamah, it’s me! Edabu!” the parrot shout but the square face man ignored the voice.

      “Terra!” the man shouts. The earth underneath the parrot cracked and a sharp rock pierced into the sky directly towards the parrot. The parrot flew just in time to dodge the incoming rock.

      “SHAMAH!” the parrot shouts and the earthquake stops. The square face man laughed like a girl.

      “Freaked you out didn’t I, young Edabu?” he points towards the parrot. “Your magic of calling has improved, I see”

      The parrot floats in the sky, silence, eyes looking directly towards the square face man. The brown flame in the man’s eyes died and the tiny eyes turned dark again. The laugh stopped, the girl like voice disappeared. “What do you want?” it was anger and annoyance.

      The parrot flew down and perched on the same low branch it sat on before. “We need your help” the parrot squawked. “But first we need to meet with you”

      The square face man cocked his eyebrows. “Why?”

      The bird turned its head towards the earth trap the man had placed on Enil earlier. “You have our friend in that trap I believe”